Young Lady and Gentleman

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25th September 2021
70 minutes
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Lee Young-gook is a widower with three children. He still hasn’t gotten over the death of his wife. He decides to hire Park Dan-dan as a live-in tutor for his kids and he becomes attracted to her. Meanwhile, Park Dan-dan has bright and positive personality despite her harsh situation.

Episode List:

Season 1

Episode Airdate Name  
36 23rd Jan 2022 Se Ryeon Decides To Give Everything Up
35 22nd Jan 2022 A Secret Relationship
34 16th Jan 2022 Young Guk Denies His Feelings for Dan Dan
33 15th Jan 2022 Dan Dan Looks For Her Birth Mom
32 9th Jan 2022 The DNA Test
31 8th Jan 2022 Dan Dan’s Sick Leave
30 2nd Jan 2022 Se Chan And Se Jong’s Plan
29 1st Jan 2022 Anna Tries To Convince Soo Chul
28 26th Dec 2021 Anna Undergoes Surgery
27 25th Dec 2021 Young Guk Regains His Memories
26 19th Dec 2021 Pieces Of Young Guk’s Memories Come Back
25 18th Dec 2021 The Kids Hear About The Engagement
24 12th Dec 2021 Young Guk Confesses His Feelings
23 11th Dec 2021 Young Guk’s Guilt
22 5th Dec 2021 Sports Day
21 4th Dec 2021 Engagement?
20 28th Nov 2021 Young Guk’s Proposal
19 27th Nov 2021 Taking Care Of Kids
18 21st Nov 2021 Sa Ra Tricks Young Guk
17 20th Nov 2021 Young Guk Goes Missing
16 14th Nov 2021 Se Ryeon’s Wedding
15 13th Nov 2021 Sa Ra’s Resignation
14 7th Nov 2021 The Handkerchief On The Tree
13 6th Nov 2021 Dan Dan’s Drunken Confession
12 31st Oct 2021 Dae Ran And Sa Ra’s Scheme
11 30th Oct 2021 Dan Dan’s Sprained Ankle
10 24th Oct 2021 Dan Dan Returns To Work For Young Guk
9 23rd Oct 2021 Dan Dan Gets Fired
8 17th Oct 2021 Dan Dan Wishes To Remain As Strangers
7 16th Oct 2021 Soo Chul Gets Kicked Out
6 10th Oct 2021 Young Guk And Jae Ni’s Fight
5 9th Oct 2021 A Mysterious Man Visits Sa Ra
4 3rd Oct 2021 The Second Death Anniversary Of Young Guk’s Wife
3 2nd Oct 2021 The Live-In Tutor
2 26th Sep 2021 The Handsome Man In The Mountain
1 25th Sep 2021 Dan Dan and Young Guk’s Chance Meeting


Ji Hyun-woo
Lee Yong-gook
Lee Se-hee
Park Dan-dan
Kang Eun-tak
Park Ha-na
Jo Sa-ra
Lee Jong-won
Park Soo-cheol
Oh Hyun-kyung
Cha Yeon-sil
An Woo-yeon
Park Dae-beom
Kim Young-ok
Shin Dal-rae
Kim Yi-kyung
Kang Mi-rim
Cha Hwa-yun
Wang Dae-ran
Yoon Jin-yi
Lee Se-ryeon
Choi Myung-bin
Lee Jae-ni
Yu Jun-seo
Lee Se-chan
Seo Woo-jin
Lee Se-jong
Lee Il-hwa
Anna Kim
Lee Hwi-hyang
Lee Ki-ja
Kang Yoon-je
Bong Jun-ho
Lim Ye-Jin
Jang Mi-sook
Wang Bit-Na
Jang Guk-hee