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11th June 2021
11 minutes
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A 2D animated series combining quirky characters with hilarious adventures and unwavering friendship, "Middlemost Post" follows Parker J. Cloud, an exuberant raincloud, lives and works in the Middlemost Post Office with Angus, a burly, rule-abiding mailman who cherishes his solitude and values efficiency, and Russell, their magical pet walrus whose stomach is so big that it doubles as a storage room. Together they journey through Mount Middlemost and the six territories of Somewhere to deliver the mail, while meeting some exceptionally quirky and peculiar people along the way. But as this loving and unconventional trio grows closer, they remain blissfully unaware that they have been brought together by one fateful stormy event.

Episode List:

Season 1

Episode Airdate Name  
12 13th Aug 2021 Love Letters
11 13th Aug 2021 My Buddy, Buddy
10 6th Aug 2021 The Middlemost Toast
9 6th Aug 2021 The Tooth Hurts
8 30th Jul 2021 How Angus Got His Groove Back
7 30th Jul 2021 I Named It Whiskers
6 23rd Jul 2021 Boom Goes the Cloud
5 23rd Jul 2021 POSTBOT 3000
4 16th Jul 2021 Sunday No Funday
3 16th Jul 2021 BURT! The Musical
2 9th Jul 2021 Chore or Less
1 9th Jul 2021 First Delivery


Episode Airdate Name  
6 25th Jun 2021 Skips Ads
5 25th Jun 2021 Welcome
4 18th Jun 2021 Travel Brochure
3 18th Jun 2021 Diy
2 11th Jun 2021 Unboxing
1 11th Jun 2021 Challenges


Becky Robinson
Parker J. Cloud
John DiMaggio
Angus Shackleton
No voice