That Girl Lay Lay

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23rd September 2021
23 minutes
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Phone avatar Lay Lay is the perfect hype girl and best friend that anyone could ever want from their personal affirmation app. Struggling to make her mark at school and needing a best friend to talk to, Sadie wishes upon a star that Lay Lay was real and could help teach her how to stand out. When her wish comes true and Lay Lay is magically brought to life, the two friends learn that when they are together, they can accomplish anything.

Episode List:

Season 2

Episode Airdate Name  
21 13th Apr 2023 Ask Away-Way with Lay Lay
20 6th Apr 2023 Lay Lay Gets Ready to Rumble Rumble
19 30th Mar 2023 Judge Lay Lay
18 23rd Mar 2023 Lay Lay's Little Little
17 16th Mar 2023 Bring It On
16 9th Mar 2023 A Place to Lay Lay Your Head
15 2nd Mar 2023 Beastie Pie
14 23rd Feb 2023 Sorori-Tay-Tay
13 16th Feb 2023 The Packer Packer Bowl
12 25th Dec 2022 The App Came Back
11 15th Dec 2022 How Zelda Got Her Groove Back Back
10 27th Oct 2022 Lay Lay’s Par-Tay-Tay
9 20th Oct 2022 Lay Lay’s Line Line Dance Dance
8 13th Oct 2022 Freaky Fri-Day-Day
7 29th Sep 2022 Bars
6 22nd Sep 2022 Fami-Lay-Lay-Reunion
5 15th Sep 2022 Dylan and Rebecca’s Cleve-Land-Land Adventure
4 4th Aug 2022 Lay Lay Gets a Pet Pet
3 28th Jul 2022 Lay Lay’s Beauty Shop Day Day
2 21st Jul 2022 The Burger Games
1 14th Jul 2022 Ain’t That a Glitch
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Season 1

Episode Airdate Name  
13 9th Dec 2021 Granny Fae Fae & Lay Lay
12 2nd Dec 2021 Fa-La-La-La-La-La-La-Lay Lay
11 25th Nov 2021 Make Room For Lay Lay
10 18th Nov 2021 Lay Lay & Sadie’s Big Hair Adventure
9 11th Nov 2021 Mozzarella Heads
8 11th Nov 2021 That Dude Dylan
7 4th Nov 2021 Ha-Lay-Lay-Lujah
6 28th Oct 2021 BoomBox Burger Bop
5 21st Oct 2021 Ha-Lay-Lay-Ween
4 14th Oct 2021 Lay Lay the Legendary
3 7th Oct 2021 You-Go-Girl-Kart
2 30th Sep 2021 Lay Lay Lies Lies
1 23rd Sep 2021 Out the App


Alaya High
Lay Lay
Gabrielle Nevaeh Green
Thomas Hobson
Tiffany Daniels
Peyton Perrine III
Caleb Brown