Monster High (2022)

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29th September 2022
11 minutes
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The ghoulest school welcomes a new class of reimagined mon-stars! The series follows Clawdeen, Draculaura and Frankie, as they discover who they are, embrace their differences and learn to be fierce and fearless at the one place they all belong: Monster High.

Episode List:

Season 2

Episode Airdate Name  
1 Never TBA
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Season 1

Episode Airdate Name  
45 Never The Monster Way
44 Never Monster Match
43 Never Witchful Thinking
42 Never Sew Fierce
41 Never Fresh Waters Run Deep
40 Never A Little Boost
39 Never Oh, The Humanity
38 Never Horsin' Around
37 Never Stone Alone
36 Never Scareer Day
35 Never Best Fiends
34 Never Boogey Nightmare
33 Never Fur-mergency
32 Never Monster Midterms
31 Never Power Heist
30 Never Lesson to Rock
29 Never Pet Problems
28 Never The Case of the Missing Squeak
27 Never Cleo in the Kitchen
26 Never Casketball Jinx
25 Never Growing Ghoulia
24 Never Spell The Beans
23 Never Earworm
22 Never Monster Movie
21 Never Creature Clash
20 Never Creepover Party
19 Never Flaunt Your Skeleton
18 Never Horrorscare
17 17th Mar 2023 Over Bro-tective
16 17th Mar 2023 Crushed
15 10th Mar 2023 So Familiar
14 10th Mar 2023 What's Up, Watzie?
13 10th Mar 2023 Pyramid Scheme
12 10th Mar 2023 Out of Step!
11 19th Dec 2022 Nightmare Nightmore
10 1st Dec 2022 Paw-zzle Pieces
9 29th Nov 2022 That Thing You Deuce
8 30th Nov 2022 Werewolf Weekend
7 28th Nov 2022 Part of the Pack
6 28th Nov 2022 Witch Hitch
5 4th Nov 2022 Portrait of a Monster
4 4th Nov 2022 Case of the Moondays
3 6th Oct 2022 Unfinished Brain-ness
2 6th Oct 2022 Food Fight
1 29th Sep 2022 The Monstering


Gabrielle Nevaeh Green
Clawdeen Wolf
Courtney Lin
Iris Menas
Frankie Stein
Valeria Rodriguez
Lagoona Blue
Kausar Mohammed
Cleo De Nile
Tony Revolori
Deuce Gorgon
Alex Kahn
Toralei Stripe
Alexander Polinsky
Heath Burns
Debra Wilson
Headmistress Bloodgood