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30th November -0001
60 minutes
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20:00:00 GMT-5 +DST
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Executive producer Dick Wolf delivers the newest installment of the compelling Chicago franchise, an emotional ride through the day-to-day chaos of the city's most explosive hospital and the courageous team of doctors that holds it together. They will tackle unique new cases inspired by topical events, forging fiery relationships in the pulse-pounding pandemonium of the emergency room, and through it all, familiar faces from the Chicago Police and Fire departments will intertwine as this third team of Chicago heroes hits the ground running.

Episode List:

Season 5

Episode Airdate Name  
1 25th Sep 2019 TBA
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Season 4

Episode Airdate Name  
22 22nd May 2019 With a Brave Heart
21 15th May 2019 Forever Hold Your Peace
20 8th May 2019 More Harm Than Good
19 24th Apr 2019 Never Let You Go
18 3rd Apr 2019 Tell Me the Truth
17 27th Mar 2019 The Space Between Us
16 27th Feb 2019 Old Flames, New Sparks
15 20th Feb 2019 We Hold These Truths
14 13th Feb 2019 Can't Unring That Bell
13 6th Feb 2019 Ghosts in the Attic
12 23rd Jan 2019 The Things We Do
11 16th Jan 2019 Who Can You Trust
10 9th Jan 2019 All the Lonely People
9 5th Dec 2018 Death Do Us Part
8 14th Nov 2018 Play By My Rules
7 7th Nov 2018 The Poison Inside Us
6 31st Oct 2018 Lesser of Two Evils
5 24th Oct 2018 What You Don't Know...
4 17th Oct 2018 Backed Against the Wall
3 10th Oct 2018 Heavy Is the Head
2 3rd Oct 2018 When to Let Go (2)
1 26th Sep 2018 Be My Better Half
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Season 3

Episode Airdate Name  
20 15th May 2018 The Tipping Point
19 8th May 2018 Crisis of Confidence
18 1st May 2018 This Is Now
17 24th Apr 2018 The Parent Trap
16 17th Apr 2018 An Inconvenient Truth
15 10th Apr 2018 Devil in Disguise
14 3rd Apr 2018 Lock It Down
13 27th Mar 2018 Best Laid Plans
12 20th Mar 2018 Born This Way
11 6th Mar 2018 Folie à Deux
10 27th Feb 2018 Down By Law
9 6th Feb 2018 On Shaky Ground
8 23rd Jan 2018 Lemons and Lemonade
7 16th Jan 2018 Over Troubled Water
6 9th Jan 2018 Ties That Bind
5 2nd Jan 2018 Mountains and Molehills
4 12th Dec 2017 Naughty or Nice
3 5th Dec 2017 Trust Your Gut
2 28th Nov 2017 Nothing to Fear
1 21st Nov 2017 Speak Your Truth
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Season 2

Episode Airdate Name  
23 11th May 2017 Love Hurts
22 4th May 2017 White Butterflies
21 27th Apr 2017 Deliver Us
20 13th Apr 2017 Generation Gap
19 6th Apr 2017 Ctrl Alt
18 30th Mar 2017 Lesson Learned
17 16th Mar 2017 Monday Mourning
16 9th Mar 2017 Prisoner's Dilemma
15 2nd Mar 2017 Lose Yourself
14 16th Feb 2017 Cold Front
13 9th Feb 2017 Theseus' Ship
12 2nd Feb 2017 Mirror, Mirror
11 19th Jan 2017 Graveyard Shift
10 12th Jan 2017 Heart Matters
9 5th Jan 2017 Uncharted Territory
8 10th Nov 2016 Free Will
7 3rd Nov 2016 Inherent Bias
6 27th Oct 2016 Alternative Medicine
5 20th Oct 2016 Extreme Measures
4 13th Oct 2016 Brother's Keeper
3 6th Oct 2016 Natural History
2 29th Sep 2016 Win Loss
1 22nd Sep 2016 Soul Care
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Season 1

Episode Airdate Name  
18 17th May 2016 Timing
17 10th May 2016 Withdrawal
16 3rd May 2016 Disorder
15 26th Apr 2016 Inheritance
14 19th Apr 2016 Hearts
13 5th Apr 2016 Us
12 29th Mar 2016 Guilty
11 23rd Feb 2016 Intervention
10 16th Feb 2016 Clarity
9 9th Feb 2016 Choices
8 2nd Feb 2016 Reunion
7 26th Jan 2016 Saints
6 19th Jan 2016 Bound
5 5th Jan 2016 Malignant (2)
4 8th Dec 2015 Mistaken
3 1st Dec 2015 Fallback
2 24th Nov 2015 iNO
1 17th Nov 2015 Derailed


Nick Gehlfuss
Will Halstead
Colin Donnell
Connor Rhodes
Oliver Platt
Daniel Charles
Norma Kuhling
Ava Bekker
Torrey DeVitto
Natalie Manning
Marlyne Barrett
Maggie Lockwood
S. Epatha Merkerson
Sharon Goodwin
S. Epatha Merkerson
Sharon Goodwin
Yaya DaCosta
April Sexton
Brian Tee
Ethan Choi
Laurie Holden
Dr. Hannah Tramble
Brian Tee
Dr. Ethan Choi
Marlyne Barrett
Marlyne Barrett
Julie Berman
Samantha Zanetti
Marlyne Barrett
Maggie Lockwood
Julie Berman
Samantha Zanetti
Jeff Hephner
Jeff Clarke
Jeff Hephner
Jeff Clarke
Ato Essandoh
Dr. Latham
Peter Mark Kendall
Mekia Cox
Robin Charles
Roland Buck II
Noah Sexton
Deron J. Powell
Tate Jenkins
Julie Berman
Samantha Zanetti
Norma Kuhling
Ava Bekker
Gregg Henry
Dr. David Downey
Annie Potts
Helen Manning
Cynthia Addai-Robinson
Vicky Glass
Peter Mark Kendall
Joey Thomas
Jeff Hephner
Jeff Clarke
Rachel DiPillo
Sarah Reese

Arden Cho
Emily Choi
Arden Cho
Emily Choi
Jesse Lee Soffer
Jay Halstead
Heather Headley
Gwen Garrett
Nate Santana
James Lanik
Molly Bernard
Elsa Curry
Lorena Diaz
Casey Tutton
Ian Harding
Phillip Davis
Colby Lewis
Terry McNeal
Norma Kuhling
Ava Bekker