Elinor Wonders Why

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7th September 2020
28 minutes
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The stories in ELINOR WONDERS WHY center around Elinor and her friends Ari, a funny and imaginative bat, and Olive, a perceptive and warm elephant. As kids explore Animal Town, they will meet all kinds of interesting, funny, and quirky characters, each with something to teach us about respecting others, the importance of diversity, caring for the environment, and working together to solve problems. In each episode, Elinor models the foundational practices of science inquiry and engineering design -- including her amazing powers of observation and willingness to ask questions and investigate.

Episode List:

Season 1

Episode Airdate Name  
13 7th Sep 2020 Backyard Soup / Colorful and Tasty
12 23rd Sep 2020 Wind in the Web / The Pokey Plant
11 22nd Sep 2020 Leave It to Ari / Snow Friend
9 21st Sep 2020 Speed Racer / One of These Goats
8 7th Sep 2020 Ms Moles Glasses / Elinor Stops the Squish
7 16th Sep 2020 Bird Song / No Need to Shout
6 15th Sep 2020 The Lizard Lounge / Feathers
5 14th Sep 2020 The Tomato Drop / Look What I Can Do
4 10th Sep 2020 The House That Ants Built / Special Places
3 9th Sep 2020 The Science of Staying Warm / The Seed of an Idea
2 7th Sep 2020 Hiding In Plain Sight / Owl Girl
1 8th Sep 2020 The Amazing Expandable Clubhouse / The Town Picnic