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15th September 2014
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From the producers of Judge Judy, HOT BENCH adds a new dimension to the court genre, with a panel of three judges hearing court cases, arguing the merits of the case amongst themselves and rendering a verdict.

Episode List:

Season 6

Episode Airdate Name  
75 4th Dec 2019 Inappropriate Advances, a Miscarriage and 12 Cats!?
74 3rd Dec 2019 Plead Guilty in Georgia... or Else!; Get a Deal on an Exploding Car!
73 2nd Dec 2019 Stylist Charges More for Oversized Head?!
72 27th Nov 2019 Surprise! You're Dating a Sex Offender!
71 26th Nov 2019 Weaponizing the Legal System?!
70 26th Nov 2019 Cat Amputee Seeks Justice!
69 25th Nov 2019 It's a Prom, Not a Burlesque Show!
68 25th Nov 2019 You Made Your Bed, You Pay For It!
67 22nd Nov 2019 No Me Too Movement Love for Tennis Pro?!
66 21st Nov 2019 Ungodly Uber Odors?!; Judges! Get Your Cheap Jewelry Here!
65 20th Nov 2019 Welcome to the Neighborhood! Now Here's Your Lawsuit!; Eight-Gun Security Camera Cover-Up!
64 20th Nov 2019 Rape Allegations and Suicide?!
63 19th Nov 2019 Mother Slowly Tortured Children?!; What Every American Fears Most...
62 19th Nov 2019 Near-Death Ski Collision!
61 18th Nov 2019 Mom Caught With Hand in the Cookie Jar!; Fine Dining Food Fight!
60 18th Nov 2019 Pro Boxer Pummels Mother of His Children!
59 15th Nov 2019 Angry Ex Orders Pistol-Whipping?!
58 14th Nov 2019 You Killed My Son!
57 13th Nov 2019 Rat-Infested Hoarder vs. Slumlords?!; Barbados or Bust!
56 13th Nov 2019 A Hustler's Ever-Changing Identity?
55 12th Nov 2019 Life and Times of a Health-Challenged Procrastinator!
54 12th Nov 2019 Witness the Wrath of Judge Acker!; Serial Hustler Exposed?!
53 11th Nov 2019 The 25K Settlement That Never Showed Up!; Assault Rifle Death Threat?!
52 11th Nov 2019 Viral Bagel-Boss Celebrity Boxing!
51 8th Nov 2019 Teen Joy-Rider Breaks Grandfather's Heart!
50 7th Nov 2019 You'd Make a Terrible Lawyer!; Frenemies Bad-Idea Barter!
49 6th Nov 2019 100 Drunk Teens Take Down 3 Million Dollar Home?!
48 5th Nov 2019 Abusive Lesbians, Endangered Child?!; Woman Films Mother's Death?!
47 5th Nov 2019 Celebrity Family Slandered?
46 4th Nov 2019 Stand-Your-Ground Gun Threat?!
45 4th Nov 2019 My Head Is on Fire!; Accident Magnet!
44 1st Nov 2019 Divorcee Barber Shop Stalker?!
43 31st Oct 2019 Nipsey Hussle Funeral Collision!; Tricky Landlord Scams Tenant?!
42 30th Oct 2019 Loan Lies and Grandmother Dies?!
41 29th Oct 2019 Genius Professor Flashes 50K!; Dazed and Confused Plasma Donor?!
40 28th Oct 2019 The Teen Tagger and the Squirrel-Hunting Pit Bull?!
39 24th Oct 2019 Bible Study Scammer?!
38 23rd Oct 2019 Lottery Winner Fraud!; Lesbian Couples Counseling LIVE!
37 22nd Oct 2019 Bedbugs and Bites and Dogs... Oh My!
36 21st Oct 2019 Beverly Hills' Artist Payback!; You Should Be in Jail! (Just Kidding!)
35 18th Oct 2019 Solar Panel Hot Seat!; Nightmare Lemon of a Car for College!
34 17th Oct 2019 Hey IRS! Can You Spot the Thief!?
33 16th Oct 2019 Deadbeat Service Dog Dad?!
32 15th Oct 2019 Son's Ashes in Stolen Car?!; Stained Bed, Flophouse Vacation?!
31 14th Oct 2019 Disneyland Pit Bull Scream Fest!
30 11th Oct 2019 Turning Glass Into Rubies?!
29 10th Oct 2019 Hair Extensions Fuel Broken Heart?!; Pool Guy Pushed Off Deep End!
28 9th Oct 2019 Jilted Father-of-the-Bride Exacts Revenge!
27 8th Oct 2019 Judge Corriero Voted Most Handsome Man in the World!; You're Not That Good Looking!
26 7th Oct 2019 Pit Bull Landlord?!
25 4th Oct 2019 Instant Romantic Crush!; Meet Your New Roommate: A Cockroach!
24 3rd Oct 2019 Raw BBQ Food Poisoning?!
23 2nd Oct 2019 Dog Park Mauling?!
22 1st Oct 2019 World's Worst Sister?!; If You Fire Me, I Can't Pay You Back!
21 30th Sep 2019 Casper the Friendly Horse Struck Dead!
20 27th Sep 2019 Akita Wolf Saves Man's Life!
19 26th Sep 2019 Suspicious Pregnancy?!; McDonald's Sweet Tea Made Me Do It?!
18 25th Sep 2019 35 Dead Animals Left in Pit Bull's Wake!
17 24th Sep 2019 Burnt Fries Set Off Disaster Sprinklers!; Cry for Self-Help!
16 23rd Sep 2019 Service Dog Homelessness?!; Shameless Breast Cancer Controversy!
15 20th Sep 2019 Innocent Targets of New York Scam?!; I Am Not a Racist!
14 19th Sep 2019 LYFT Driver Collision!; Slimy Shower Payday!
13 18th Sep 2019 $100,000 Hip Replacement Award!; Salvaged Car Shoot-Up!
12 18th Sep 2019 Dirty Old Man or Gold Digger Girl?!
11 17th Sep 2019 Homophobic Mom Sides With Shark Boyfriend?!
10 17th Sep 2019 Glorious Teen Party! Disgusting Cold Food?!; From Homeless to Hopeless?!
9 16th Sep 2019 What Happens When Your Landlord Moves In With You?; Rhino Flu, Stripper Names and a $30K Lottery Win?!
8 16th Sep 2019 Jealous Baby Daddy Resorts to Arson?!
7 13th Sep 2019 Singapore Drug Trafficking Decoy?!
6 12th Sep 2019 The Case That Saves Civilization!; Nasty Uber Driver Fraud?!
5 11th Sep 2019 Elite College Students Stand Accused!
4 10th Sep 2019 Men Caught in Compromising Position?!
3 10th Sep 2019 Dog Escapes Euthanasia!; $32,000 BBQ Food Truck Fail!
2 9th Sep 2019 Did You Run Over Yourself?!; Scammer Alert!
1 9th Sep 2019 Toddler Touched Inappropriately?!
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Season 5

Episode Airdate Name  
216 5th Sep 2019 Homeless Foster Mother Fraud?!; Man Sells Same Car Twice!
215 4th Sep 2019 Dirt Bike Favoritism?!; Police Stop Gym Thief?!
214 3rd Sep 2019 Near-Death Workout Experience?!
213 28th Aug 2019 One Dead Cat... Six to Go?!; Oyster-Lunch Fail!
212 27th Aug 2019 Tough Break After 25 Years in Prison?; 75K Classic Car Bought Sight Unseen!
211 26th Aug 2019 Saudi Princess Phobia!; Cheating and Gold-Chain Ripping!
210 21st Aug 2019 Alleged Threat to Steal Baby Away to India!
209 20th Aug 2019 Hard Luck Wish for $10K? Granted!; Clean and Sober Court Walkout!
208 19th Aug 2019 Candy Bar, Champagne and Crybabies?!
207 14th Aug 2019 Child Custody Trumps Day Job!; The Secret of the Off-Roading Accident!
206 12th Aug 2019 $26,000 Worth of Boat Buyer’s Remorse!; Indecent Proposal?!
205 7th Aug 2019 This Is a Courtroom, Not the Lottery!; Homeless vs. Homeless
204 5th Aug 2019 Bizarre Bike Heist!; Priceless Obama Hoodie Shakedown!
203 31st Jul 2019 Alcohol-Fueled Mexican Surfing Disaster!
202 29th Jul 2019 Woman Throws Thousands at New Lover?!; Victim Tracks Perpetrator!
201 25th Jul 2019 Stolen Pickles and Dream Catchers?!; Maybe My Son Is Mentally Challenged!
200 24th Jul 2019 Beginning Driver’s Worst Nightmare!; Judge Terrified to Say the R Word!
199 22nd Jul 2019 Rear-End Remedy for Pit Bull Attack!
198 17th Jul 2019 Boy Punished for Trying to Call Father?!
197 15th Jul 2019 Deer Hunter Aims for Taxidermist!; Addiction Coach Falls Hard for Enabler
196 10th Jul 2019 Infamous Pothole Strikes Again!; Viewers Beware! Judge Corriero Is Hangry!
195 8th Jul 2019 No Meeting of the Minds!; Pet Gang Destroys Apartment?!
194 3rd Jul 2019 Racial Bias and Power Theft?!
193 1st Jul 2019 Fix My Cheetah-Colored Hair!; I'm Just Trying to Feed My Family!
192 26th Jun 2019 Dazed, Confused and Suing for Whiplash!; German Shepard Harassment?!
191 25th Jun 2019 Miscarriage of Justice?!
190 24th Jun 2019 Elvis Would Not Be Happy!; Dangerous Freeway Shutdown!
189 19th Jun 2019 Sideswipe Whodunit!; Vet’s Menagerie of Pets!
188 18th Jun 2019 Bad Luck Magnet!
187 17th Jun 2019 Traumatic Breakup Backlash!; Stop! You Sound Like a Lawyer!
186 12th Jun 2019 Judge Acker's Barbie Dreamhouse!; World's Best Excuse for Skipping Out on Rent!
185 11th Jun 2019 Judge DiMango Freaked Out by Living Tombstone
184 10th Jun 2019 Dirty Money and Freaky Hair?!; Revenge of the Phones!
183 6th Jun 2019 Violent Repeat Offender Bailout!; I Hired a Vagabond!
182 5th Jun 2019 Sugar Daddy Romance Rift?!
181 3rd Jun 2019 Six Kids and Counting...
180 29th May 2019 Shark Tank Wannabees!
179 27th May 2019 Malicious $45,000 Scam?
178 22nd May 2019 Former Addict Forgets He's Married!
177 21st May 2019 Minor Fender Bender or Drunk Driving Terror?!; Bailed Out 7 Times!
176 21st May 2019 Overly Excited Deaf Man?!
175 20th May 2019 80K Grand Prix Jumping Horse Drama!
174 20th May 2019 Mom Orders Son to Beat Up Family Member?!
173 17th May 2019 Death Threat to Avoid Child Support?!
172 16th May 2019 Dogs Copy Their Owners' Mean Girl Behavior?!; Don't Be a Softie! Listen to Your Wife!
171 16th May 2019 Odometer Fraud Shakedown?!; Police Ignore Black Men in Atlanta?!
170 15th May 2019 Put On Your Big Girl Pants!; Service Frogs?!
169 14th May 2019 Don't Rent Sight Unseen!; Paradise Can Be Lonely
168 14th May 2019 HOA President Out for Blood?!
167 13th May 2019 It's Not Defamation if It's the Truth!
166 13th May 2019 I Only Keyed the Car a Little Bit!; 50th Year High School Reunion Hook-Up?!
165 9th May 2019 Mom Would Roll Over in Her Grave!
164 8th May 2019 Hot Bench Has Got Dance Talent!; Pure Greed at Its Most Shocking!
163 8th May 2019 Lesbian Ex-Lovers Off the Hook; Vending Machine Doom!
162 7th May 2019 Awkward Alert!
161 7th May 2019 Tortured Mother/Daughter Relationship
160 6th May 2019 Emergency Getaway Crash!; Watch Out or I'll BBQ Your Laptop!
159 6th May 2019 Homeless Man Robbed of 10 Pit Bulls?!
158 3rd May 2019 Unnecessary Police Escalation and Dog Euthanasia?
157 2nd May 2019 Bad Yelp Review Leads to Firing?!; Fight Over Mom's Life Insurance?!
156 1st May 2019 Stroke Victim Accused of Harassment?; Speedy Dog Struck by Car!
155 1st May 2019 Vandalism, Heartache and a Group Assault?!
154 30th Apr 2019 Cat Lover Witnesses Pets' Death by Mauling
153 30th Apr 2019 Spartan Race to the Altar!; Apartment Shoot Out!
152 29th Apr 2019 Plumber's Butt Leads to Outrageous Accusations?!; Wedding Canceled... Planner Still Paid?!
151 29th Apr 2019 Child Goes Missing on His 12th Birthday
150 26th Apr 2019 Bride Misses Her Own Bachelorette Party!
149 25th Apr 2019 Subliminal Text Threats?; Dog Whisperer Jokes With Judge Corriero
148 24th Apr 2019 To Loan or Not to Loan?
147 23rd Apr 2019 My Dog Ate the Contract!; Rapper Mechanic Fail
146 22nd Apr 2019 Miracle Medical Marijuana Madness!
145 17th Apr 2019 If You're Angry and You Know It... Speak English!
144 16th Apr 2019 The Controversial Cremation of Zeus the Cat!; The Great Furniture Blessing That Goes Bust!
143 15th Apr 2019 If You Found $4,000, Would You Return It?!
142 10th Apr 2019 Surprise Police Interrogation!; Woman Almost Shot in the Head!
141 9th Apr 2019 Wonky Wig Fit Leads to Social Media Bashing?!; The Law Does Not Require You to Be Nice!
140 8th Apr 2019 Neighbors Incited to Euthanize Vicious Dog?!
139 3rd Apr 2019 Three-Legged Dog Looking for Payback!
138 2nd Apr 2019 I'll Shoot You if You Enter!; Boat Deal Sinks!
137 1st Apr 2019 Cruise Nightmare!; Freezing Couple Use Crawfish Burner to Stay Warm!
136 1st Apr 2019 N-Bomb Dropped; Abuser Kicked Out!
135 27th Mar 2019 Gay Godfathers Heartbroken!; Buying a Jail-Bound Boyfriend?!
134 25th Mar 2019 Is This Guy High? You Be the Judge!; Basketball Stars vs. Bed Bugs!
133 18th Mar 2019 Most Embarrassing Drunk Video Ever!
132 6th Mar 2019 Woman's Freak-Out Incites Pit Bull?!; Appalling Abuse of Friendship?!
131 5th Mar 2019 Stage Fright and Paint Fight!
130 4th Mar 2019 Act of God Shocker?!; Homeowner Envy?!
129 27th Feb 2019 We're as Good as the Rockettes!
128 26th Feb 2019 Homophobic Slurs and Chihuahua Kicking?!; I'm Suing My Daughter Because I Love Her!
127 26th Feb 2019 Beware: Scorned Woman Goes After a Felon!
126 25th Feb 2019 Problem-Free Contracting Job? Just Kidding!; Drug Trafficking Payback?!
125 25th Feb 2019 Gay Newlyweds Turn Orange on Wedding Day?!
124 21st Feb 2019 Slander and Paternity?!
123 20th Feb 2019 Pride of Family Lets Everyone Down?
122 20th Feb 2019 Flight Attendant Facebook Slam?!; Public Apology for Being World's Worst Date!
121 19th Feb 2019 Maniac Vigilante Driver?!; Vintage VW Bumper Dumper!
120 19th Feb 2019 Goat Rampage and Racism?
119 18th Feb 2019 Moving Company Takes a Hostage?; Prom Corsage Payback?!
118 18th Feb 2019 Support-Dog Fist Fight!
117 15th Feb 2019 Vicious Akita Beach Attack?!
116 14th Feb 2019 Rodents, Squatters and Violence?!; Man Kicks Himself Out of Court!
115 13th Feb 2019 Fat Dog's Weight Loss Plan; Gay Lover Caught Cheating and Stealing?!
114 12th Feb 2019 Bean Bag Freak Accident!
113 12th Feb 2019 Roach Extermination Inflation?!; Four-Generation Family Trip Destroyed!
112 11th Feb 2019 Act of God or Deliberate Negligence?; All the World's a Stage!
111 11th Feb 2019 Men Gang Up on Abused Mother?!
110 8th Feb 2019 The Night the Lights Went Out!
109 7th Feb 2019 Traumatized Cheater?; Wear and Tear Overkill Award!
108 6th Feb 2019 Pool Man Trust Issues; Missing Art and Furniture Feud
107 6th Feb 2019 Huskies Kill Beloved Pet Sheep?!
106 5th Feb 2019 1972 VW Super Beetle Not So Super!; Funerals, Prison and a Cruise?
105 5th Feb 2019 Domestic Violence Business Venture?; Brand New Mustang Takes a Hit!
104 4th Feb 2019 I Can't Shoot People!; Confidentiality Breach?!
103 4th Feb 2019 Unentitled USC Millennials? Believe it or Not!
102 1st Feb 2019 Children Injured in Collision; Bah Humbug Roommate?!
101 31st Jan 2019 Where's Your Jesus Now?!
100 30th Jan 2019 Intolerable Heat Fries Tenant?!
99 29th Jan 2019 Caretaker Blocks Deceased's Family?!
98 28th Jan 2019 Bashing the St. Louis Police?!
97 25th Jan 2019 $30,000 Down the Landlord Drain!
96 24th Jan 2019 Wildly Greedy and Irresponsible Drivers!; Ripped Shorts, Wounded Pride!
95 23rd Jan 2019 Unbelievably Botched Baby Shower!
94 22nd Jan 2019 And the Christmas Spirit Award Goes to...; Baseball Umpires Strike Out!
93 21st Jan 2019 Toddler Witness to Neck Stabbing!
92 17th Jan 2019 Dazed and Confused Cyclist Collision!; Therapist Advised to Get Therapy!
91 16th Jan 2019 Ex-Girlfriend Runs Down the New Girl?!; $15,000 Contractor Booby Prize?!
90 15th Jan 2019 Fake Phone-Call Scam?!; Apocalyptic Backyard Renovation!
89 14th Jan 2019 Fire Death Avoided?!; Circus Arts Payback!
88 10th Jan 2019 Lady Loan Shark Goes After Widower?!; Life Coach's Virtual Eviction?!
87 9th Jan 2019 Pit Bulls Rip Apart Beloved Shepard!
86 8th Jan 2019 Hoarding Is an Illness!; Bailiff Sonia Acts as Translator
85 7th Jan 2019 Tortured Romantic Triangle
84 2nd Jan 2019 Nightmare Nanny
83 31st Dec 2018 Shelter Great Dane Kills Cockapoo?!
82 26th Dec 2018 Flooded and Fooled?!; Clueless Uninsured Motorist Mayhem?!
81 25th Dec 2018 Santa Claus in the House Today!
80 24th Dec 2018 College Student's Key to Disaster!; Paying for Love and Affection?!
79 19th Dec 2018 Cigar Rage!
78 18th Dec 2018 Solar Panel Power Struggle!; Big Fat Cat Abandoned?!
77 17th Dec 2018 Extortion and Domestic Abuse?!
76 12th Dec 2018 Dog Pic Exchange Gone Wrong; How Not to Make It in the Film Industry
75 11th Dec 2018 Limited Edition Harley Breakdown!
74 10th Dec 2018 Judge Corriero Puts Women on the Spot!; Gambling Debt Payback
73 5th Dec 2018 Courageous Pit Bull Put Down; Motorcyclist Narrowly Escapes Death!
72 4th Dec 2018 The Crime of Being a Mentally Ill Black Man Eating a Sandwich?!
71 3rd Dec 2018 All About a Boy!; Interest Rate Hell!
70 28th Nov 2018 Self-Serving Ex Lover?!; Exaggeration Machine?!
69 27th Nov 2018 Get Your Free Money Right Here!!; Uber Accident!
68 26th Nov 2018 African King Tattoo Cover-Up?!; Hit and Run or Drink and Drive?!
67 21st Nov 2018 Don't Call Me a Pedophile!
66 20th Nov 2018 $5,000 T-Bone Crash?!; Hoodie Stand-Off!
65 20th Nov 2018 Heartbreaking Dog Custody
64 19th Nov 2018 Sublet Scam or Nightmare Tenants?!
63 19th Nov 2018 Drinking and Unlicensed Driving Slam!; Mercedes-Benz Greedfest?!
62 16th Nov 2018 Police Apologize for Arresting Black Mother and Daughter?!
61 15th Nov 2018 Scat in the Fridge and Veggie Oil in the Gas Tank?!
60 14th Nov 2018 Clueless Motorized Bicycle Buyer?; Landlord Needs Schooling!
59 14th Nov 2018 Black Man Beaten With Whip at Bodega!
58 13th Nov 2018 Tiny House Craze Gets Crazier!
57 13th Nov 2018 Lesbian Wedding Wrecked by Runaway DJ?!; Car Flipping Family Frenzy
56 12th Nov 2018 I Love Your Tax Return, Not You!; I Love a Nice Collapsing Ceiling!
55 12th Nov 2018 World's Smallest Dog Stolen by Judge Acker?!
54 9th Nov 2018 Elderly Man Arrests Embezzling Bookkeeper?!
53 8th Nov 2018 Suing out of Custody Spite?!
52 7th Nov 2018 Woman Disrespects Judge Acker!; Bouncy Checks?!
51 7th Nov 2018 Dangerous Obsession With Co-Worker?!; Bitten on the Behind by a German Shepherd!
50 6th Nov 2018 $20,000 Elk Hunting Adventure?!
49 5th Nov 2018 Chief of Police Seeks Justice in Court!
48 5th Nov 2018 Don't Tear Woman Down! Fix Your Teeth Loverboy!
47 2nd Nov 2018 90-Year-Old Woman Ready to Rumble!
46 1st Nov 2018 Babysitter Bully Breakdown?; Bluff Tricks Motorist to Confess!
45 31st Oct 2018 Supernatural Ghost Caught on Tape?!
44 30th Oct 2018 Girlfriend Steals Girlfriend's Car?!; Gum-Chewing Dog?
43 30th Oct 2018 Jewelry Thief Caught Red-Handed?!
42 29th Oct 2018 Gay Godfathers Heartbroken; Buying a Jail-Bound Boyfriend?!
41 29th Oct 2018 Birthday Cruising for a Racial Bruising?!
40 26th Oct 2018 Don't Harass My Special-Needs Cat!; Car Sideswiping Caught on Tape!
39 25th Oct 2018 Bored Couple Resorts to Extreme Entertainment?!
38 24th Oct 2018 Newbie Pit-Bull Owner off the Leash!; Italian Ice Business Bust!
37 23rd Oct 2018 Dog Murdered by Frightened Neighbor?!
36 22nd Oct 2018 Lamest Girls' Trip Ever?!; Child Causes Flood?!
35 19th Oct 2018 A Woman Shamed or a Lying Boyfriend?; Twinkie the Pit Bull Attack Dog?!
34 18th Oct 2018 Teen Witnesses Bulldog Kill Shih Tzu!
33 17th Oct 2018 Domestic Violence Used as a Weapon?!
32 16th Oct 2018 Month-to-Month Marijuana Madness?!; Dirty Thirty Miami Party!
31 15th Oct 2018 Get a Lawyer When Your Life Is on the Line!
30 12th Oct 2018 World's Worst Christmas Morning?!
29 11th Oct 2018 Stay Away from Crazy Baby Mamas?!; Red Light Three-Way Collision!
28 10th Oct 2018 Comedian Takes the Stand-Up!
27 9th Oct 2018 I Build the Wall; You Pay for It?!; Window Blowout in Georgia!
26 8th Oct 2018 Mixed Martial Arts Go Pro!
25 5th Oct 2018 A Deceased Mother Dishonored?!; The Stupidest Idea I've Ever Seen!
24 4th Oct 2018 12-Year-Old Coached Testimony?!
23 3rd Oct 2018 Cheer Squad Duck Walk of Shame!
22 2nd Oct 2018 Shopaholic Ex-Wife Shame?!; I'm Ten Years Older ... Plus Shipping and Handling!
21 1st Oct 2018 Vindictive Ex-Wife or Deadbeat Ex-Husband?; Sick Child Fundraiser or the Cruelest of Scams?
20 28th Sep 2018 First Love, Last Lease?!; A Judge Is Rendered Speechless?!
19 27th Sep 2018 Bereavement Buddies and the $80,000 Guitar Collection!
18 26th Sep 2018 Professional Surfer Waitress Fail!; Live Serenade to Newlywed!
17 25th Sep 2018 Teacher Accuses Teen of Burglary
16 24th Sep 2018 Drunken Family Brawl?!; Cotton and the African-American Experience
15 21st Sep 2018 Cheater Caught Running Out Back Door?!; Mexico Trip Canceled Due to Hygiene Fail?!
14 20th Sep 2018 Credibility Blown!; Judge Acker Makes Open Apology to Teenager!
13 19th Sep 2018 Poor Mom, Rich Daycare?; Oops! Boyfriend Blows His Girlfriend's Lawsuit!
12 18th Sep 2018 And the Hot Bench Peace Prize Goes to ...; Mold, Termites and a Sneaky Teenager?!
11 18th Sep 2018 Man Beat Up by Mother of His Child?!
10 17th Sep 2018 Quinceanera Party Devastation!
9 17th Sep 2018 Ex-Lover Taunted by Cruel Mattress Man?!; How Many Cars Can You Fit on Your Front Yard?
8 14th Sep 2018 Cheating, Lying and Daycare?!; I Am Not My Brother's Keeper!
7 13th Sep 2018 When Roommates Clash!; Renter Beware!
6 12th Sep 2018 Take a Driver's Ed Class!; Bum Deal for Granddad?!
5 12th Sep 2018 Surprise Witness Saves the Day
4 11th Sep 2018 Outrageous Landlord?!; Dog Takes Bite Out of Plumber
3 11th Sep 2018 Dueling Catfight Videos!
2 10th Sep 2018 Teen Roller Rink Worker Slam!; Evidence That Makes the Judges Laugh!
1 10th Sep 2018 Doberman and Boxer BFFs!; Competitive BBQ Fail!
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Season 4

Episode Airdate Name  
210 6th Sep 2018 Woman Run Down by Car?!
209 29th Aug 2018 Traveling Nurse Fail!
208 27th Aug 2018 Wife and Ex-Girlfriend Fight in Court!
207 22nd Aug 2018 I Brake for Ghosts!; When Yard Sales Attack!
206 20th Aug 2018 Runway Brake Fail Disaster!; Flooding Fraud?!
205 15th Aug 2018 Burned by Church Friend?!
204 13th Aug 2018 Bloody 40th Birthday Bash!; Termite Tent Break-In!
203 8th Aug 2018 Contractor's Bad Math Mess?!; Tenant Turned Spy?!
202 6th Aug 2018 Ill-Timed Bathroom Visit Causes Flood?!; Wrongful Lemon Possession?!
201 30th Jul 2018 The Human, Spanish-Speaking Pit Bull!; Ex-Con Stirring Up Trouble?!
200 25th Jul 2018 Civil Rights Prop War!; Ex-Lover Slammer!
199 23rd Jul 2018 See No Bill, Pay No Bill!; Slippery Roommate Slope!
198 18th Jul 2018 World's Worst Friend?!; Injury Settlement Fraud?!
197 16th Jul 2018 Mourning Mom, Greedy Daughter?!; Tormented Roommate's Flight to Europe?!
196 11th Jul 2018 Daughter's Outrageous Debt!; Boat Overhaul Hot Mess!
195 9th Jul 2018 Garth Brooks, Gymnastics and Ingratitude?!; Rodents Run Rampant?!
194 27th Jun 2018 Engagement Ring Shocker; Camper Revamper
193 26th Jun 2018 Preying on the Disabled?!; Half Sister, Hard Childhood
192 25th Jun 2018 Semi-Pro Football Player Scams Older Woman?!; Parents in Abuse?!
191 20th Jun 2018 Friends Committing Fraud Together?!; Sisters in Crime?!
190 18th Jun 2018 Traumatized Burn Victim Tortured by Domestic Abuser?!; Broken Back Meets Annoying Wife?!
189 11th Jun 2018 Frat Bro Roof Fall!; Librarian Under Fire for Getting High?
188 4th Jun 2018 Superstar Mechanic Attack?!
187 23rd May 2018 Insurance Fraud Feeding Frenzy!; White Trash Birthday Post!
186 23rd May 2018 Payout for Injured Child, Payday for Parent?!; You Can't Putty a Hole!
185 22nd May 2018 Don't Lie on Your Application!; Church Disrespect and Drama!
184 21st May 2018 Meat Cleaver Death Threat?!
183 21st May 2018 Teen Girls on the Prowl for Fun!; Cool Off My Burger Eaters!
182 18th May 2018 Ex-Bouncer in the House!; Attorney Shakedown
181 17th May 2018 Million Dollar Lottery Winner; Just Keepin' My Godbaby Safe!
180 16th May 2018 Handicapped Hoodwink?!; Double-Dipping Slumlord?!
179 16th May 2018 Bad Mother Punching Bag?!
178 15th May 2018 No Sex Before Marriage!; Don't Ruin My Dog's Reputation!
177 14th May 2018 Peeping Tom and Shocking Porch Package?!; You Should Only Pet Sit Stuffed Animals!
176 14th May 2018 Toddler Strangled with YoYo String?!
175 11th May 2018 The Day the Wedding Blew Away!; World's Worst Guesstimate?!
174 10th May 2018 Child's BMW Roadster Dreams Squashed?!; Water Wars!
173 9th May 2018 Dog Flies Up in Air?!; Cruise to Mexico Mayhem!
172 9th May 2018 Lonely Widower's Solace at Gay Bar?!
171 8th May 2018 Toddler Abandoned at Daycare?!; Failed Flipping Duo!
170 8th May 2018 Hush Money From Sloppy Realtor?; Escaping a Bad Neighborhood?!
169 7th May 2018 Warning: Outrageous Grieving Family Ahead!; Bankruptcy Pushover?
168 7th May 2018 Debilitating Stroke Fundraiser Fail!
167 4th May 2018 Poodle Incites Pit Bull?!; Mother/Daughter TV Feud!
166 3rd May 2018 I'm Not Your Personal Furniture Store!; Show Me the Stop Sign!
165 2nd May 2018 Don't Call Me Dirty and Poor!; Flat Screen Crash!
164 2nd May 2018 Worst Driver Voted Most Likely to Be Charming?; New Grandson Payback!
163 1st May 2018 Abandoned Children Tragedy
162 1st May 2018 I'll Have Sex With You If ...; World's Shortest Tenancy!
161 30th Apr 2018 Wedding Cake Disaster!; Who Let the Mice Out?!
160 30th Apr 2018 Hair Jealousy Cruise?!; Father/Son Bail Bond Blowout!
159 26th Apr 2018 Life of a Playboy Embezzler!
158 24th Apr 2018 World's Unluckiest Contractor?!; The Accountant Did It?!
157 23rd Apr 2018 American Horror Story?
156 19th Apr 2018 Don't Sue Me! I Saved You!; No Proof? No Payback!
155 18th Apr 2018 Simmer Down Loan Shark?!
154 16th Apr 2018 Terrified Teen Exits the Courtroom!
153 12th Apr 2018 Lame Horse Scam?!; $500 for One Hour of Personal Training?!
152 11th Apr 2018 Veterans vs. Russian Loan Sharks?!; Grief, Payback and Nice Guys Finishing First!
151 9th Apr 2018 Gold Mine Owner Refuses to Marry?!
150 6th Apr 2018 Hostile Work Environment?; Vicious Shih Tzu Attack!
149 4th Apr 2018 Do You Have Young Eyes?!; Mechanic Caught in a Lie?!
148 3rd Apr 2018 Outright Lies, Assault and Courtroom Fraud?!; Racial Slur Assault?!
147 2nd Apr 2018 European Trip Fail!; Handgun Collateral!
146 29th Mar 2018 Teen Go-Cart Garage Slam!?; Changing Your Mind Is Not a Crime!
145 27th Mar 2018 Catastrophic Social Media Fail?!; Don't Rent to a Neighbor!
144 26th Mar 2018 Threatened by a Beast?!; Retaliatory Rent Hike?!
143 21st Mar 2018 Fireman Unjustly Enriched?; Little Boys Carve up a Car?
142 19th Mar 2018 Drunken Tire-Slashing Blind Date?
141 15th Mar 2018 Phone Wars!; Ex-Cop vs. Ex-Prostitute!
140 13th Mar 2018 Scared Into Lying to Police?!; I'm Pregnant! Just Kidding!
139 12th Mar 2018 Nazis, Sex & Retaliation?!
138 7th Mar 2018 My Mom Is the Devil!
137 6th Mar 2018 Theft of the Finest Marijuana?!; Game of Fetch? Dog Hit by Car!
136 5th Mar 2018 Plea Deal Botch by Lawyer?!
135 28th Feb 2018 Lying or Delusional? You Decide!
134 27th Feb 2018 Bad Boy Bailout?!; Don't Threaten My Family!
133 26th Feb 2018 Pontoon Boat Sinking Saga!
132 23rd Feb 2018 Which Judge Is a Wigologist?; Building Dreams Dashed!
131 22nd Feb 2018 Tenant From Hell?; Mother's Burial Expenses
130 21st Feb 2018 Scorned Ex-Lover Cheated On and Dumped?!
129 20th Feb 2018 Blown-Out Engine Scam?!; Judge Corriero’s Dating Rules!
128 19th Feb 2018 Desperately Seeking Ling Ling the Pomeranian Puppy!; Storage Battle!
127 19th Feb 2018 Passenger Sings for Deliverance!
126 16th Feb 2018 I Was Too Stoned to Close the Door!; Don’t Humanize Your Animals!
125 15th Feb 2018 High Performance Motorcycle No More!
124 14th Feb 2018 Lemon Goes Up in Smoke?!; Stiffed by Deadbeat Friend?!
123 13th Feb 2018 Picker and Stager Demands!; A Hot, Gross Room With 4 Cats?!
122 12th Feb 2018 Aggressive Dog Attacks Frightened Mother?!
121 9th Feb 2018 Blinded by Pit Bull?!; Struggling Baker's Money Grab?!
120 8th Feb 2018 Say Yes to the Wedding Venue!; Bucket of Sister Lies?!
119 8th Feb 2018 Street Performer Violence Unleashed!
118 7th Feb 2018 World's Most Expensive Nanny?!; Drunk Cousin Negligence?!
117 7th Feb 2018 Investment Scammer?!; Caught Cheating?!
116 6th Feb 2018 Hammer-in-the-Face Road Rage?!; Father Misses Son's Graduation?!
115 5th Feb 2018 Motorist Slams Into Church!; It's All About the Blend!
114 5th Feb 2018 Drug Trafficking Tip-Off?!
113 2nd Feb 2018 Car Party Pile-Up!; Ground Zero Slumlord?!
112 1st Feb 2018 Caught Floating in Pool by Police!; Top Honors, Love and Lameness?!
111 31st Jan 2018 Crash Victim Robbed by Caregiver?!; Mom Stole My Wife's Wedding Ring?!
110 30th Jan 2018 Cat Killer Whodunit?!
109 29th Jan 2018 Schnauzer Stealer?!
108 26th Jan 2018 Domestic Violence Recant?!; Swearing Payback on an Unborn Grandchild?!
107 25th Jan 2018 Spit Take in Court!; Hurricane or Bad Handyman?!
106 24th Jan 2018 Don't Waste Judge Acker's Time!; You're Too Good Looking to Ride the Bus!
105 23rd Jan 2018 ATV Flip and Roll Disaster!; Hybrid Odometer Rollback?
104 22nd Jan 2018 Love, Loans and Weight-Loss Surgery?!; Disabled Vet Loan Regret!
103 19th Jan 2018 I'm Not a Prostitute!; Memorize These Two Words!
102 18th Jan 2018 Rent Strike Fallout!; Gender Bender Car Seat?!
101 17th Jan 2018 Life in a Hoarder Shed?!; Pistol Pull at the Day Spa?!
100 16th Jan 2018 Vicious Pit Bull Euthanized
99 15th Jan 2018 Dumbest Place to Put $400 Cash?!; Moral Compass Disconnect
98 12th Jan 2018 Landlord's Devious Double Standard?; Mother and Son Hug It Out!
97 11th Jan 2018 Stop! Yard Sale Thief!
96 10th Jan 2018 I'm a Vampire!; Supportive Bald Dad to the Rescue!
95 9th Jan 2018 Bad Parent or Lame Landlord?!
94 8th Jan 2018 Hydroplaning Disaster!; Cheap Shot to the Groin?!
93 5th Jan 2018 Alcoholic Relapse Smash!; Crazy for Butterflies?!
92 4th Jan 2018 World's Greatest Children?!; Courtroom Audience Helps With Verdict?!
91 3rd Jan 2018 Life's Not Free, My Dear!; Shoddy Renovation or Pesky Client?
90 2nd Jan 2018 Ugly Divorce Drama!
89 18th Dec 2017 Desperately Seeking Maggie the Chiweenie!
88 11th Dec 2017 Boric Acid and Food Splatter Damage?!; Everybody Here Is So Good Looking!
87 6th Dec 2017 Landlord Gets Schooled!; Three-Car Pile-Up Insult!
86 4th Dec 2017 High-End Engagement Dispute!; Doberman Attacks Yorkipoo?
85 30th Nov 2017 $5,000 Worth of Stress?; Exorbitant Cleaning Fee Frenzy?
84 29th Nov 2017 Antique Watch Botch?; Beat Up Mercedes Bait & Switch
83 27th Nov 2017 RV Turned Wine Bar Fail!; Father/Daughter Sting to Entrap Motorist
82 22nd Nov 2017 Brutal Robbery and Beating; Party Pooper Threats?!
81 22nd Nov 2017 Foot Fetish Marrying Man?!
80 21st Nov 2017 Pit Bull Fractures Dog's Skull
79 21st Nov 2017 Dog Lovers ... Look Away!; Pathological Liar Loan?!
78 20th Nov 2017 Atlanta Model's Heartbreak; Hatchet Hurling!
77 20th Nov 2017 Automatic Rifle Mystery Shoot-Up!
76 17th Nov 2017 Ludicrous Landlord?!; Raiders vs. Cowboys Fan Fiasco
75 17th Nov 2017 Marijuana Grow House Hijinks; Chicken Bone Choke or Kennel Cough?!
74 16th Nov 2017 Lesbian Bride's Disaster Wedding?!; Law School Will Kill Your Kindness?!
73 16th Nov 2017 Mother Threatens Home Invasion?!
72 15th Nov 2017 World-Renowned Rapper Incident?!
71 15th Nov 2017 $98 Tarp for Million Dollar Mansion?!; Great Grandchildren Lost in the Lawsuit Shuffle?!
70 14th Nov 2017 Odometer Rollback Roulette?!; Slumlord or Squatter Victim?
69 14th Nov 2017 Dumpster Diving Drama
68 13th Nov 2017 Bad Timing in Atlanta!; Bullied for Being Overweight?!
67 13th Nov 2017 New Wife vs. Ex-Wife!
66 10th Nov 2017 Tearful Reunion Between Feuding Sisters; Forced to Evict a Struggling Mother?
65 10th Nov 2017 Homeless Shelter Skirmish?!
64 9th Nov 2017 Defrauding a Troubled Homeowner?; Please Hit My Brand New Car?!
63 9th Nov 2017 Don't Call Your Grandmother a Liar!; Outrageous Jersey Jail Time?!
62 8th Nov 2017 Hair Salon Lockout?; Tattoo Double Regret!
61 8th Nov 2017 Do-Good Dad or Dangerous Predator?
60 7th Nov 2017 Pit Bull Attack Caught on Tape!; Vandalism Neutralizer?!
59 7th Nov 2017 When Ministers Attack!; Failed Hot Tub Trade
58 6th Nov 2017 Botched Wine Bar Rehab?!
57 6th Nov 2017 Man Cheats on Girlfriend's Birthday?; A Liar, Thief and Drunk?
56 3rd Nov 2017 Sunset Boulevard Road Rage Video!; Goat Dairy Business Fail!
55 3rd Nov 2017 Tangled Teardrop Chandelier Flop!; World's Worst Insurance Salesperson?
54 2nd Nov 2017 Nominate This Woman for Sainthood!; Identity Theft Bill Payer?!
53 2nd Nov 2017 The Judges Call Their Own Expert Witness!
52 1st Nov 2017 Bullet Boy and the Cinderella Defense!; Teen Mother Battles Daycare
51 1st Nov 2017 Penny-Pinching Millionaire Payback?!; Gay Ex-Lover in Hot Pursuit?!
50 31st Oct 2017 Rehab Rescue, Hit & Run?!
49 31st Oct 2017 Rapper Model Scam?!; Dishonest Car Salesman? No Way!
48 30th Oct 2017 Toxic Mother and Daughter?; Double Whammy Jet Ski Scam?
47 30th Oct 2017 Surprise! Strippers at the Mansion?!
46 27th Oct 2017 Vietnam Vet's Spirit Animal Fiasco!
45 26th Oct 2017 5K of Marijuana Traded for Harley?; Bad Credit Payback!
44 26th Oct 2017 Insane Position on Lifesaving Surgery?!
43 25th Oct 2017 Pet Owner in Doggie Denial?; Teenage Help or Hurt?
42 24th Oct 2017 Fast and Loose Friends?; Dog Rescue Fail?
41 23rd Oct 2017 Gun Violence Against Texas Gun Owner?!
40 20th Oct 2017 Cheating, Drugs and Police?!; Obama Phone Hater?!
39 19th Oct 2017 Hidden Vacation Money Revealed?!; Car Salesman Claims Innocence on Lemon!
38 18th Oct 2017 Horrible Manipulation of a First Grader?!
37 17th Oct 2017 Problem Client Lock Out?; T-Boned and Knocked Unconscious?!
36 16th Oct 2017 Pawned Wedding Ring for Ungrateful Friend?; Thieving Caregiver or Elder Dementia?
35 13th Oct 2017 Domestic Violence Emergency Exception; You Are No Longer My Brother
34 12th Oct 2017 Baby sit My 92-Year-Old Mom for Free; Deceased Woman's Property Held Ransom
33 11th Oct 2017 Don't Head Butt My Dog; Bickering Ex- Bus Drivers
32 10th Oct 2017 Flirty Handyman or Desperate Housewife?; Fight the Power of Attorney
31 9th Oct 2017 Skin-Tight Prom Dress Splits Open
30 6th Oct 2017 Alleged Child Abuse and Slander; Needle Slips During Breast Piece Tattoo
29 5th Oct 2017 Pesky Possum Problem; Defective Puppy
28 4th Oct 2017 Dissed in Front of Daughter; Pay Me for Stressing Me
27 3rd Oct 2017 An $8,000 Payout and I Got Nothing; Insecurity Deposit
26 2nd Oct 2017 Singer Given Chance to Serenade the Judges
25 29th Sep 2017 Show Me the Eye Candy!; Help! I Bought a Lemon?!
24 28th Sep 2017 Common Law Wife Scam?!
23 27th Sep 2017 Hot Tub Mover Mayhem; Cocky, Arrogant Thief?!
22 26th Sep 2017 Grandma Love Gone Wrong; Stolen Weed and Semi-Harassment?!
21 25th Sep 2017 3 Baby Mammas -- 1 Deadbeat Daddy?; Fight Over Expensive Kicks!
20 22nd Sep 2017 Salvage Retention 101; Mobile Home Party Time?!
19 22nd Sep 2017 Injured Dog Crying in Court?!; Burning Leaves Man?!
18 21st Sep 2017 Gumption and Hustle Meat Pitch!; Apartment Heating by Oven?
17 21st Sep 2017 41 Days in Jail for Shooting Victim?!; I Broke Up With Him First!
16 20th Sep 2017 Deadbeat Brother Kicked Out of Court?!; Female Truck Driver Fail?!
15 20th Sep 2017 Pet Slaughter or Animal Rescue?!
14 19th Sep 2017 Freak Dog Attack and Death?!; Lemon Car Deal Theft?!
13 19th Sep 2017 Gambling and Violence Vendetta?!; The Tragic Struggle to Survive
12 18th Sep 2017 Sugar Daddy/Gold Digger Duo?!; Fake Baby Wows Judge DiMango!
11 18th Sep 2017 Babysitter Kidnapping and Ransom?!
10 15th Sep 2017 Car Crash Whodunit!; I Wish I Were High Right Now!
9 15th Sep 2017 Weave Rage Caught on Video!
8 14th Sep 2017 Fraudulent Bidding War?!; Cute Dog in Court Alert!
7 14th Sep 2017 Orlando Nightclub Shooting Slur?!
6 13th Sep 2017 Embrace Your Big Forehead!; This Is Not the Lottery!
5 13th Sep 2017 Fight Over Baby's Funeral Expenses; You're Not Even Cute!
4 12th Sep 2017 Discounted Puppy Death?!
3 12th Sep 2017 Judge Acker Shares the Name of Her Wig!; Lemon Deal of the Century?!
2 11th Sep 2017 Coachella Festival Fail!; Reputation Damage Control
1 11th Sep 2017 Man Killed, Pit Bull Shot, Goats Mauled?!; How Much Is a Stay-at-Home Mom Worth?
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Season 3

Episode Airdate Name  
220 7th Sep 2017 Rats and Roaches in Brooklyn... Oh My!; Pug vs. Lab: Game On!
219 6th Sep 2017 Get to the Point!; Tree-Hugging Expert Witness?!
218 28th Aug 2017 Handyman Retaliation?!
217 14th Aug 2017 Landlord Resorts to Graffiti Demands; Show Me the Receipt
216 7th Aug 2017 Flea Infestation; Mercedes Mess
215 31st Jul 2017 Aunt vs. Niece Credibility Contest
214 24th Jul 2017 Church Referral Fail?!; Charleston Flood or Government Fraud?!
213 17th Jul 2017 Weight Loss Persecution?!
212 10th Jul 2017 You're Tiring Me Out, Ladies!; Judge DiMango's Primer on Black Hair Care
211 3rd Jul 2017 Mold and Mushroom Bathroom?!; Unwanted Passes and the Insurance Payout?
210 28th Jun 2017 Petunia the Pig Exposed!; Beverly Hills Birthday Bailout?!
209 26th Jun 2017 Trip of Horrors!; Roommate Rift
208 19th Jun 2017 Starving Cats Take Over Mobile Home; It's Over! Gimme That Car!
207 14th Jun 2017 Pot Smoking Shambles?!; Honest Man Alert!
206 12th Jun 2017 Gigantic Reverse Birdcage!; The Indefensible Adonis Defense!
205 9th Jun 2017 Gender Discrimination or a Poor Work Ethic?; Food Trailer Travesty
204 8th Jun 2017 Botched Mural Speaks a Thousand Words?!
203 6th Jun 2017 Sinking Boat Bargain?!; Slumlord or Good Samaritan?
202 5th Jun 2017 Woman Disrupts Casting Session?!; Homeless but Not Helpless!
201 24th May 2017 Double Duty Vandalism?!; I'm at Ease With Dying?
200 24th May 2017 For Whom the Hell Tolls?!; Teen's Father Takes and Embarrassing Turn?
199 23rd May 2017 45 Days in Jail? But I Was Innocent!; Start Fresh! Loan Money to Estranged Relatives!
198 23rd May 2017 Never Hire Family!; Police Come to Woman's Aid
197 22nd May 2017 Toxic Environment for Newborn?!
196 22nd May 2017 Party Bus Catastrophe!; Desolate Salon or Desperate Recruiter?!
195 19th May 2017 Don't Share Your Man With Others!; Teen's Two Wrecks in Two Days!
194 19th May 2017 Burlesque Artist or Strip Teaser?!; Dog Owner's Shaky Alibi?!
193 18th May 2017 Roaches Resilient to Tenant Scare Tactics?!; Radically Different Stories!
192 18th May 2017 Adopted Daughter Sued by Mom!; Can You Spot the Dishonest Reverend?!
191 17th May 2017 Drunk Drama or Irritating Boyfriend?!; Insult to Justice?!
190 17th May 2017 Parallel Parking Chaos; Contractor Insurance Scam?
189 16th May 2017 Gay Lover's Quarrel Turns Violent?!; Girlfriend Weighs In on Plumbing Job!
188 16th May 2017 Worst Obituary Ever?!; Single Father Payback!
187 15th May 2017 100K Wrongful Death Settlement; San Fran Surgery Stress!
186 15th May 2017 Yes, I Punched the Mother of My Child; Terminal Illness and Parking Tickets?
185 12th May 2017 Maltipoos, Mating and Poison?!; The Law Doesn't Protect Enablers!
184 12th May 2017 Teenager Flips Off Judge Corriero; Hard Times Don't Trump Rent Payments!
183 11th May 2017 Ex-Lover Blindsided by Eviction?!
182 11th May 2017 Unwanted Advances or Bad Timing?; Victimized by a Friend?!
181 10th May 2017 Mother and Son Tug of War!; Random Acts of Unkindness
180 10th May 2017 Rhythm and Blues and Steak?!; Busted by Audio?!
179 9th May 2017 I'm Not an Animal Abuser!; The $10,000 Crush?!
178 9th May 2017 Everyone Breaks the Law in This Situation!; The Web Designer Who Knew Everything?!
177 8th May 2017 Pet Hedgehog Death by Pneumonia! Stripped Out or Ripped Off?!
176 8th May 2017 Calculated Cutting Rage?!
175 5th May 2017 Vigorous Dissent From Judge Acker!; Black Friday Anxiety?!
174 5th May 2017 Miniature Schnauzer Dragged Through Fence?!; Too Stoned to Remember Rent?!
173 4th May 2017 Celebrity Awards Photographer Fail?!
172 4th May 2017 Over-the-Top Accountant Con?!
171 3rd May 2017 Disgusting War of Words!; Oops! Judges Read Incriminating Texts!
170 3rd May 2017 Set Up and Beat Up?!
169 2nd May 2017 World's Worst Unofficial Boyfriend?!; Reckless Joyride Crash?!
168 2nd May 2017 Pit Bull Shot and Killed!
167 1st May 2017 What?! You're Married?!; Build Me a Beer Cave!
166 1st May 2017 Crazed Teenager Hurled Into Truck?!; Good Faith Gesture Takes a Beating!
165 28th Apr 2017 Holy Roller Childcare Drama!
164 28th Apr 2017 Puppy Turned Predator?!
163 27th Apr 2017 Prayer Prophet or Philanderer?; Don't Sleep With My Baby Daddy!
162 27th Apr 2017 Spiritual Dream Lover You Are Not!; Stop Trying to Change Him!
161 26th Apr 2017 Doggie Business Clean-Up!; Motorcycle Mischief
160 26th Apr 2017 Keep Your Snout Out!; Pain in the Eye of the Euthanized Horse?!
159 18th Apr 2017 Funeral Fiasco; You Have a What?!
158 1st Mar 2017 Mentor Mayhem!; Bald Spot Weave Disaster?!
157 1st Mar 2017 Irreparable Damages!
156 28th Feb 2017 Hero Dog Hit by Car?!; Reality Show Fail?
155 28th Feb 2017 Malicious Baby Photo Deleting?!; Faulty Jet Ski Scam?!
154 27th Feb 2017 Wake Up! Your Child Needs You!
153 27th Feb 2017 Punched Drunk or Super Clumsy?!
152 23rd Feb 2017 Race for the Restraining Order!; Musicians Duke It Out at the Pizza Parlor!
151 23rd Feb 2017 Wear and Tear Rip Off?!; Disney World Downer!
150 22nd Feb 2017 Sexually Frustrated Frying Pan Assault?!
149 22nd Feb 2017 Stabbing, Stealing and Smoking Crack?!
148 21st Feb 2017 Entitled Millennial Bashing?!; Rear-Ended on Freeway!
147 21st Feb 2017 Spiritual Stalking and the Flower Child Scam?!
146 20th Feb 2017 Dog Stolen While Owner in a Coma?!
145 20th Feb 2017 Punching and Pushing Match?!; Married Player or Woman Scorned?!
144 17th Feb 2017 Pit Bull Baby Daddy Rip-Off?!; Hover Board Ransom Sting Operation!
143 17th Feb 2017 Appalling Pool Party Attack!
142 16th Feb 2017 Name-Calling Mamma?!; When Lovers Become Business Partners ...
141 16th Feb 2017 Motorcycle Defamation Scam?!; Tropical Oasis or Drought Demon?!
140 15th Feb 2017 My Dog's Better Than Your Dog!; Give Me All Your Money ... We're Family!
139 15th Feb 2017 Blindsided at the Thrift Shop?!; Give Me My Wedding Photos!
138 14th Feb 2017 Harassed While Giving Birth?!; You're Not Entitled to Paradise!
137 14th Feb 2017 Suspended Lawyer on the Case?!; Who Ran the Red Light?!
136 13th Feb 2017 Government Subsidized Fraud?!; Seizure Leads to Bizarre Crash
135 13th Feb 2017 You Ruined My Classic Car!; Sexy Pajama Bottoms?
134 10th Feb 2017 Uber Driver on the Prowl?!
133 10th Feb 2017 Heartfelt Apology After Squalor Squatting?; Addicted to Bingo!
132 9th Feb 2017 Maximus Justice to the Rescue!; Co-Dependent Family Feud?
131 9th Feb 2017 Unconditional Love for Injured Child; Man in Drag Stole My Bag!
130 8th Feb 2017 Daughter Knocks Out Mom's Teeth?!
129 8th Feb 2017 Con Man's Confidence Gives Him Away?
128 7th Feb 2017 Emotional Eviction Distress!; You Ruined My Wedding Cake!
127 7th Feb 2017 Crazy Grand Larceny Coincidence?!
126 6th Feb 2017 When Service Dogs Attack!; Pot Smoker Beatdown by Judge Corriero!
125 6th Feb 2017 First Love Violence and the Older Woman?
124 3rd Feb 2017 God's Got Your Back!; Braid Me Beautiful!
123 3rd Feb 2017 The Unsuspecting Squatter?!; What's Wrong With This Picture?!
122 2nd Feb 2017 Diabetic Therapy Dog Mauled!; Don't Steal From People!
121 2nd Feb 2017 Only Way Out: Plead Guilty?!
120 1st Feb 2017 Baiting the Police?!; Most Incredible Coincidence Ever!
119 31st Jan 2017 Strangled Dog, Mangled Mama?; My Brother, the Ghost!
118 30th Jan 2017 Suicidal Scare Tactic?
117 27th Jan 2017 Black Out Crash!; Sick Puppy Euthanized?
116 27th Jan 2017 Who's Scamming Who?!; Brain Tumor Family Drama
115 26th Jan 2017 Cheating and the Computer Confession?; Pit Bull Bailout!
114 25th Jan 2017 Jail Time for Busted Head!; Stop! Shrub Thief?!
113 24th Jan 2017 Flipping and Flirting?!; Kissing Up to the Judges?!
112 23rd Jan 2017 Flower Power!; Supernatural Split!
111 20th Jan 2017 Decapitated Doll Disaster!; Oregon Hot Pursuit Divides Sisters
110 19th Jan 2017 Ailing Mother Swindled by Son?
109 18th Jan 2017 Bad Squeak ... Big Sneak?!; Miami Music Festival Fail!
108 17th Jan 2017 Botched Basketball Scholarship?; Football Coach Child Support Snafu!
107 16th Jan 2017 Punch Drunk Love?; Chihuahua Death Dilemma
106 13th Jan 2017 Pit Bull Animal Cruelty?!
105 12th Jan 2017 Newlywed Bean Thief?!; Bat Crazy Apartment?
104 11th Jan 2017 Biloxi Teen Rescue?; Motorcycle Club Friendship Fail
103 10th Jan 2017 10 Children and Counting ...
102 9th Jan 2017 Charity Childcare Drama; Sheriff's Daughter Whodunit!
101 6th Jan 2017 Which Roommate is the Evil One?; Quick! Hide the Cash in the Candy!
100 5th Jan 2017 The Preacher and the Popcorn!; Dog Whisperer on the Defensive!
99 4th Jan 2017 Horse Rescued from Kill Lot!
98 3rd Jan 2017 Flipped Cars and Disappearing Cash!; Zero Tolerance for Racial Slur
97 2nd Jan 2017 Sledgehammered Safe?!; Fancy Phone Foolishness!
96 23rd Dec 2016 Pit-Bull Bite and Run!; The Day the Christmas Trees Died!
95 22nd Dec 2016 All Rise for Judge Jerry!; Stolen Sports Memorabilia?!
94 16th Dec 2016 Grandma Stops Playing Nice!; Warning! Irresistible Truck Alert!
93 9th Dec 2016 Judge Jerry Guest Appearance!; Graveyard Shift Shiftiness?!
92 1st Dec 2016 Children Injured by Mold Outbreak?!; Demolition 101
91 30th Nov 2016 Fishing Trip Stuck in the Mud!
90 29th Nov 2016 Was Horse Left to Die?!; Wedding Pictures Erased!
89 28th Nov 2016 Fired Up or Fraud?!; Young Chef Tries to Do the Right Thing!
88 23rd Nov 2016 Happy Birthday! I Got You Nothing!; Manslaughter and Heartache
87 23rd Nov 2016 Animal Control Wackiness!
86 22nd Nov 2016 Child Witnesses Mommy Catfight!; Moving In With Mommy
85 22nd Nov 2016 The Captain Crunch Cereal Lock Out!; Drug Plant Threat!
84 21st Nov 2016 Tunnel Vision Victim?; Belly Up Barber Shop?!
83 21st Nov 2016 Child Abduction and Ransom Demand?!; Crazy Crash With Kids!
82 18th Nov 2016 Big Dogs Meet Tiny Taffy!; Chore Bores or Video Fun?!
81 18th Nov 2016 Fashion Week PR Fail!; Worst Roommate Match Ever!
80 17th Nov 2016 Life Coach vs. Unhappy Breather?!; Defective Puppy Love?!
79 17th Nov 2016 Three-Car Pile-Up Scare!; Driving Instructor From Hell!
78 16th Nov 2016 Incarceration Complication!; Mean Girl Takes a Free Ride?!
77 16th Nov 2016 Bait and Switch Photo Fraud?!; Party Planner Flop?!
76 15th Nov 2016 Animal Lover Hit-and-Run?!; Judge Corriero Calls It Like He Sees It!
75 15th Nov 2016 The Drunken Woman Scorned Defense?!; Heat Wave Con Man?!
74 14th Nov 2016 Salon Burns Off Eyebrows?!
73 14th Nov 2016 Sister Scams Sister?!; The Designated Daredevil Driver?!
72 11th Nov 2016 Leaving the U.S. Permanently?!; New Car in Driveway?! Oops!
71 11th Nov 2016 Cat Lovin' Landlord!; Me, My Mom and My Lesbian Lifestyle
70 10th Nov 2016 Cousin Double Firing!; Insurance Scam Exposed?!
69 10th Nov 2016 Sister Takes the High Ground?; Minor Twerking Incident
68 9th Nov 2016 Police Ram Door Down!; Fast and Icy (Uninsured) Spinout!
67 9th Nov 2016 Slave-Driver Landlord or Crazy Tenant?!
66 8th Nov 2016 Coasting on Daughter's Cuteness?!; Wallet Stalking?!
65 8th Nov 2016 Teen Rapper Lil Niqo in Court!; Who's the Crybaby Now?!
64 7th Nov 2016 Punch Drunk in the Head?!; Dirty Hands Galore!
63 7th Nov 2016 Elder Abuse and Truck Misuse?!; Hard Times in Georgia!
62 4th Nov 2016 The Phantom Driver Defense!; Babysitter Payback!
61 4th Nov 2016 Lying Teen Vandal or Mistaken Identity?!
60 3rd Nov 2016 Credit Score Rehab!; Flirty T-Shirt Designer?!
59 3rd Nov 2016 Rape Victim Tries to Trust Again; Biker Slam or Motorist Scam?!
58 2nd Nov 2016 Bank VP Makes Huge Personal Credit Mistake!; Couch Potato Payback?!
57 2nd Nov 2016 Model Panic and Hijacked Clothes?!
56 1st Nov 2016 High Stakes Toy Trade!; Boyfriend's Dirty Hands?
55 1st Nov 2016 New Judge Michael Corriero Joins Hot Bench!
54 31st Oct 2016 Judge Judy in the Hot Bench House!; All Rise! Judge Jerry Sheindlin Presiding!
53 31st Oct 2016 Judge Judy on Hot Bench ... One Day Only!
52 28th Oct 2016 Broken Neck Insurance Check; Rescue Dog on the Attack?!
51 28th Oct 2016 Judge Acker's Favorite Complaint!; Does Your Wife Know About Your Girlfriend?!
50 27th Oct 2016 Long Lost Sister Finds Brother!; Hit on the Car or Hit On the Girl?
49 27th Oct 2016 Grandma Backhands the Girlfriend?!
48 26th Oct 2016 Elder Abuse and Dog on the Loose?!; Daycare Costs and the Ex-Con!
47 25th Oct 2016 Idiot Drivers?!; Car Kicking and Screaming!
46 24th Oct 2016 How to Catch a Thief!; Wear and Terror?!
45 21st Oct 2016 Youth Mentor Accused of Foul Play!; Bald Spots on Graduation Day?!
44 20th Oct 2016 Sick Brothers Vie for Mother's Support; Money on the Run?!
43 20th Oct 2016 Red Corvette RIP!; Refund Xmas Scammer?
42 19th Oct 2016 Dognapping the National Dog of Cuba?!; Drunk or Not Drunk?
41 18th Oct 2016 Hogtied Into Rehab?!; Homeless, Ex-Con Baby-Sitter Hire
40 17th Oct 2016 Drums and Guns!; Children in Collision!
39 14th Oct 2016 World's Most Generous Cousin?!; Conned by a Contractor?
38 13th Oct 2016 Lousy Free Labor?!; Violent Profane Texts!
37 13th Oct 2016 Cruiser Loser!; Repo Man Crazy Talk?
36 12th Oct 2016 Trailer Love Triangle!; Grandma Drama Meets Teen Love
35 12th Oct 2016 Vaping Startups and Extortion?!; Whirlwind Romance Flop!
34 11th Oct 2016 Double Trouble Twin Scam?!; If I'm Stranded, You're Stranded!
33 11th Oct 2016 The Wrong Jesus; Lazy Teen Smog War!
32 10th Oct 2016 Cold Cabin, Frozen Tenant!; Rush to Hospital Smash-Up!
31 10th Oct 2016 7-Year-Old Slam Dunk!; Rule-Breaking Babysitter?
30 7th Oct 2016 Angry People Key Cars!; Actor, Painter ... Car Hater?!
29 6th Oct 2016 Back-to-School Charity Rift!; German Shepard on the Loose!
28 5th Oct 2016 Child Witness to Violence?; AA Friendship Fail
27 4th Oct 2016 Extorting the Elderly?!; African-American Hair 101
26 3rd Oct 2016 Gift of a Death Trap?!; Abandoned Boat Bonanza!
25 30th Sep 2016 Renovation Court Walkout!
24 29th Sep 2016 Daycare Nightmare; Teen Einstein vs. Moocher?
23 28th Sep 2016 Girlfriend Conspiracy Theory; Video Bust!
22 27th Sep 2016 Child Vandal or Innocent Bystander?!; Booby Trap Turnaround?
21 26th Sep 2016 Rent-to-Own Breakdown!
20 23rd Sep 2016 Security Risk Sister!; Daddy Dating Fail!
19 23rd Sep 2016 Shocking Theft of the Bereaved!; Dating Goodies and Baggies
18 22nd Sep 2016 When Old Parking Tickets Attack!; Friends With High-Interest Benefits!
17 22nd Sep 2016 Prom-Stealing Landlords?!; The 600-Pound Portable Picnic
16 21st Sep 2016 Wear and Tear Tirade!; Love Is Gone, but the Lease Lives On!
15 21st Sep 2016 High and Hijacked?!; Border Collie Blitz!
14 20th Sep 2016 Christian Values on the Hot Seat!; Housing Fraud Threat!
13 20th Sep 2016 Child Abuse Denial; Easter Party Freak-Out?!
12 19th Sep 2016 McMansion Takedown!
11 19th Sep 2016 Daddy Got Game!; BFF Runaround
10 16th Sep 2016 Incarcerated Mom Cries Foul!; No Bed of Roses!
9 16th Sep 2016 Jealousy-Fueled Brick Slam?!; Denture-Eating Doggie!
8 15th Sep 2016 Classic Car Rage!
7 15th Sep 2016 Buddha the Biting Pit Bull!; Epilepsy, Anxiety and the Boyfriend
6 14th Sep 2016 Tragic Pregnancy; Loving, Cheating and Loaning!
5 14th Sep 2016 Pregnant Ex-Fiance Woes; Starter Bike Stall!
4 13th Sep 2016 Family Heirloom Goes Missing; Own It and Move On!
3 13th Sep 2016 Dying Wish Denied?!; Biggest Grin Award
2 12th Sep 2016 Dementia, Divorce and Money; Life Savings Down the Drain!
1 12th Sep 2016 Judge Jumps the Shark?!
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Season 2

Episode Airdate Name  
240 24th Aug 2016 Property Damage Rip-Off?!
239 25th Jul 2016 Nine Starving Horses?!; Border Collie Beatdown!
238 21st Jul 2016 Last Rites and Landlord Fights!; Shocking Late Fee!
237 18th Jul 2016 Crime-Free Lease?!
236 11th Jul 2016 Letter of Rec Regret!; Movers From Heaven or Hell?
235 7th Jul 2016 Show Truck Showdown!; Tricky Car Trade
234 4th Jul 2016 Landlord Throws a Punch?!; Smashing and Dashing?!
233 1st Jul 2016 Drunk Driver or Distracted Mother?!; Sisters Reunite to Fight?!
232 27th Jun 2016 Don't Liquidate My Life!
231 27th Jun 2016 Global Warming or Landlord Neglect?!
230 20th Jun 2016 Senior Drummer Drama!; Instructor Takes a Dive?!
229 27th May 2016 The Car Door Made Me Do It!; The Phantom Roommate?!
228 27th May 2016 Making the Band!
227 25th May 2016 Country-Western Comeback Groupie!
226 25th May 2016 Funeral Cost Chaos; 30-Year-Friendship Furniture Bust!
225 24th May 2016 Pit Bull vs. Siberian Husky!; High Speed Hyundai Blowout?!
224 24th May 2016 Social Media Horribleness!; Vicious Pit Bull Puppy?!
223 23rd May 2016 Widow's Hardship Romance; Designer Belt Feud!
222 23rd May 2016 Hockey Fan Tragedy!; Dancers, Dogs and Weight Loss!
221 20th May 2016 Snooze Bus!; Do the Right Thing!
220 19th May 2016 The Chauffeur Who Stole the Car?!; Bodybuilding Breakdown!
219 19th May 2016 Vacation Rental Disaster!; Baseball Hall of Fame Scam?!
218 18th May 2016 Mother of Seven Sues the Youngest!; Embezzlement and the Sports League?
217 17th May 2016 Ex-Lovers and the Garden Makeover!; Indiana Softball Snafu!
216 17th May 2016 Housesitting Disaster!
215 16th May 2016 Felony Drug Trafficking?!; Sweet 16th Party Balloon Blow-Up!
214 16th May 2016 Pregnancy Fail Due to Abuse?!; Jealousy-Fueled Vandalism?!
213 13th May 2016 Cruise Ship DJ Love Affair!; Paycheck to Paycheck Tenants!
212 13th May 2016 Help! I Smell Gas!; Cater to Me! I'm 50!
211 12th May 2016 Hush Money Motorist?!; Sucker Punched by a Gate?!
210 12th May 2016 Deadly Motorcycle Crash?!; Right to Wine and Dine!
209 11th May 2016 Heir to a Man's Ashes?; Nude Photo Phone Smash!
208 11th May 2016 Premature Eviction?!; Fender Bending the Truth?!
207 10th May 2016 Massage Therapy Forgery?!; The Adonis Defense!
206 10th May 2016 Innocent Mother, Shady Son?
205 9th May 2016 Shooting, Crying and Lying?!; The Chihuahua Who Couldn't Lie!
204 9th May 2016 Ex-Cop, War Vet and PTSD
203 6th May 2016 Something Shady This Way Comes ...; Playing the Woman Card?
202 6th May 2016 Full Throttle Jealousy!; The Uncle Who Kept on Giving!
201 5th May 2016 Beware of Dog Attack!; Mexican Mafia Scare Tactics?!
200 5th May 2016 Childcare Contract From Hell!; Daycare Owner in the Hot Seat!
199 4th May 2016 Rodent Phobia Freak-Out!; Worst Defense Judge Has Ever Heard!
198 4th May 2016 Run Over or Running a Scam?!
197 3rd May 2016 Judges Divided on Sexual Harassment; Bathtub Trauma!
196 3rd May 2016 Judge Bakman's Worst Nightmare! Most Incriminating Voicemail Ever!
195 2nd May 2016 Intersection Slam; Beauty School Dropout?!
194 2nd May 2016 Knife to the Neck?!
193 29th Apr 2016 Mold or Mitzvah?!; Animal House Bathroom?!
192 29th Apr 2016 Satanic Couch Potato?!
191 28th Apr 2016 Entitled Brat or Freeloading Mom?!; Sloppy Car Wash War!
190 28th Apr 2016 Dante the Dog Killer?!
189 22nd Apr 2016 Romance Gone Postal?!; Karaoke Catastrophe
188 15th Apr 2016 Six Months Left to Live ... in Peace!; Stroke Victim and Stilettos
187 13th Apr 2016 Sexual Predator Slander?; Pepper-Sprayed PTSD Victim?!
186 8th Apr 2016 Healthy Wealthy Sexy You!; Hair Salon Snafu!
185 1st Apr 2016 Car Swap Swindle?; Homeless Boyfriend Trouble?; An Act of God or Dog?!
184 31st Mar 2016 Cockroaches and Pot?!
183 30th Mar 2016 Worst Video Evidence Ever!; Oracle Smackdown?!
182 29th Mar 2016 College Student Caught Cheating?!; Lucky to Be Alive!; Gangster Renters?!
181 28th Mar 2016 Lesbian Love Gone Wrong!; Impersonal Trainer?!
180 25th Mar 2016 Man's Dying Request
179 25th Mar 2016 Vandalized and Terrorized?!
178 24th Mar 2016 Mold and the 9-Year-Old!
177 23rd Mar 2016 Dog Attack Extortion?!; Double-Cheating Girlfriend?!
176 22nd Mar 2016 Casanova Fail; College Sweetheart Stalker?!
175 21st Mar 2016 Animal House Break-In?!; Drug Defamation Drama!
174 18th Mar 2016 Labrador vs. German Shepherd!
173 18th Mar 2016 Motor Home Mystery; Godparents From Hell?
172 17th Mar 2016 Unconscious at the Wheel!
171 17th Mar 2016 Conning the Ex-Convict?!; Bathroom Hole Hazard?!
170 16th Mar 2016 Emergency Cheating?!; Cockroach Landlord!
169 15th Mar 2016 The Pied Piper of Bed Bugs!?; Violent Love Affair
168 14th Mar 2016 Collision Concussion!
167 11th Mar 2016 When Ex-Girlfriends Fight!; Basement Bust
166 10th Mar 2016 Cancer-Stricken Dog Drama; Angry Biker Couple!
165 9th Mar 2016 $40,000 Performing Horse!
164 8th Mar 2016 Hijacking and Harassment?!
163 7th Mar 2016 Bridezilla or Nightmare Seamstress?!; Sonia the Bailiff Speaks Up!
162 4th Mar 2016 Beauty Shop Bully?; Miami Birthday Botched!
161 4th Mar 2016 I Think I Hate You!; Refrigerator Scuffle
160 3rd Mar 2016 Surprise! I Painted Your House Red!; Ten Years of Flirting?!
159 2nd Mar 2016 Used Car Craziness; Child Firestarter!
158 1st Mar 2016 Yorkie Puppy Custody Battle!; Too Nice to the Niece
157 1st Mar 2016 Booze and Baseball Bats!
156 29th Feb 2016 Tragic Death Drama; Gambling Buddies Equals Hot Mess!
155 29th Feb 2016 Embarrassing Dog Bite; Make Way for a New Judge!
154 26th Feb 2016 Build Me Up, Tear Me Down!; With Friends Like These ...
153 26th Feb 2016 Criminal Tenant?; Frat House Blues!
152 25th Feb 2016 Road Rage Fender Bender!; Hair Salon/Restaurant Juggler!
151 25th Feb 2016 The Downton Abbey School of Loan Sharks!
150 24th Feb 2016 Famous Rock Star's Rappin' Cousin?!; VIP Vegas Princess!
149 24th Feb 2016 Minister-in-Training Cheater?; Teen Entrepreneur Ripped Off!
148 23rd Feb 2016 The Rapidly Aging Yorkie!; Cheerleading, Bullying and Bows!
147 23rd Feb 2016 Ex-Convict Out for Blood!; Electricity Thief?!
146 22nd Feb 2016 GPS-Tracking Boyfriend!; Living in Mom's Backyard?!
145 22nd Feb 2016 Transgender Bias by Police?!
144 19th Feb 2016 Brooklyn Brawl!
143 19th Feb 2016 Moms' Knife Fight; Phone Jail Break!
142 18th Feb 2016 Racially Motivated Roofers?!
141 18th Feb 2016 Inside Job?; Hair Weave Woes
140 17th Feb 2016 Double Dipping and Forgery?!; Put Some Clothes On!
139 17th Feb 2016 Fast and Furious Getaway!
138 16th Feb 2016 Bricks, Knives and Tasers! Oh My!
137 16th Feb 2016 3 Judges, 3 Verdicts!
136 15th Feb 2016 Malicious Video Blaze!; Delusional Drunk Driver?!
135 15th Feb 2016 Domestic Violence Mystery
134 12th Feb 2016 Revenge Porn?!
133 11th Feb 2016 Burning Down the House!
132 11th Feb 2016 Rock & Roll Buzz Kill; Irish Party Logo Loopiness!
131 10th Feb 2016 Bullying Texts Exposed!; Pit Bull Campsite Attack
130 9th Feb 2016 Cake Baking Sister Snafu!
129 9th Feb 2016 Racial Slurs & Sexual Slander?!
128 8th Feb 2016 Sick Puppy Scam?; Skirt-Chasing Slumlord?!
127 8th Feb 2016 Rapper's No-Sex Clause?! Drunk Driver or Bad Driver?!
126 5th Feb 2016 Worst Vandalism Defense Ever!; Smooth Auto Operator
125 5th Feb 2016 Slander and Abduction?!; Shame On My Auntie!
124 4th Feb 2016 Bloody Family Reunion!
123 4th Feb 2016 Recreational Vehicle Stand-Off; Dog Takes the Stand!
122 3rd Feb 2016 Religious Retreat Vandalized?!; Suspicious Car Deal
121 2nd Feb 2016 Domestic Violence Drama; Judge Throws Baby Daddy a Lifeline!
120 1st Feb 2016 Disappearing Jewelry Scam? Snake Owner Charmer?
119 29th Jan 2016 Biting While Biking!
118 28th Jan 2016 Dead Dog Disaster; Snake on the Loose!
117 27th Jan 2016 Suicide and Firearm Fury!; Jackpot Payoff?!
116 26th Jan 2016 Black Lives Matter!
115 25th Jan 2016 Fire Arms, Fighting and Flirting!; Phantom School Bus Crash?!
114 22nd Jan 2016 Down Payment on Nothing!; Sucker Punches 101
113 21st Jan 2016 McDonald's Drive-Thru Fail!; Doggie Lawyer to the Rescue!
112 20th Jan 2016 Pet Dreams Shattered!
111 19th Jan 2016 Silver-Tongued Teen!; Birthing Video Anyone?
110 18th Jan 2016 Cop Denies Abuse Charges
109 15th Jan 2016 Moving Out Nightmare!; Brick by Brick Hijacking?!
108 14th Jan 2016 Black Mold Mayhem in Georgia!
107 13th Jan 2016 Slumlord Shocker?!; The Woman Who Couldn't Stop Talking!
106 12th Jan 2016 Desperate Debt Negotiator; Vanishing Hello Kitty Collection!
105 11th Jan 2016 Think Outside the Xbox!; Fashion Video Fiasco
104 8th Jan 2016 Pepper Spray Fight Over a Guy!; Funeral Fee Feud
103 7th Jan 2016 Hate-Filled Text Time!; Stolen Gun Swindle?!
102 6th Jan 2016 Home Wrecking Cougar?!; When Stoners Sue Each Other
101 5th Jan 2016 Three Dogs and a Purple Giraffe!; Not So Happy Together
100 4th Jan 2016 Nudity, Prostitution and Rats?!
99 18th Dec 2015 Fighting Ex-Fiances!; Death in a Mobile Home Fire!
98 17th Dec 2015 Breathalyzer Love?!; Bed-Bug Bitten, Pill-Popping Alcoholic?!
97 16th Dec 2015 Fist-Fighting, Arm-Biting Whammy!; Back Seat Batterer?
96 15th Dec 2015 Dog Attack Justified!; Dreadlock Disaster Demo!
95 14th Dec 2015 Bloodthirsty Dog for Sale!
94 11th Dec 2015 Stolen Identity BFF?!
93 10th Dec 2015 Sober and Missing My Minivan!; Next Door Nightmare!
92 9th Dec 2015 Wide-Turn Horse Wrecker!; Dance Team Divas?
91 8th Dec 2015 Sex, Lies and Home Repairs!
90 7th Dec 2015 Nudie Photo Fail!; Gym Rat Ruckus?
89 4th Dec 2015 Toxic Mold Eye Test!
88 3rd Dec 2015 Hair Weaving Catastrophe!; I Do Windows!
87 2nd Dec 2015 Judge DiMango Turkey Day Surprise!; Tickling Can Be Abusive!
86 1st Dec 2015 Terrifying Text Threat!; Bully Thrown Out of Court?!
85 30th Nov 2015 Wild Parties and Child Abuse?; Hiker Attacked by Dog!
84 25th Nov 2015 Spare the Dog? Pay the Vet Bill!
83 25th Nov 2015 Volatile Threats and Guns!; Lap Dances Take a Holiday!
82 24th Nov 2015 Divorcee Beat Down!; Ex-Lover's Property Takes a Beating!
81 24th Nov 2015 Show Me the Yorkie Money!; Ex-Girlfriends Clash!
80 23rd Nov 2015 Corvette Chaos!; Who Burned My Chevy?!
79 23rd Nov 2015 Meth Factory Cave Bust?
78 20th Nov 2015 Doggy Jail Bailout; Moon-Bounce Mash Up!
77 20th Nov 2015 Cruisin' for a Threesome!; Pro Basketball Player Payback!?
76 19th Nov 2015 Zero Credibility Round-Up! Wolf Dog Accused of Taunting
75 19th Nov 2015 Elder Fraud or Online Flirting?; Roommate Roulette!
74 18th Nov 2015 Mystery of the $5,000 Missing Vase!; Bad Attitude Meets Judge Bakman!
73 18th Nov 2015 Horrific Voice Messages
72 17th Nov 2015 Railroaded in Divorce Trial?!; Yes on the Fried Chicken!
71 17th Nov 2015 Drug Test Fraud?; Psychic Predicts Her Own Case!
70 16th Nov 2015 Lesbian Love Gone Very Wrong
69 16th Nov 2015 Racial Profiling Shocker!
68 13th Nov 2015 Judge DiMango's Rodent Fright!; Stolen Wallet Wackiness!
67 13th Nov 2015 Grand Theft Auto?
66 12th Nov 2015 Sweet Sixteen Fist Fight!; Shih Tzu vs. Pit Bulls!
65 12th Nov 2015 I'll Pay You to Stop Dating My Daughter?!; Mean Girls European Vacation?!
64 11th Nov 2015 Automatic Rifle Love Affair!; Mechanic Casanova?!
63 11th Nov 2015 Abuser Confesses!; Marijuana Priority Setting!
62 10th Nov 2015 Abusive Landlord Caught on Tape?!; Rehab and the Missing Money!
61 10th Nov 2015 Drake Concert Fail!; When Girlfriends Fight!
60 9th Nov 2015 Coyotes Chase Down Cyclist?!; Baseball Bat-Wielding Landlord!
59 9th Nov 2015 Hollywood Movie Magic Extortion?!
58 6th Nov 2015 He Never Proposed to Me!; Boss Payback!
57 6th Nov 2015 Transgender Discrimination?; Sugar Daddy Drama!
56 5th Nov 2015 Search and Seizure; Game Player Hater!
55 5th Nov 2015 Heartbreaking Dog Custody Fight
54 4th Nov 2015 Childhood Sweetheart Catastrophe
53 4th Nov 2015 Bait and Switch Caught on Tape?!
52 3rd Nov 2015 Ex-Lover's Malicious Manifesto!
51 3rd Nov 2015 Serial Abuser Exposed!
50 2nd Nov 2015 Clueless Bonnie and Clyde!
49 2nd Nov 2015 Tattoo Parlor Catfight!; Worst Hot Bench Injuries Ever!
48 30th Oct 2015 Diabetic or Drug Fiend?!
47 30th Oct 2015 Hookers and Guns and Squirrels?! Oh My!
46 29th Oct 2015 Slandered at Church?!
45 29th Oct 2015 Spoiler Alert: Foul Language!
44 28th Oct 2015 Killer Dog's Mistaken Identity?
43 27th Oct 2015 Woman Deserved Savage Attack?!; Superman Gets the Shaft!
42 26th Oct 2015 Animal Cruelty Caught on Tape?!; Brits and Sir Francis Bacon the Pig
41 23rd Oct 2015 21st Birthday Bash ... Again!; Reckless Driver's Fake Tears?!
40 12th Oct 2015 Judge Acker: Free Speech Game On!
39 21st Oct 2015 Prescription Drug Bust!; Dents and Denture Disaster
38 20th Oct 2015 Lie Detector Party Round-Up!; Flood It Forward!
37 19th Oct 2015 Love, Tears and Cigarette Smoke; Bad Brakes Smash-Up!
36 16th Oct 2015 College Student Crash!; Slip and Fall Lawsuit!
35 15th Oct 2015 Dognapping Drama!
34 14th Oct 2015 Courtroom Turned Petting Zoo!
33 13th Oct 2015 Trashed on the Local News?!; Wedding Ring Riot Act!
32 12th Oct 2015 Child's Tragic Inheritance
31 9th Oct 2015 Who Died and Made You Boss?!; Admirer Steals Jewelry?!
30 8th Oct 2015 Illegal Shower Surveillance?!
29 7th Oct 2015 Widow's Trailer Fight!; High and Mighty Mishap!
28 6th Oct 2015 Meditation Gone Wild!; Tragedy Strikes Mothers
27 5th Oct 2015 911 Calls From Hell!
26 2nd Oct 2015 Sugar in Gas Tank Custody Exchange?!; Judge Acker Meets Molly the Terrier!
25 2nd Oct 2015 Love, Felony and Spare Ribs!
24 1st Oct 2015 Judge Bakman: Family Healer; Harley Friend Fight!
23 30th Sep 2015 Retired Cop on the Hot Seat!
22 29th Sep 2015 Cancer Fundraiser Gone Wrong?!; Funeral Wake Meets Animal House
21 28th Sep 2015 Love Triangle Tragedy!; Sugar Mamma Payback?!
20 25th Sep 2015 Wedding Ring Repo?!; Bus-Stop Bogus Friendship?!
19 24th Sep 2015 Sexual Harassment Strikes Again?!
18 24th Sep 2015 Body Image Blowout!; Age-Inappropriate Dance Disaster?!
17 24th Sep 2015 Missing Service Cat Triggers Fight!
16 23rd Sep 2015 Accepting Gifts From a Stalker?!; Payback Assault?!
15 23rd Sep 2015 Don't Pee on My Leg and Tell Me It's Raining!
14 22nd Sep 2015 I'm Not a Pagan High Priestess!
13 22nd Sep 2015 Ex-Meth Addicts Back on Track?!
12 21st Sep 2015 Male Victim of Domestic Abuse?; Tree Chopping Craziness?!
11 21st Sep 2015 Who Shot the Pit Bulls?!
10 18th Sep 2015 Crocodile Tears Meet Contractor's Fears!; Cat Caught in the Crossfire!
9 18th Sep 2015 Judge Bakman's Mentalist Magic!; Brothers Gone Wild!
8 17th Sep 2015 Pit Bull Breaks Yorkie's Back?!; Don't Lien on Me!
7 17th Sep 2015 Karaoke Affair Gone Haywire!; Water-Tortured Girlfriend?
6 16th Sep 2015 The Girl With the Eyelid Tattoo!
5 16th Sep 2015 Felonies, Child Support and Alleged Abuse
4 15th Sep 2015 Strippers, Oil Spills and the Deadbeat Boyfriend!
3 15th Sep 2015 Beauty and the Creepy Beast?!
2 14th Sep 2015 Pool Party Splash and Crash!; Ex-Convict Makeover?
1 14th Sep 2015 Drunk Teacher or Honest Preacher
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Season 1

Episode Airdate Name  
198 Never
197 Never
196 Never
195 28th May 2015 Criminal 'Stinkin' Vandalism
194 22nd May 2015 Sickle Cell Assault; Haunted Debt
193 18th May 2015 Violence and Vehicle Voodoo?!
192 15th May 2015 Police Lord of the Rings!; Rental Betrayal!
191 13th May 2015 Love, Sex and Cancer; Great Friend... Awful Roommate?
190 13th May 2015 Parrot Autopsy Results Revealed!; The 50 Missing Items List
189 12th May 2015 Counterfeit Sneaker Scam!; Friends or Lovers?
188 11th May 2015 Bully Beats Up Labrador; Gas Leak Scare!
187 11th May 2015 Destination Wedding Disaster!; Take the Money and Run, Son!
186 8th May 2015 Scamming the Government?; Grandma Gripes and Wipes!
185 8th May 2015 Cheaters and Wife Beaters?!; 8-Year-Old's Confession!
184 7th May 2015 Motorcycle Trip Turns Nasty!; Paint Sprayer Bamboozle?
183 7th May 2015 Insane Intersection Incident!; Drug Danger for Disabled Child?
182 6th May 2015 Lazy Drama Queen!; Bumper Feud!
181 5th May 2015 Embezzler or Philanthropist?; BFF Cellphone Wars!
180 4th May 2015 Woman Falls From Ledge!
179 4th May 2015 Voicemail from Hell
178 1st May 2015 Toxic Lesbian Love
177 1st May 2015 Judge's Voice Slays Defendant; Cousins Call It Quits!
176 30th Apr 2015 Father of Twins No More!; Stop Talking Over Me!
175 30th Apr 2015 My Bench Should Not Be Hot!; Coco, the Matted and Mauled Terrier
174 29th Apr 2015 I'm Not the Baby Daddy!; Teary BFF Break-Up
173 28th Apr 2015 Ruined Wedding Vow Renewal?; Suicide Threat? Pay Back the Debt!
172 28th Apr 2015 Dog Meets Cat?!; Debilitated Boyfriend Heartbreaker
171 27th Apr 2015 Judge Bakman Breaks It Down!
170 27th Apr 2015 Street Racing Scam?; Sick Friend in Need or Greed?
169 27th Apr 2015 Social Club Caught on Tape!
168 24th Apr 2015 Take My Kidney, Judge Acker!
167 24th Apr 2015 No Ringy, No Dingy!; 420 Room Rental Ruckus
166 23rd Apr 2015 The Kennel Disaster!
165 23rd Apr 2015 Beauty and the Benefits
164 16th Apr 2015 Guns, Germs and a Steal?!
163 15th Apr 2015 Jaw-Dropping Interest Rate Rip-Off!
162 14th Apr 2015 The Brooklyn Nightmare; Good-Hearted Father Fail
161 13th Apr 2015 Teen Takes Cheap Shot at Mom's Ex!; Renter Beware!
160 13th Apr 2015 Nude Photo Offends Sheriff; When Coyote Look-Alikes Attack!
159 8th Apr 2015 Marijuana Money Madness!
158 6th Apr 2015 Church Friend Turned Manny Menace?; Best Friend Burnout!
157 23rd Mar 2015 Caught in the Nude?!
156 11th Mar 2015 Fighting Instead of Grieving; Mom Coaches Children's Testimony?!
155 10th Mar 2015 Punch List Fail!; Gimme Cash! Not a Lifetime of Haircuts!
154 6th Mar 2015 Tiger Mom Cheerleader Style!; Ex-Lover Pigsty Protest
153 2nd Mar 2015 Disturbing Graffiti Vandalism
152 25th Feb 2015 Gangsta Style Clean-Up?!; Puppy Love Gone Wrong
151 25th Feb 2015 Fire Sale a Day After Funeral?; Laptop Love Bugs No More!
150 24th Feb 2015 Lover's Surprise Visit Disaster!
149 24th Feb 2015 Caught Cheating ... Douse Ex With Bleach?
148 23rd Feb 2015 100,000 Miles of Fraud?; Young Love Triangle
147 19th Feb 2015 Correctional Officer Cries Abuse!; Pack Your Bags Fast, Roomie!
146 18th Feb 2015 Professional Surfer ... Loan Shirker?!; Potbelly Pigsty Meets Messy Ferret!
145 18th Feb 2015 Lying for a Living?; Best Men at Their Worst!
144 16th Feb 2015 Fight Over a Litter of Pretty Puggles!; Dog Death by Air Conditioner?
143 16th Feb 2015 Sober Living With a Side of Pork Chops; CSI: Michigan!
142 13th Feb 2015 The Twirling Fiancee!
141 12th Feb 2015 Family Friendly Vandalism?; Scam Victim or Check Fraud?
140 11th Feb 2015 There's an Ex-Con in My Kitchen!
139 10th Feb 2015 Corvette Collision Whodunit!; Sucker Sale!
138 10th Feb 2015 Pepper Spray Wars!; Bra-Popping, Male-Stripping Vegas Trip!
137 9th Feb 2015 One Lover Too Many!
136 9th Feb 2015 Domestic Violence or Self-Inflicted Scratches?
135 6th Feb 2015 Ex BFF Drama!; Say No to the Dress!
134 5th Feb 2015 Family Funeral Affair; Online Gaming Romance
133 5th Feb 2015 Girls Trip Nightmare!; Here Today, Guam Tomorrow
132 4th Feb 2015 Tear Down That Fence!; Father/Son Scam and Assault?!
131 4th Feb 2015 Car Fire Hero or Scam Artist?; Bounty Hunter Blues
130 3rd Feb 2015 Let Me See My Granddaughter!; Coincidence Pile-Up!
129 2nd Feb 2015 Mother Daughter Fireworks!; Cheating Lover Payback?
128 2nd Feb 2015 Swingers, Lesbians and a 40-Year Age Difference; Have You Seen My Teacup Yorkie
127 30th Jan 2015 Public Relations Defamation?!; Friends Bound by Debt!
126 29th Jan 2015 Brooklyn Foot-in-Mouth Disease!; You Have a Wife?!
125 28th Jan 2015 Siberian Husky Shootout!
124 26th Jan 2015 Recipe for Senior-Living Obesity?!; Hotrod Envy!
123 23rd Jan 2015 The Toppling Tiny House!; Pistol Toting Porch Plight!
122 Never $13,000 Scare Tactic?!; The DJ Ruined My Wedding!
121 21st Jan 2015 Ex-Boyfriends and Oxtail Soup!; Blame It on the Drug Addict
120 20th Jan 2015 Stolen Horse Caper; The Deadbeat Tenant Shuffle?
119 19th Jan 2015 Attempted Murder or Hush Deal Payoff?; Hairstylist's Barter Blues!
118 16th Jan 2015 Houseboat Party Foul?; 30th Birthday Party Blowout!
117 15th Jan 2015 100,000 Miles of Fraud?!; Facebook Message Saves the Day!
116 14th Jan 2015 Secret Vacation, Public Break-Up!; ATV Theft or Scam?
115 13th Jan 2015 Flipped Vehicle in the Snow!; Prepared to Let a Cat Die
114 12th Jan 2015 Lollipop the Pit Bull Service Dog?; Romance Trumps Friendship!
113 9th Jan 2015 Brothers, Bail and Bills!; Sisters in Crisis
112 8th Jan 2015 Policeman Denies Fraud; Met in Church-Left in the Lurch!
111 7th Jan 2015 Sleeping Disorder in the Court!; Tattletale Father?
110 6th Jan 2015 Apartment Trashed by Angry Pets?; Milwaukee Birthday Bash!
109 5th Jan 2015 Braking Badly!; Biker Smashes Into Windshield!
108 19th Dec 2014 Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite!
107 18th Dec 2014 Dishwasher Disaster!; Rabbits, Rent and Rowdiness
106 17th Dec 2014 Allergic to Jewelry?!; Lover's Retaliatory Lawsuit?
105 16th Dec 2014 Trailer Trauma!; Shopping Spree Madness?
104 15th Dec 2014 Zumba Dance Class Catfight!; Wedding Dress Pain and Suffering!
103 12th Dec 2014 Dueling Roommates!; Big Screen Showdown
102 11th Dec 2014 Near Death Pit-Bull Encounter!; Hostile Hard Drive
101 10th Dec 2014 Case From Hell!
100 9th Dec 2014 College Party House of Horrors!; Electric Daisy Disaster
99 8th Dec 2014 Single Mom vs. Handyman!; High Stakes Hair Restoration
98 15th Dec 2014 The Daycare Debacle; Vacation Lodge Disaster!
97 4th Dec 2014 Which Lab Mauled the Shih Tzu?; Harley D. Custody Battle!
96 3rd Dec 2014 Rambles About Shambles; When Pit Bulls Attack ... Other Pit Bulls!
95 2nd Dec 2014 Firefighter Dreams, Sister Screams; Pay Me for My Stress!
94 1st Dec 2014 Family Night Flight!; Police Draw Guns in Tenant Dispute
93 28th Nov 2014 Mommy Dearest No More!; Don't Fence the Pony In!
92 26th Nov 2014 Mother Daughter Pile-Up!; Graveyard Shift Grief!
91 26th Nov 2014 Hostile Living Environment?; Dog Gone Crazy!
90 25th Nov 2014 Poisoning and Peepholes?!; Warring Uncle and Nephew!
89 25th Nov 2014 Hit and Run for It!; While the Mom Is Away ...
88 24th Nov 2014 Headed Over a Cliff!; Bulldog vs. Chihuahua
87 24th Nov 2014 Assault in the Workplace?!
86 21st Nov 2014 Dog Bite Afternoon!; Not So Nice Niece?
85 20th Nov 2014 Identity Theft Caper; Betrayal and the Blender!
84 20th Nov 2014 Dognapping Drama!; Roommate Rampage
83 19th Nov 2014 Homeless Mom No More!; Puerto Rican Ruckus!
82 18th Nov 2014 Wild Housesitting Party Goes Viral!; Don't Block Me In ... or Else!
81 17th Nov 2014 Purple Skittles Crown Vic Scam? Fit for a Native American Powwow!
80 17th Nov 2014 Facebook Attack and Criminal Mischief!; Mirror Knock-Off!
79 14th Nov 2014 Follow the Money!; Bootleg Cellphone Scam?
78 14th Nov 2014 When Stepfathers Attack!; Facebook Gotcha!
77 13th Nov 2014 Contractor in the Hot Seat; The Scooter Caper!
76 13th Nov 2014 Road Rage Alley!; Ex-Lovers' Bedroom Bickering!
75 12th Nov 2014 Foreclosed Landlord Sues for Rent!
74 11th Nov 2014 Don't Call Me Bridezilla!; Toilet Cleaning Debacle!
73 11th Nov 2014 Ex Made Me Lose My Home!; Family Intervention Heartbreaker!
72 10th Nov 2014 Damaged Bulldog Puppies; Tattoo Artist Hit-and-Run
71 11th Oct 2014 Forged Check, Free Vacation!; Waterslide Beat Down
70 7th Nov 2014 Graduation Conspiracy?; I Won't Lie for My Brother!
69 7th Nov 2014 Hit and Run or Mistaken Identity?!; Booty Call Breakdown
68 6th Nov 2014 Schnauzer Puppy Snafu!; Clean and Sober ... and Married!
67 5th Nov 2014 A Daughter's Love Divided; 99 Cent Plate Heist!
66 5th Nov 2014 Mother vs. Son Car Fight!; Free Aid to Robbery Victim?
65 4th Nov 2014 DUI Fallout; Goggles Goof-Up!
64 3rd Nov 2014 The Nurse or the Hairdresser?; Sister's Damning Testimony!
63 3rd Nov 2014 Bikinis and Breast Implants
62 31st Oct 2014 Family Tragedy; Scary Behavior?
61 31st Oct 2014 Guns and Ex-Girlfriends!; Party Foul!
60 30th Oct 2014 Explicit Photos Lure Vietnam Vet?; I Don't Flirt With Short Women!
59 30th Oct 2014 Come to Court With Clean Hands!; Hookah Lounge Fallout
58 29th Oct 2014 Emergency Anxiety Meds; World's Best Stepmother?
57 28th Oct 2014 High-Speed Brake Fail?!; Texts Escalate to Restraining Order
56 27th Oct 2014 Last Will & Testament Wedding Drama; Child vs. Adult Bike Race Disaster!
55 24th Oct 2014 Casino Payout Gone Bad!; Teen Motorcyclist Test-Drive Crash?
54 23rd Oct 2014 Misplaced Meth Pipe?; Flirtatious eBay Power Play?
53 22nd Oct 2014 Suicide's Unanswered Questions; Ex-Lovers Trade Blows?
52 21st Oct 2014 Flight From Toxic Health Scare; Church Friends Turned Lovers
51 20th Oct 2014 Wardrobe Malfunction Mash-Up!; When Cat Lovers Fight
50 17th Oct 2014 Fishing Trip and a Pit Bull; Landlord Accused of Theft
49 17th Oct 2014 Flooding Damage; Attack in a Dog Park!
48 16th Oct 2014 Ex-Lovers' Battle; Boyfriend Sells Fun!
47 16th Oct 2014 Landlord Tenant Chaos
46 15th Oct 2014 Handsome Contractor Woes; Parking Sideswipe
45 15th Oct 2014 Eviction Education!; Gift or a Loan?!
44 14th Oct 2014 Burned Property Blowout!; Co-Worker War
43 14th Oct 2014 Driving Blind!; Mother and Son Feud
42 13th Oct 2014 Poisoned Children?; Mustang Family Feud
41 13th Oct 2014 Tough Love Family; Ill-Fated Roommates
40 10th Oct 2014 Terrible Nanny; Townhouse Rift
39 10th Oct 2014 Ammo Explodes in Face!
38 9th Oct 2014 Smog Test Scam?; Teen Money Matters
37 9th Oct 2014 Scamming the System?
36 8th Oct 2014 Hovercraft Builder Burn?; Exercise Machine Wars
35 8th Oct 2014 Criminal Texting?
34 7th Oct 2014 Stealing Water?!; Xbox War!
33 7th Oct 2014 Disgusting Clean-Up; Tornado Debris Disaster
32 6th Oct 2014 Dog Eats Marijuana Candy!; Cupcake Crisis
31 6th Oct 2014 Forgery and Fighting; Pregnant and Moving!
30 3rd Oct 2014 Music Video Mayhem; Ex-Lover Computer Thief?
29 3rd Oct 2014 Innocent Man Serving Life Sentence?
28 2nd Oct 2014 Euthanized Dogs
27 2nd Oct 2014 A Dog's Confession?; Flat-Screen Friendship Fiasco
26 1st Oct 2014 Exploding Car; Anti-Bullying Business
25 1st Oct 2014 Gossip Traded for Cash; Taunting an Ex-Lover
24 30th Sep 2014 Tweener Instagram Fashion Fail; Hair Salon Drama
23 30th Sep 2014 Dating, Damage and Drama; Live-In Lizard?
22 29th Sep 2014 Pitbull vs. Chihuahua; Love and Liability
21 29th Sep 2014 DUI With a Child in the Car
20 26th Sep 2014 Rock Throwing and Harassment!; Ex-Lovers Disinterest Rate
19 26th Sep 2014 Gang-Related Threats
18 25th Sep 2014 Grandmother Mayhem; Medical Marijuana Delivery
17 25th Sep 2014 Love for Sale?; Online Gambling Loans?
16 24th Sep 2014 Workplace Romance Drama; Punched and Maced!
15 24th Sep 2014 Illegal Scooter Rams Mustang; Doggie Haircut Disaster
14 23rd Sep 2014 Self-Made Landlord After Murder!; White Picket Fence Wipeout!
13 23rd Sep 2014 Murder Tears Family Apart
12 22nd Sep 2014 Female Boxer vs. Trainer
11 22nd Sep 2014 Racial Slurs and Bigotry; Homeless Widow Woes
10 19th Sep 2014 BB Gun and Paternity Test; Three-Car Pile-Up!
9 19th Sep 2014 Africa Trip Fallout; When Bed Bugs Bite!
8 18th Sep 2014 The Very Odd Couple; Stolen Skateboard Ethics
7 18th Sep 2014 Marijuana Test-Drive Drama; Player Hater Vandalism!
6 17th Sep 2014 Kidnapping and Abuse Claims; Pimp Mobile for an 11-Year-Old?
5 17th Sep 2014 Devastated Daddy at Baby Girl's Party; Pit Bull vs. Chihuahua!
4 16th Sep 2014 Mansion Madness; Firefighter Hero Sued by Ex
3 16th Sep 2014 Beauty School Hazing?
2 15th Sep 2014 Turn Lane Collision!; Tiny Toilet Turmoil
1 15th Sep 2014 Service Dog Tearjerker