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1st January 1999
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House Hunters takes viewers behind the scenes as individuals, couples and families learn what to look for and decide whether or not a home is meant for them. Focusing on the emotional experience of finding and purchasing a new home, each episode follows a prospective buyer and real estate agent through the home-buying process, from start to finish.

Episode List:

Season 183

Episode Airdate Name  
11 22nd Nov 2019 Home on Hilton Head
9 1st Aug 2019 A Bike Commute on Key West
5 18th Sep 2019 Coming Home to Indian Lake
2 12th Oct 2019 Historical Charm in Key West
1 27th Sep 2019 Settle Down in Cocoa Beach
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Season 182

Episode Airdate Name  
12 16th Aug 2019 New Beginnings on Camano Island, WA
10 13th Sep 2019 Becoming Part of the Community
6 15th Nov 2019 Sealing the Deal in Hawaii
3 25th Oct 2019 Embracing Nature on Kauai
2 6th Sep 2019 An End to a Six-Year Search on Maui
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Season 181

Episode Airdate Name  
1 20th Nov 2019 Beer and Loathing
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Season 179

Episode Airdate Name  
12 12th Nov 2019 Relationship on the Line
10 23rd Oct 2019 A Comeback in Castaic
9 15th Oct 2019 Type-A Wife vs. Laid Back Husband in Minnesota
7 14th Nov 2019 Married to the Biz
6 7th Oct 2019 Family Bonding on a Budget in Michigan
4 30th Oct 2019 Indecisive in Chicago
3 14th Oct 2019 Back to Their Future in Ithaca
2 31st Oct 2019 Germ Free in Kansas City
1 4th Nov 2019 Too Many Firsts in Florida
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Season 178

Episode Airdate Name  
12 Never Outnumbered by the In-Laws
11 6th Nov 2019 The Honeymoon is Over
10 16th Oct 2019 Going Ashore in Gallatin, Tennessee
9 2nd Oct 2019 New Memories in Old Chicago
8 9th Oct 2019 Big Plans in Ohio
7 8th Oct 2019 Second Time's Not a Charm
6 5th Nov 2019 A Reluctant Buyer in Austin
5 21st Oct 2019 To Downsize or Not in Naples
4 28th Oct 2019 Cooking Up a Budget Battle in Nashville
3 29th Oct 2019 Oklahoma Animal House
2 7th Nov 2019 Piano Makes Three in NYC
1 24th Oct 2019 Building Battle in Arkansas
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Season 177

Episode Airdate Name  
13 18th Sep 2019 From His House to Their House
12 1st Oct 2019 Going Country in Cookeville
11 Never That Ol' One-Level Feeling
10 Never This is So Bad, it's Great
9 24th Sep 2019 Dueling in Davenport
8 12th Sep 2019 Worth the Risk in Connecticut
7 30th Sep 2019 Two Days to Find a House in Georgia
6 20th Sep 2019 To Beach or Not to Beach in North Carolina
5 11th Oct 2019 Far From La Familia in Modesto
4 17th Sep 2019 In-Laws, Cats and Worms, Oh My!
3 10th Oct 2019 Starter Home Phobia
2 22nd Oct 2019 On the Rocks in Atlanta
1 19th Sep 2019 Ageless Charm or Turnkey in Alabama
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Season 176

Episode Airdate Name  
13 18th Sep 2019 A Texas-Sized Downsize
12 16th Sep 2019 We're Gonna Be Renting Forever
11 25th Sep 2019 Bursting at the Seams in New York
10 5th Sep 2019 Best Little Doghouse in Texas
9 11th Sep 2019 New Roots in Southern California
8 23rd Sep 2019 Challenging Choices in Chesapeake
7 19th Sep 2019 Budget Battle In Palm Springs
6 26th Sep 2019 Close to Coffee in Columbus
5 21st Sep 2019 A Fanboy Needs Space in LA
4 25th Sep 2019 Off the Road Again
3 17th Sep 2019 Adulting in Ithaca
2 Never Mother Knows Best in Virginia
1 2nd Sep 2019 Vacation Home Battle in Arizona
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Season 175

Episode Airdate Name  
10 2nd Aug 2019 All In for Ocean Isle Beach
8 20th Aug 2019 Searching for Seclusion in the Sea Islands
7 28th Sep 2019 Seeking More in Gulf Shores
2 8th Nov 2019 Dauphin Island Decision
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Season 174

Episode Airdate Name  
13 30th Jul 2019 Beachside Rental
12 6th Jul 2019 Fort Pierce Vacation Home
11 5th Jul 2019 Moving to Marshfield
10 30th May 2019 Moving to Crystal Beach
9 31st Jul 2019 Freeport Beach House
8 27th Jul 2019 Oceanfront in Atlantic Beach
7 25th Sep 2019 California Dream House
6 30th Aug 2019 Rockport Vacation Home
5 29th Jul 2019 Ocean City Beach House
4 13th Jul 2019 Southern Surf House
3 4th Jul 2019 Crashin' at Crystal Beach
2 25th Apr 2019 Hatteras Holiday Home
1 Never Pine Island Paradise
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Season 173

Episode Airdate Name  
8 27th Nov 2018 Holiday Mountain Home Hunt
7 18th Dec 2018 Moving Cross-Country for Christmas
6 11th Dec 2018 Lighting Up the Holidays
5 4th Dec 2018 Ringing in the Holidays
4 18th Dec 2018 A New Home for Christmas
3 4th Dec 2018 Old Holiday Traditions Move to a New Home
2 11th Dec 2018 Bedrooms for Christmas
1 27th Nov 2018 Moving Back Home for the Holidays
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Season 172

Episode Airdate Name  
13 21st Aug 2019 The New Retro in Austin, Texas
12 11th Jul 2019 Looking for a Log Cabin in Nashville
11 8th Aug 2019 A Million Little Dollars
10 12th Aug 2019 Virginia Is for Mothers
9 22nd Jul 2019 Failure's Not an Option in San Diego
8 13th Aug 2019 Old vs. Cold in Chicago
7 9th Sep 2019 Seeking Stability in Ohio
6 15th Aug 2019 Making Her Own Way in Milford
5 23rd Aug 2019 No Compromising in Atlanta
4 8th Jul 2019 Going Back to Boise
3 27th Aug 2019 My Way or the Rahway
2 5th Aug 2019 Beachfront or Bust in Maui
1 14th Aug 2019 Renovation Hesitation in New Jersey
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Season 171

Episode Airdate Name  
13 6th Jul 2019 Picky in Palm Springs
12 3rd Jul 2019 On the Way to Orlando
11 18th Jul 2019 One Story or No Story in Arizona
10 17th Jul 2019 Room for Three in Grand Rapids
9 10th Sep 2019 Sticking It Out in Lansing, New York
8 9th Jul 2019 New Home on Tap
7 29th Aug 2019 Playing Musical Houses in Oklahoma City
6 22nd Aug 2019 City Wife vs. Suburban Husband
5 26th Aug 2019 Back to Their California Roots
4 10th Jul 2019 The Price of Charm in Seattle
2 28th Aug 2019 Hunting for Space in Raleigh
1 11th Jul 2019 Not Sold on Chicago
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Season 170

Episode Airdate Name  
13 25th Jun 2019 Flippers Find Forever Home
12 13th Jun 2019 Out of Time in Montana
11 26th Jun 2019 Beachfront or Nothing
10 4th Sep 2019 Cats First, Wife Second in NJ
9 25th Jul 2019 Divided in Dallas
8 15th Jul 2019 City or Suburbia Near Boston
6 19th Aug 2019 Her Own Place in Winston-Salem
5 22nd May 2019 New Neighbors in Knoxville
4 25th Jul 2019 Farther From the Beach in Florida
3 19th Jun 2019 A New Groove in Athens, GA
2 6th Jun 2019 Mom vs. Daughter in Omaha
1 6th Aug 2019 Inn Over Their Heads
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Season 169

Episode Airdate Name  
13 16th May 2019 Beauty on the Beach or Castle in the Sky
12 20th May 2019 To the Victorian Go the Spoils
11 24th Jul 2019 A Birdhouse in the Hand
10 20th Jun 2019 Nitpicking in Navarre, Florida
9 9th May 2019 Taking Care of Mama in Oceanside
8 21st May 2019 Dueling in Tarpon Springs
7 28th May 2019 Indecisive in Chicago
6 27th Jun 2019 Duking It Out in Durango
5 7th Aug 2019 Country Living in Wisconsin
4 9th Aug 2019 New Build or Bust in Denver
3 3rd Sep 2019 Looking for a Texas Two-Story
2 8th May 2019 Mixing Families in Minnesota
1 5th Jun 2019 A First Home in New Haven
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Season 168

Episode Airdate Name  
13 Never To Chandelier or Not to Chandelier in Chicago
12 16th Apr 2019 When the Hammer Drops in Long Island
11 3rd Jun 2019 Portland Proud
10 29th May 2019 Midcentury in the Mountains
9 2nd Jul 2019 Viva Las Retirement
8 18th Jun 2019 Family First in St. Louis
7 18th Jul 2019 Home's Where the Basement Is
6 2nd May 2019 Mom Calls the Shots
5 12th Jul 2019 Sailing Into a Home on Maui
4 17th Apr 2019 A Kansas City Split
3 13th May 2019 New vs. Old in Denver
2 11th Jun 2019 Putting Down Roots in Grapevine, Texas
1 1st Jul 2019 Valley Views in Tehachapi, CA
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Season 167

Episode Airdate Name  
15 24th Jun 2019 Standoff in The Capital City
14 30th Apr 2019 Antebellums Around Atlanta
13 20th Jun 2019 Single Mom in Ithaca
12 20th Jul 2019 Big or Small in Orlando
11 27th Jun 2019 Finding Space in D.C.
10 4th Jun 2019 Battling Architects in South Carolina
9 20th May 2019 First-Time Buyers in Nashville
8 30th May 2019 Feeling Heat in St. Pete
7 29th Apr 2019 More Room For Baths and Bikes in Indiana
6 6th May 2019 Two Dogs and a Tree in St. Louis
5 18th Oct 2019 Wish List Mirage in Arizona
4 19th Jul 2019 The Battle of the Southern Charmer
3 30th Apr 2019 Planting Roots in Raleigh
2 7th May 2019 Entertaining in Worcester
1 1st May 2019 The Tall and Short of It in Grand Rapids
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Season 166

Episode Airdate Name  
13 9th Apr 2019 Old or New in Kansas City
12 26th Mar 2019 Staying Close to NYC
11 17th Jun 2019 Control the Spending
10 19th Mar 2019 Particularly Picky
9 23rd May 2019 Yearning for Home in Utah
8 23rd Apr 2019 A Cozy Beach Shack for Nine
7 30th May 2019 Attached at the Hip
6 26th Jul 2019 Long Island Fever
5 22nd Apr 2019 Chicago's Positive Energy
4 12th Mar 2019 All About Charm in Paducah
3 10th Apr 2019 Sister Doesn't Know Best in San Antonio
2 23rd Jul 2019 The Great Escape in Atlanta
1 24th Apr 2019 Fixer vs. Turnkey in Atlanta
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Season 165

Episode Airdate Name  
13 13th Mar 2019 A Castle for the King in Texas
12 19th Mar 2019 Back Home to Delaware
11 27th Mar 2019 No Row House in Philly
10 5th Mar 2019 Hopelessly Impatient in Michigan
9 26th Mar 2019 Reluctant to Renovate in Charlotte
8 20th Mar 2019 Close to Family in Chicago
7 10th Jun 2019 Seeking Space in Walden, New York
6 16th Jul 2019 Not Another Victorian
5 18th Mar 2019 Compromise in Waukesha
4 22nd Feb 2019 Starter Home in Paradise
3 27th Jun 2019 Palm Springs Party Palace
2 13th Jun 2019 First Move for First Generation
1 26th Mar 2019 All Grown in San Antonio
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Season 164

Episode Airdate Name  
13 27th Feb 2019 Engaged Couple Crafts Austin Oasis
12 2nd Apr 2019 Storefront or House in South Jersey
11 11th Mar 2019 Big Wedding or Big House
10 25th Mar 2019 From The Bronx to the Burbs
9 18th Apr 2019 Spreading Out in Colorado
8 11th Apr 2019 A Solid Foundation in Denver, CO
7 12th Mar 2019 Unique Denver Chic
6 18th Mar 2019 Culture Shock in Charlotte
5 26th Feb 2019 Staying Close to DC
4 28th Mar 2019 Searching for a Side Hustle
3 21st Mar 2019 Fulfilled Promises in New Jersey
2 11th Mar 2019 A Basement for the Band
1 18th Feb 2019 Retro Styles in Rapid City
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Season 163

Episode Airdate Name  
13 4th Feb 2019 Making Room for Babies
12 27th May 2019 Vacation Hunt in the Florida Keys
11 7th Mar 2019 To Downsize or Not in Nashville
10 19th Feb 2019 Charleston Charm on a Budget
9 4th Mar 2019 Pumped to Purchase in Austin
8 12th Jun 2019 Kiwi Family Searches Seattle
7 20th Feb 2019 Empty Nest vs. Full House in Orlando
6 14th May 2019 Stand Up in New York
5 14th Mar 2019 Guerneville Getaway
4 28th Jan 2019 Craftsman or Condo in Detroit
3 6th Feb 2019 Ready for a Family in Rochester
2 11th Feb 2019 Upsizing in Maine
1 13th Feb 2019 Sticker Shock in Atlanta
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Season 162

Episode Airdate Name  
13 4th Mar 2019 Finding Charm in Chicago
12 15th Apr 2019 Two Sisters Search Palm Springs
11 4th Feb 2019 Space for Three in Cincinnati
10 5th Feb 2019 Finding Feng Shui in Newport News
9 6th Mar 2019 Wild About Horses in Durango
8 14th Feb 2019 Going Bigger in Texas
7 10th Jan 2019 Crazy About Chickens
6 30th Jan 2019 Bachelor Pad in Chicago
5 3rd Apr 2019 Busting at the Seams
4 7th May 2019 Bay Area Wow Factor
3 19th Mar 2019 Bedroom-Sized Closet Wanted in Southern California
2 12th Feb 2019 Like Mother Unlike Daughter in Tallahassee
1 9th Jan 2019 Surf Shack vs. Spanish
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Season 161

Episode Airdate Name  
13 27th Dec 2018 A New Jersey Island Escape
12 20th Nov 2018 Finding Room in New Smyrna
11 13th Nov 2018 Newlywed Paradise in North Padre Island
10 6th Nov 2018 Going For It In Gulfport
9 20th Nov 2018 Ocean Side Estate in Ocean Park
8 6th Nov 2018 Making it Happen in Hampton Beach
7 4th Apr 2019 Awesome in Alligator Point
6 13th Nov 2018 San Juan Islands Serenity
5 19th Jul 2018 Salty Shores Starter Home
4 18th Jul 2018 Winter Waterfront Getaway
3 17th Jul 2018 Palace with a Pier
2 27th Dec 2018 Setting Sail for Topsail Island
1 20th Jul 2018 Island Life Getaway
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Season 160

Episode Airdate Name  
15 12th Oct 2019 Artist Wants It All in a Tiny House
13 Never Family Tours in a Tiny
12 28th Sep 2019 Tiny With Two Teens in Texas
10 7th Sep 2019 Free Spirit Goes Tiny After College
8 7th Sep 2019 Family of Four Goes Tiny in Albany, Oregon
7 26th Mar 2019 Family of Five Needs More Space in North Carolina
5 31st Jan 2019 Surf or Turf Tiny Home
4 21st Sep 2019 Tiny With a Touch of Spice
1 24th Jan 2019 Tiny Virginia Vineyard Home
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Season 159

Episode Airdate Name  
15 8th Apr 2019 Going Tiny in Palm Springs
14 22nd Jan 2019 Tiny Renovation in Fort Wayne
13 25th Feb 2019 Freedom to Travel
12 27th Dec 2018 Taking a Chance on Tiny in Georgia
11 1st Apr 2019 Downsizing in Maryland
10 4th Oct 2018 Big Island Tiny Home
9 11th Feb 2019 Perfectly Tiny in NC
8 14th Sep 2018 A Tiny Home Adventure
7 31st Aug 2018 Living Tiny in North Carolina
6 29th Jun 2018 Dreaming Tiny in Georgia
5 27th Jul 2018 Traveling Tiny in Colorado
4 11th May 2018 Tiny Dreams in North Carolina
3 24th Apr 2018 Writers Go Tiny on the Road
2 13th Apr 2018 Business Owner Goes Tiny
1 8th Mar 2018 Newlyweds Go Tiny in Spanaway, WA
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Season 158

Episode Airdate Name  
13 4th Feb 2019 Landing Near Lexington
12 11th Mar 2019 A Desert Oasis in Joshua Tree
11 21st Feb 2019 A Bigger House on the Hudson
10 7th Feb 2019 From the Islands to Tampa
9 29th Jan 2019 Quirky Details in Louisville
8 5th Jan 2019 Signing the Deed in Dallas
7 21st Jan 2019 Going Long in Wilmington
6 11th Jan 2019 Waterfront Wanted in Florida
5 8th Jan 2019 New Jersey DJ's American Dream
4 1st Jan 2019 Ski Condo or Lake House in Vermont
3 28th Jan 2019 Size Debate in North Carolina
2 21st Jan 2019 Back to Her College Town
1 20th Dec 2018 Beautiful Chaos in Gilbert, Arizona
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Season 157

Episode Airdate Name  
13 14th Jan 2019 Country vs. Suburban Life in Alabama
12 23rd Jan 2019 Hunting for Historic
11 7th Dec 2018 Finding Common Ground
10 3rd Jan 2019 Historic Charmer in San Antonio
9 7th Jan 2019 A Choice in Cleveland
8 16th Jan 2019 Young Couple Returns to St. Louis
7 21st Dec 2018 A Duel in Durham
6 14th Dec 2018 Wanting Waterfront in Norfolk
5 12th Nov 2018 Hawaiian Dream Home for Family of Five
4 5th Nov 2018 Basement Blues in Knoxville
3 22nd Nov 2018 Looking to Upgrade in Liberty Lake, WA
2 18th Jan 2019 A Castle in Castle Rock
1 18th Dec 2018 A Family Home in Dayton, Ohio
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Season 156

Episode Airdate Name  
13 11th Dec 2018 Moving On to Madison
12 29th Jan 2019 Picky in Providence
11 22nd Nov 2018 Beach vs. Pool in Virginia
10 21st Nov 2018 Heading for the Hills in Colorado
9 25th Oct 2018 Ready for Battle in Redmond
8 14th Jan 2019 Contemporary vs. Vintage in Indianapolis
7 19th Dec 2018 The Spirit of Lake St. Louis
6 6th Dec 2018 Style Skirmish in Chicago
5 16th Nov 2018 Big Backyard for a Wedding in Illinois
4 24th Oct 2018 Grout-Sensitive in Colorado
3 17th Dec 2018 Move-In Ready or Sweat Equity in Boston
2 27th Dec 2018 Doctors Seek Updated Chicago Condo
1 12th Dec 2018 Situated in Scituate
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Season 155

Episode Airdate Name  
13 14th Nov 2018 Character or Bust in Atlanta
12 3rd Dec 2018 Form or Function in Jackson, Mississppi
11 16th Oct 2018 Hunting for High Ceilings in Ohio
10 23rd Nov 2018 Out of Time in Atlanta
9 8th Nov 2018 Old vs. New in Denver
8 15th Jan 2019 Touring Tulsa
7 30th Nov 2018 Betting Big on Burbank
6 28th Feb 2019 A Battle in Seattle
5 30th Oct 2018 No Ghosts in New Jersey
4 15th Oct 2018 To Build or Not to Build in Naples
3 26th Oct 2018 Row House Blues in Pittsburgh
2 30th Oct 2018 59 Listings in Chicago
1 28th Nov 2018 Fourth Time's The Charm
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Season 154

Episode Airdate Name  
13 5th Oct 2018 Back Home to Birmingham
12 14th Jan 2019 Minneapolis White Out
11 17th Oct 2018 Movie-Inspired House Hunt in Raleigh
10 5th Dec 2018 One to Five in Florida
9 13th Dec 2018 Starter Home Bidding War in L.A.
8 19th Nov 2018 California Dreaming in San Diego
7 4th Dec 2018 Pool or No Pool in Yorba Linda
6 13th Nov 2018 Family Feud in Stockton, CA
5 Never Conflicting Wish Lists in Florida
4 17th Sep 2018 Yucko to Stucco in Los Angeles
3 29th Nov 2018 High Flying in Wichita
2 2nd Jan 2019 Landlocked or Lake House in South Carolina
1 18th Feb 2019 Choosy in Chesapeake
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Season 153

Episode Airdate Name  
13 13th Sep 2018 Golf Swing in Chicago
12 27th Nov 2018 A House Fit for the Mayor
11 19th Oct 2018 Country Boy vs. City Girl
10 23rd Oct 2018 Double Trouble in Indianapolis
9 30th Oct 2018 Historic House in Michigan
8 29th Oct 2018 Trick or Treat in Atlanta
7 21st Jan 2019 Pools and Fireplaces in Ft. Worth
6 5th Sep 2018 New Jersey Home with Rental Potential
5 10th Oct 2018 Scouring State College, Pennsylvania
4 9th Nov 2018 Palm Springs Desert Oasis
3 1st Oct 2018 Historic Colonial vs. Ranch in Virginia
2 25th Feb 2019 Green Acres in Agoura Hills
1 6th Sep 2018 Looking for a Log Cabin in San Diego
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Season 152

Episode Airdate Name  
13 16th Aug 2018 Fighting Gridlock in DC
12 6th Aug 2018 No Bathroom Closets in Nashville
11 17th Jan 2019 Growing a Family in Glendora, CA
10 10th Dec 2018 Rocky Mountain Vacation Home
9 9th Aug 2018 Spirited in SoCal
8 3rd Sep 2018 Big Family Vacation Home in Panama City, FL
7 4th Sep 2018 Good Country Living in Arkansas
6 26th Sep 2018 Feline Friendly in Tennessee
5 15th Nov 2018 You, Me and My Bike Makes Three
4 25th Oct 2018 Acreage in Ann Arbor, MI
3 26th Nov 2018 Moving to Minneapolis
2 8th Oct 2018 Shore Living in Ocean City, NJ
1 1st Nov 2018 Fixer-Upper or New Build in Grand Rapids, MI
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Season 151

Episode Airdate Name  
13 8th Aug 2018 Third Time's a Charm in Minnesota
12 24th Sep 2018 On the Level in Mississippi
11 21st Sep 2018 A Family House in Pittsburgh
10 19th Sep 2018 Bathrooms or Bust in Cleveland
9 22nd Nov 2018 Sailing Into Tampa
8 12th Oct 2018 A Party House in the Chicago Burbs
7 18th Oct 2018 Looking for a Family Home in Boston
6 23rd Jul 2018 Turnkey vs. Fixer-Upper in Austin, TX
5 9th Oct 2018 Wishing for a Florida Dream Home
4 25th Sep 2018 Finding a Match in Mahopac
3 7th Sep 2018 A First Home in Phoenix
2 20th Nov 2018 Honolulu House Hunt
1 10th Sep 2018 Open Space in Colorado
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Season 150

Episode Airdate Name  
13 27th Sep 2018 Grape Adventure in Northern California
12 3rd Oct 2018 Seeking a Chef's Dream Kitchen
11 18th Jun 2018 A Piece of the American Dream in Chicago
10 18th Sep 2018 A Place with a Pool Near Boston
9 7th Nov 2018 Newlyweds in San Francisco's East Bay Burbs
8 13th Jun 2018 Butting Heads in Nashville
7 22nd Oct 2018 Palm Springs Buyers Debate Renovating
6 11th Sep 2018 Blended Family Home in Indianapolis
5 25th Jul 2018 Engaged Couple on the Hunt in the Big Easy
4 22nd Jun 2018 Starting a Family in Philly
3 27th Aug 2018 Historic vs. Modern in Detroit
2 15th Aug 2018 First-Timers in Bakersfield
1 29th Aug 2018 New Digs in Dallas
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Season 149

Episode Airdate Name  
13 20th Jun 2018 Home Near Waikiki
12 14th Jun 2018 Thirty-Somethings on the Hunt in Salt Lake
11 17th Aug 2018 Housing Horses in South Carolina
10 13th Aug 2018 Atlanta West End Dream Home
9 13th Jul 2018 Old vs. New in Greenville, South Carolina
8 15th Jun 2018 New Job, New Place in Dallas
7 12th Sep 2018 More Space for Guitars
6 7th Aug 2018 Contemporary vs. Vintage Charm
5 11th Oct 2018 Needing a Home in Los Angeles
4 27th Jun 2018 Firewalking in New Mexico
3 25th Jun 2018 Waltzing Into a New Home
2 28th Sep 2018 Bayside or Beachside in Destin
1 11th Jun 2018 Pool Dreams in Modesto, CA
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Season 148

Episode Airdate Name  
13 24th May 2018 Room for Six in Naperville
12 19th Jun 2018 A Starter Home in Austin
11 29th May 2018 Ready to Adult in Atlanta
10 11th Jul 2018 Colonial vs. Midcentury Cape Cod in Marblehead, Massachusetts
9 30th May 2018 Quirky Florida Home
8 23rd May 2018 The Perfect Shot in Kentucky
7 24th Jul 2018 Historic vs. Modern in Memphis
6 9th Jul 2018 Starting a New Chapter in North Carolina
5 3rd Jul 2018 Old vs. New in St. Louis
4 26th Jul 2018 Colonial vs. Fixer-upper in Bristol, Connecticut
3 30th Aug 2018 Gas vs. Wood-burning Fireplace in Portland, OR
2 12th Jul 2018 French Provincial vs. Art Deco in Tennessee
1 6th Jun 2018 Oregon Family Affair
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Season 147

Episode Airdate Name  
13 28th Aug 2018 Chicago Sister Struggles
12 17th May 2018 Up in the Air Over Boston
11 2nd Oct 2018 Kansas City Crib
10 8th Jun 2018 Orange County or Bust
9 16th Jul 2018 Snowbirds Escape to Longboat Key, Florida
8 21st May 2018 Getting Hitched in Richmond
7 7th Jun 2018 Trading Up in Memphis, Tennessee
6 31st May 2018 Turnkey Colonial vs. Fixer-Upper Ranch in Chesapeake, Virginia
5 26th Jun 2018 Seeking a Historic Home in Louisville, Kentucky
4 4th Jul 2018 Newlywed Paradise on Oahu
3 25th May 2018 A Pool for the Kids in Clermont, Florida
2 9th May 2018 Ranch vs. Colonial in Bucks County, PA
1 8th May 2018 Newlyweds Hunt for a Home in Houston
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Season 146

Episode Airdate Name  
13 25th Apr 2018 Detroit Lake Life
12 30th Apr 2018 Family Searches for a Home in Rural Vermont
11 18th May 2018 Midcentury in Colorado
10 7th May 2018 Seeking a Home Outside the Box in Seattle
9 20th Sep 2018 From Colorado Snow to Florida Sand
8 6th Jul 2018 Single in Chicago
7 1st May 2018 More Space Near Boston
6 14th May 2018 Family First in Fort Lauderdale
5 10th Jul 2018 Unique in Phoenix
4 14th Aug 2018 A New Chapter in Kentucky
3 22nd May 2018 Historic Home and Hotel Hunt
2 8th May 2018 Looking for a Place With a Pool in Las Vegas
1 10th May 2018 Orange County Blues
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Season 145

Episode Airdate Name  
13 10th Apr 2018 Ranch vs. Craftsman in New Jersey
12 5th Jun 2018 Belle of the Ball in St. Louis
11 3rd May 2018 Bed and Bath Parity Priority
10 28th Jun 2018 Sonoma County Shoppers
9 3rd Apr 2018 Window Panes in the Windy City
8 16th May 2018 Cute vs. Quirky in Los Angeles
7 24th Apr 2018 Suburban Missouri Family Home
6 1st May 2018 Post-Honeymoon House Hunt
5 28th May 2018 Huntin' in Hawaii
4 30th Apr 2018 Three's Company in the Valley
3 4th May 2018 Dollars and Sense in Clearwater, Florida
2 4th Jun 2018 First Home in San Antonio
1 17th Apr 2018 Facing East in California
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Season 144

Episode Airdate Name  
13 22nd Mar 2018 Gym vs. Porch in Virginia
12 15th Mar 2018 Bay Area Bidding Wars
11 2nd Jul 2018 High Ceilings for Highfliers
10 2nd May 2018 Lake George Getaway
9 20th Apr 2018 Upsizing Sooner Than Later
8 16th Apr 2018 Atlanta House for Three
7 23rd Apr 2018 Doing the Numbers in DC
6 18th Apr 2018 Seeking Space in Seattle
5 9th Apr 2018 Best Friends Buy Their First Home Together in Austin, Texas
4 12th Apr 2018 World Travelers Settle Down in Small Town Missouri
3 5th Apr 2018 Large Space in Sioux Falls
2 4th Apr 2018 Downtown Bound in Sacramento
1 11th Apr 2018 The Hunt for Waterfront
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Season 143

Episode Airdate Name  
13 17th Apr 2018 Couple Wants More Land in Eastern Kansas
12 19th Apr 2018 Friends Find a Beach Bungalow
11 30th Mar 2018 Brand New Sought in Salt Lake
10 28th Mar 2018 It's All About That Bath in Liberty, Missouri
9 6th Apr 2018 Judging Condos in Tampa
8 23rd Mar 2018 New Jersey Transplants Look for a Home in Pennsylvania
7 27th Apr 2018 Twisting By The Pool
6 20th Mar 2018 Vacation Home Hunt in Tahoe
5 6th Mar 2018 Glitz and Glamourless in Los Angeles
4 12th Mar 2018 Tennessee Bed and Breakfast
3 29th Mar 2018 To Beach or Not to Beach in Florida
2 27th Mar 2018 City to the Burbs in Boston
1 26th Mar 2018 Settling in South Dakota
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Season 142

Episode Airdate Name  
13 10th Apr 2018 Friends, Fixers and Fireplaces
12 19th Mar 2018 Seeking a Rustic Cabin in Chicago
11 2nd Mar 2018 Conflicting Styles in Phoenix
10 13th Mar 2018 Old vs. Modern in Iowa
9 21st Mar 2018 Room for Baby in Atlanta
8 14th Mar 2018 Flying the Coop in Texas
7 16th Mar 2018 Style vs. Function in Spokane
6 12th Mar 2018 Putting Down Roots in Orlando
5 27th Feb 2018 Moving From the Mainland to Beachside
4 26th Feb 2018 A New Home in Kansas City
3 26th Feb 2018 Lake House Getaway in Illinois
2 5th Mar 2018 Doctors' Dilemma in New York
1 20th Feb 2018 A Home Fit for Fitness in Washington
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Season 141

Episode Airdate Name  
13 16th Feb 2018 Family Seeks Cool Mountain Retreat in Arizona
12 14th Feb 2018 Young Denver Transplants Seek Large Property in Atlanta
11 2nd Apr 2018 Pet Paradise in the Illinois Countryside
10 7th Mar 2018 Desperately Seeking Sunshine
9 1st Mar 2018 Cape Cod vs. Ranch in Syracuse
8 19th Feb 2018 Mother-Daughter House Hunt
7 23rd Feb 2018 Battle Over a Basement in Buffalo
6 21st Feb 2018 Space for Five Pets in Austin, Texas
5 15th Feb 2018 Going Vintage in Tampa, FL
4 5th Mar 2018 Safe Haven Hunt in Florida
3 12th Feb 2018 Size or Style in St. Paul
2 12th Feb 2018 Go Big or Go Home in Utah
1 12th Jun 2018 Chicago Commuters in the Burbs
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Season 140

Episode Airdate Name  
13 2nd Feb 2018 Family Seeks Perfect Party House in Ohio
12 13th Feb 2018 Name That Architect
11 6th Feb 2018 Charm vs. Size in St. Louis
10 8th Feb 2018 Now Landing in Fort Worth
9 19th Feb 2018 Hitting a Homer in Phoenix
8 22nd Jan 2018 Country Mouse and City Mouse
7 5th Feb 2018 Ranch vs. Spanish-style in Florida
6 30th Jan 2018 The Style Battle of Richmond
5 7th Feb 2018 First Family Home in San Francisco
4 24th Jan 2018 Iowa ''Famcave''
3 9th Jan 2018 Modern vs. Historic in South Carolina
2 9th Feb 2018 Seeking in Cincy
1 5th Jan 2018 Colorado Farmhouse Rock
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Season 139

Episode Airdate Name  
15 31st Jan 2018 Boston Beach House
14 28th Feb 2018 Oceanfront In Surfside Beach, Texas
13 29th Jan 2018 First-Timer Wants Craftsman in Cincinnati
12 1st Jun 2018 Never-Been-Used Homes in Chicago
11 19th Jan 2018 Turn-key vs. Vintage Fixer in Puyallup, WA
10 29th Jan 2018 Battling Over a Pool in Texas
9 26th Jan 2018 Rolling Hills of Paradise in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania
8 22nd Jan 2018 Empty Nesters Seek Vintage in Richmond
7 26th Apr 2018 Cramped in Temecula
6 27th Dec 2017 South Dakota Funny Farm
5 12th Jan 2018 Young Buyer Starts Over in Boise
4 3rd Jan 2018 Young Buyer Seeks Vacation Lake House in Florida
3 4th Jan 2018 Seattle Couple Wants Home With Great Views
2 8th Jan 2018 Buying Together in Buffalo
1 18th Dec 2017 Victorian or View in Colorado
0 31st Jan 2018 Boston Beach House
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Season 138

Episode Airdate Name  
13 1st Feb 2018 Midcentury Mod for the Family
12 1st Jan 2018 Space in the Suburbs
11 18th Dec 2017 Moving On Up in Chicago
10 2nd Jan 2018 St. Louis Waterfront Search
9 5th Feb 2018 Family Homes in the Houston Loop
8 8th Jan 2018 Just Right on the Jersey Shore
7 25th Jan 2018 Victorian Wanted in Columbus
6 15th Jan 2018 Coastal Nostalgia
5 1st Dec 2017 Racing to Buy in Memphis
4 17th Jan 2018 Turnkey vs. Reno in California Wine Country
3 20th Dec 2017 Looking in Little Rock
2 1st Jan 2018 Dr. Seeks Midcentury Modern in Palm Springs
1 23rd Jan 2018 Beaux-Arts House vs. Modern High-Rise in Chicago
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Season 137

Episode Airdate Name  
13 27th Nov 2017 Modern Miami Search
12 28th Nov 2017 Starting Over in Spokane
11 23rd Jan 2018 Quirky vs. Functional in California
10 24th Nov 2017 Old vs. New in Salt Lake City
9 30th Nov 2017 California Water Views
8 8th Jan 2018 A Couple Lands in Columbus
7 19th Dec 2017 Everything's Bigger in Texas
6 29th Nov 2017 Looking for Land in Boston
5 10th Aug 2018 Moseying on Down to Austin
4 15th Nov 2017 Victorian vs. Modern in Pittsburgh
3 16th Jan 2018 Rockin' Out Texas Style
2 23rd Nov 2017 Upsizing to a Bigger Home in Ohio
1 18th Jan 2018 Sisters Know Best in Chicago
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Season 136

Episode Airdate Name  
13 21st Jun 2018 Making it in Mid-Missouri
12 13th Nov 2017 Jerry and Emily Move From Florida to Chattanooga
11 20th Nov 2017 Vintage House Wanted in Northern California
10 10th Jan 2018 Headin' to Nashville, Tennessee
9 22nd Nov 2017 First Condo in Chicago
8 9th Nov 2017 Author Seeks Vintage Charm in Oregon
7 17th Nov 2017 A Diva Wants What She Wants
6 10th Nov 2017 Deploying to Clarksville
5 1st Jan 2018 Tackling a Home Search
4 6th Nov 2017 Going Bigger in Buffalo
3 15th Jan 2018 From the Suburbs to the City
2 23rd Nov 2017 Is Bigger Better in Texas?
1 15th Jan 2018 Colonial vs. Ranch in Illinois
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Season 135

Episode Airdate Name  
13 1st Nov 2017 Eccentrics in Ohio
12 3rd Nov 2017 Waterfront Living in Florida
11 14th Nov 2017 Second Chance in Tampa
10 16th Nov 2017 From Dorm Room To Dream Home
9 26th Oct 2017 A Rural Washington Paradise
8 23rd Oct 2017 Vintage House vs. City Loft in Cincinnati
7 11th Jan 2018 Fit for a Princess in Peoria
6 20th Oct 2017 Welcome Back to Wauwatosa
5 26th Oct 2017 Chandeliers in Alabama
4 27th Oct 2017 Spanish vs. Contemporary Ranch in Temecula, CA
3 2nd Nov 2017 Seeking a Home in Sioux Falls
2 24th Oct 2017 Beachy Bachelor Pad in CA
1 11th Oct 2017 Fresh Start for Six in Salisbury
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Season 134

Episode Airdate Name  
13 13th Oct 2017 Big Houses for a Big Family
12 9th Oct 2017 California Family Seeks Home with Mom's Diva Den
11 5th Oct 2017 Flight Attendants Find a House in Philly
10 18th Oct 2017 Baby's First Home in New Jersey
9 29th Sep 2017 Duking It Out in Cincinnati
8 10th Oct 2017 Crowns and Gowns in Florida
7 3rd Oct 2017 Moving Back to Missouri
6 21st Nov 2017 Jonesing for Jacksonville Beach, FL
5 5th Oct 2017 Vintage Condo vs. Modern Loft in Chicago
4 12th Oct 2017 Father Knows Best in Austin
3 25th Oct 2017 First Home for Pup in Chicago
2 20th Sep 2017 Making it in Monroe, GA
1 7th Nov 2017 Sweet New Home in Chicago
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Season 133

Episode Airdate Name  
13 25th Sep 2017 Seeking Separate Bathrooms
12 28th Sep 2017 Big House for Blended Family
11 26th Sep 2017 Size vs. Style in D.C.
10 18th Sep 2017 Young Couple Looks for a Fresh Start in Las Vegas
9 8th Nov 2017 Newlyweds Seek Home in North Virginia Suburbs
8 23rd Sep 2017 Looking in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
7 4th Oct 2017 Ranch vs. Mediterranean in Delray Beach, FL
6 6th Oct 2017 Back to Palm Springs
5 12th Oct 2017 Engaged in Debate in Chicago
4 17th Oct 2017 Sticker Shock in Chicago
3 22nd Sep 2017 The Perfect Portland Starter
2 15th Sep 2017 Wanting Wow in Colorado
1 19th Sep 2017 Connecticut, Here We Come
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Season 132

Episode Airdate Name  
13 7th Sep 2017 Always Room for Improvement in Phoenix
12 30th Oct 2017 Picky in St. Louis
11 29th Aug 2017 City vs. Suburban Chicago
10 13th Sep 2017 Starter Home or Forever Home
9 16th Sep 2017 Conflicting Wish Lists in Albany, NY
8 9th Sep 2017 Back to Tennessee
7 19th Oct 2017 Bound for Apollo Beach
6 8th Sep 2017 Seeking a TN Mountain Home
5 28th Sep 2017 Gotta Get Away in Florida
4 27th Sep 2017 Seeking Unique in Seattle
3 2nd Oct 2017 Going Big in Buffalo
2 12th Sep 2017 Couple Debates Loft vs. House in Atlanta
1 14th Sep 2017 Home on Discovery Bay, CA
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Season 131

Episode Airdate Name  
13 21st Sep 2017 Make Room for Mom in Chicago
12 1st Sep 2017 Expanding in South Hadley
11 31st Aug 2017 Easy Escape Route in Tampa
10 21st Dec 2017 Single in Chicago
9 4th Sep 2017 Beach vs. Boat Dock in Florida
8 17th Aug 2017 First Home Near New Orleans
7 8th Sep 2017 City vs. Country in Idaho
6 26th Aug 2017 Character and Charm on a Budget in Des Moines
5 12th Aug 2017 Ornate vs. Simple in Chicago
4 5th Sep 2017 Cozy Cabin in California
3 2nd Sep 2017 Million Dollar Budget on the San Diego Coast
2 26th Jul 2017 Going Large or Small in Tampa
1 16th Oct 2017 Growing a Family in Tampa
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Season 130

Episode Airdate Name  
13 9th Aug 2017 Craftsman vs. Spanish in Tampa
12 30th Aug 2017 Chicago Couple Debates Contemporary vs. Vintage
11 28th Aug 2017 To Reno or Not To Reno in Miami Beach
10 14th Aug 2017 Family Matters in DC
9 6th Sep 2017 Picky Pair Picks a Place in Patchogue, NY
8 16th Aug 2017 Chicago Couple Debates City Condo vs. Suburbs
7 8th Jul 2017 West Side or the Valley in L.A.
6 10th Aug 2017 Traditional vs. Contemporary in Philadelphia
5 19th Aug 2017 Spend Big or Fix It Up in Naples, FL
4 15th Jul 2017 Starting on Long Island
3 7th Aug 2017 Making a Move to Marlton, NJ
2 27th Jul 2017 Setting Sights on San Diego
1 22nd Jul 2017 Family Ties in New York
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Season 129

Episode Airdate Name  
13 13th Jul 2017 Atlanta Sisters Debate Condos vs. Houses
12 5th Jul 2017 Vintage Charmers in Beacon, New York
11 26th Jul 2017 Young Couple Seeks Kansas City Starter Home
10 24th Jul 2017 Engaged Couple Looks for a Fixer in Pittsburgh
9 12th Jul 2017 Going Home to Pittsburgh
8 6th Jul 2017 Furry Friends in Florida
7 27th Jul 2017 Mid-Century Glam in Chico, CA
6 20th Jul 2017 The Toughest Oklahoma Clients
5 17th Jul 2017 Mother Knows Best
4 1st Jul 2017 Mom Knows Best In Portland
3 19th Jul 2017 Big Budgets and Big Compromises in San Diego
2 10th Jul 2017 Trading Up in Columbus
1 3rd Jul 2017 Polar Opposites in Newport Beach
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Season 128

Episode Airdate Name  
13 19th Jun 2017 Forever in Peoria
12 9th Jun 2017 Looking for Land in Boston
11 14th Jun 2017 More Affordable in New Jersey
10 26th Jun 2017 Seaside Retreat in Florida
9 16th Jun 2017 Upgrading in Tampa
8 12th Jun 2017 Vintage vs. Modern in Appleton, WI
7 23rd Jun 2017 Bigger and Better in Tampa
6 5th Jun 2017 Family of Six Upsizing in Greenville, SC
5 2nd Jun 2017 Chicago Chef Debates City Loft vs. Suburban Home
4 8th Jun 2017 Returning to Ridgecrest, CA
3 1st Jun 2017 Young Buyer Receives Friendly Advice in New Jersey
2 21st Jun 2017 Newlyweds Seek Historic Home in Chester County, PA
1 25th May 2017 A New Home For Parents-To-Be
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Season 127

Episode Airdate Name  
13 1st Jun 2017 Grand Rapids Couple Looking for a New Home
12 18th May 2017 Close to the Water on Long Island
11 15th May 2017 Acadian Fixer vs. Upgraded Craftsman in Tampa
10 22nd May 2017 Newlywed Home Challenge in Chandler, AZ
9 7th Jun 2017 Bargain Hunting in Idaho Falls, Idaho
8 15th Jun 2017 Fixer-Upper or Move-in Ready in Floral Park, NY
7 24th May 2017 Sticker Shock in San Jose for Silicon Valley Couple
6 23rd May 2017 Engaged Couple Debates Modern Style vs. Charm in New Jersey
5 17th May 2017 Moving Back Home to Springfield, MA
4 8th May 2017 Brewery Owners Look for Their First Home in Louisville, KY
3 1st May 2017 First-Time Homebuyers in Atlanta Disagree Over Renovating
2 4th May 2017 Debating Fixer-Upper vs. Move-In Ready in Hawaii
1 11th May 2017 It's All About the Music in Colorado
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Season 126

Episode Airdate Name  
13 2nd May 2017 Tennessee Couple Wants More Space in Chattanooga
12 15th May 2017 Looking for Space Outside DC
11 27th Apr 2017 Family Seeks Dream House in Park City, Utah
10 12th May 2017 Settling in St. Petersburg, Florida
9 10th May 2017 First Timers' Style Quarrel in Washington, DC
8 25th May 2017 First-Timers in Texas
7 19th May 2017 Best Friends in Philly
6 24th Apr 2017 A Place in Pennsylvania
5 17th Apr 2017 The Hunt for a Florida House With No Alligators
4 10th Apr 2017 A Room for Taxidermy in Rochester, NY
3 16th Jun 2017 Room for Kids in Sacramento
2 18th May 2017 Ranch vs. Colonial in Nutley, NJ
1 3rd May 2017 Wanting a Victorian in WV
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Season 125

Episode Airdate Name  
13 29th Mar 2017 Moving Home to Michigan
12 19th Apr 2017 Ranch vs. Colonial in Illinois
11 6th Apr 2017 Disagreeing in Portland
10 11th May 2017 First Home for a Navajo Family
9 18th Apr 2017 First Home in San Jose
8 29th May 2017 All the Way to FLA
7 4th Apr 2017 A Bachelor Pad in Denver
6 30th Mar 2017 High-Rise vs. Low-Rise in NYC
5 13th Apr 2017 Trading NYC for Pittsburgh
4 20th Apr 2017 Modern vs. Classic in Chicago
3 11th Apr 2017 Searching in San Angelo, TX
2 26th Apr 2017 Historic Hunt in Houston
1 20th Mar 2017 Modern Condo in Chicago
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Season 124

Episode Airdate Name  
13 17th Feb 2017 Style Battle in St. Petersburg, Florida
12 21st Mar 2017 First Home in Oklahoma City
11 27th Feb 2017 Tulsa First-Time Buyers Tussle Over Everything
10 16th Mar 2017 Big House vs. Big Land
9 20th Feb 2017 Single Gal Seeks Single Family Home in Pennsylvania
8 6th Mar 2017 Mom Knows Best in San Diego
7 13th Feb 2017 Back to Kansas City Suburbs
6 9th Mar 2017 Boston Cape Cod vs. Colonial
5 27th Feb 2017 Debating Style in Tampa, Florida
4 21st Feb 2017 Bizarre Needs in Bangor
3 30th Jan 2017 Music City Move in Nashville
2 16th Feb 2017 Baltimore Style Battle
1 23rd Mar 2017 Landing a Home in the Valley
Mark whole season as watched

Season 123

Episode Airdate Name  
13 17th Jan 2017 Million Dollar Island House
12 6th Feb 2017 Cincinnati Compromise
11 13th Feb 2017 Doctors Seek Million Dollar Home in Oklahoma City
10 23rd Feb 2017 Battle Over Basements in Northampton, MA
9 7th Feb 2017 Party Central in Waco
8 30th Jan 2017 Backyard Baseball in CA
7 2nd Jan 2017 Seeking Home With Room for Urban Farming in Portland
6 2nd Jan 2017 Young Family Seeks Acreage in White Bear Lake, MN
5 20th Feb 2017 Wanting Water Views in Orange County, CA
4 10th Feb 2017 Large Family Seeks Rural Setting Near Las Vegas
3 31st Jan 2017 Seeking a Family Home in Philadelphia
2 10th Jan 2017 Young Florida Couple Seeks Luxurious Bubble Bath
1 12th Jan 2017 Music Teacher Wants House That Tells Story in New Jersey
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Season 122

Episode Airdate Name  
13 3rd Apr 2017 Moving Back to Beaumont, Texas
12 26th Jan 2017 Weightlifters Look For Room to Grow in Eugene, OR
11 6th Jan 2017 City Charmer vs. Rustic Home in West Virginia
10 27th Dec 2016 Beachside in Daytona Beach
9 7th Mar 2017 First Home in Indianapolis
8 2nd Mar 2017 Seeking Paradise in Upstate New York
7 9th Jan 2017 First Home in Salt Lake City
6 24th Jan 2017 Character in Connecticut
5 16th Jan 2017 Single Family Homes vs. Townhomes in Atlanta
4 3rd Feb 2017 Split-Levels vs. Craftsman Homes in Smyrna
3 13th Jan 2017 Vintage vs. Modern in Charlotte, NC
2 15th Dec 2016 Newlywed Home in St. Louis
1 3rd Jan 2017 Putting Down Roots in Chico
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Season 121

Episode Airdate Name  
13 21st Nov 2016 Next Stop Connecticut
12 6th Dec 2016 Love in Louisville
11 27th Jan 2017 Getting Hitched and Buying
10 16th Jan 2017 Buying in the Buckeye State
9 9th Feb 2017 Newlywed Nurses Need New Home
8 14th Dec 2016 Tackling a Fixer in Tulsa
7 2nd Feb 2017 Trading Up in Texas
6 25th Nov 2016 Seattle Hunt Going to the Dogs
5 12th Dec 2016 Southern California Dreamin'
4 6th Feb 2017 Searching for Wow Factor in Palm Springs
3 23rd Jan 2017 Indiana Newlyweds Look for Large First Home
2 14th Mar 2017 Newlyweds Debate Fixer-Upper vs. Turn-Key in L.A. Suburbs
1 23rd Jan 2017 Hunting in NYC
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Season 120

Episode Airdate Name  
13 4th Jan 2017 Chicago Couple Looks for Bigger Home
12 28th Nov 2016 Single Professional Searches for Glam Home in Atlanta
11 20th Jan 2017 Chic and Sexy in Boston
10 9th Dec 2016 Family of Six is Cramped in Corpus Christi, TX
9 6th Oct 2016 Bye Buffalo, Hello Greenville
8 10th Nov 2016 Victorian vs. New in Chicago
7 16th Nov 2016 Glitz in Virginia Beach
6 5th Jan 2017 Historic Charm in Philly
5 24th Nov 2016 Battle Over Budget in Florida
4 28th Oct 2016 Bachelorette Pad in Washington D.C.
3 25th Oct 2016 Couple Battles Over Renovations in Bethlehem, PA
2 7th Nov 2016 Former Military Family Settles Down in Phoenix
1 23rd Nov 2016 Moving up in Minneapolis
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Season 119

Episode Airdate Name  
13 10th Oct 2016 Feeling Cramped in Austin, Texas
12 2nd Nov 2016 Planting Roots in Pittsboro, NC
11 19th Jan 2017 Argentine Style in Austin, Texas
10 16th Dec 2016 A New Home in Newnan, Georgia
9 3rd Nov 2016 Seeking Charm in Michigan
8 17th Oct 2016 Daughter vs. Mom in Philly
7 28th Oct 2016 Winner Takes All in Atlanta
6 18th Nov 2016 Michigan Mom on the Hunt
5 15th Nov 2016 Settling Down in Charleston
4 19th Oct 2016 Style Battle in Birmingham
3 5th Oct 2016 Chicago-Style Showdown
2 4th Oct 2016 First Home in Tacoma
1 9th Jan 2017 Moving Back Home to Kentucky
Mark whole season as watched

Season 118

Episode Airdate Name  
13 24th Oct 2016 Searching in Cincinnati
12 11th Nov 2016 Buying Vintage in Doylestown, PA
11 7th Sep 2016 Room for Baby and a Pet Pig in Ohio
10 5th Sep 2016 Vacation Home in Napa Valley
9 17th Nov 2016 LA Dreamin'
8 4th Nov 2016 Victorian vs. Ranch Style Homes in Davis, California
7 16th Sep 2016 Room for Hobbies in Reading, PA
6 29th Sep 2016 High-End Custom Home in Carmel, Indiana
5 26th Sep 2016 Young Couple With Quirky Wish List in Colorado
4 29th Nov 2016 Seeking a Row House in Philadelphia
3 28th Feb 2017 Looking for Charm in Los Angeles
2 12th Sep 2016 Buying Bigger for Twins in Kansas City
1 19th Sep 2016 Moving to the East Bay in San Francisco
Mark whole season as watched

Season 117

Episode Airdate Name  
13 1st Sep 2016 Couple Searches for Grand Home in Virginia
12 13th Sep 2016 Atlanta Couple Still Searching After a Year on the Hunt
11 21st Sep 2016 Couple Seeks Big Family Home with Vintage Charm in New Orleans
10 27th Sep 2016 Single Mom Seeks Dream Lakefront Home in Minnesota
9 22nd Aug 2016 Millennials Have High Hopes in Downtown Denver
8 9th Nov 2016 Dallas Couple Debates Cozy Traditional vs. Sleek Modern
7 14th Sep 2016 Couple Disagrees on New vs. Quirky in Phoenix
6 28th Sep 2016 Planting Roots in Plano, Texas
5 7th Oct 2016 Seeking Charm in Phoenix
4 1st Aug 2016 Laying Roots in St. Louis
3 10th Aug 2016 Size vs. Projects in Austin, Texas
2 18th Oct 2016 Million-Dollar Compromise in Chicago
1 4th Aug 2016 Starting Over in Southfield
Mark whole season as watched

Season 116

Episode Airdate Name  
13 22nd Sep 2016 Almost Empty Nesters Consider Downsizing in Louisville, KY
12 8th Aug 2016 Twenty-Somethings Seek Historic Home in Midtown Mobile, AL
11 30th Sep 2016 College Sweethearts Seek Hurricane-Proof House in Tampa
10 15th Sep 2016 Des Moines Couple Seeks Vintage Home Before Baby Arrives
9 3rd Oct 2016 D.C. Attorney Seeks Home for Herself and Her Cat in Prince George's County, MD
8 14th Nov 2016 Ryan and Drew Want Room for Their 3 Chickens in Nashville
7 8th Sep 2016 Engaged Couple Wants Room for Shoe Collection in Dallas
6 20th Sep 2016 Beer Brewer and Family Seek Forever Home in Brevard, North Carolina
5 1st Nov 2016 A Rapidly Growing Family Needs a Bigger Home in the Twin Cities
4 23rd Sep 2016 Professional Boxer and Musician Seek Home in Nashville
3 6th Jul 2016 St. Louis Couple Seeks Mixed-Use Home and Flower Shop
2 20th Oct 2016 Young Buyers With Low Budget Seek Mid-Century Style in Kansas City
1 27th Jul 2016 Couple Seeks Wow Factor in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Mark whole season as watched

Season 115

Episode Airdate Name  
13 28th Jul 2016 Chicago Family Starts Over in Raleigh, NC
12 7th Dec 2016 Returning Home to Columbus, OH
11 15th Aug 2016 Kids Help Find Victorian in Florida
10 3rd Oct 2016 Picky Buyers Want Family Home in Dallas
9 18th Jul 2016 Dome Home or Craftsman In Seattle
8 8th Dec 2016 Single Mom Looks for Home in Pricey Oakland, CA
7 27th Oct 2016 Young Family Moves From Southern California to Charlotte, NC
6 4th Jul 2016 Tampa Couple Goes Head-to-head on Style of First Home
5 9th Sep 2016 Young Couple Disagrees on 1 or 2 Story in Vancouver, WA
4 17th Aug 2016 Husband Moves Family to Native Paramus, NJ
3 7th Jul 2016 Couple Commits to a House and Maybe More in Smyrna, TN
2 26th Oct 2016 Newlyweds New to Nashville Seek Home with Character
1 18th Aug 2016 Million-Dollar Style Battle in Chicago
Mark whole season as watched

Season 114

Episode Airdate Name  
13 23rd May 2016 Pennsylvania Newlyweds Differ on Dream of New Home
12 6th Jun 2016 Young Couple Debates Craftsman vs. Plantation-Style in Atlanta
11 8th Jun 2016 Brooklynites Seek Lakeside Weekend Home Near NYC
10 20th Jun 2016 Michigan Couple with Three Kids Seeks Lakefront Vacation Cottage
9 9th May 2016 Young Filmmaker Seeks Pre-War Apartment in NYC's East Village
8 23rd Jun 2016 Young Couple with Modest Budget Seeks Bigger Home in Toledo
7 2nd Jun 2016 Compromising in Chicago
6 16th May 2016 Fancy vs. Frugal in Bloomington, MN
5 16th Jun 2016 Location Debate in Mt. Juliet, TN
4 21st Jul 2016 Downsizing in Kansas City
3 2nd May 2016 Young Parents Debate Move-In-Ready vs. Fixer-Upper in California
2 5th May 2016 Couple Looks for Waterfront Summer Home in Myrtle Beach
1 28th Jun 2016 First-Time Buyer in Atlanta
0 23rd May 2016 Pennsylvania Newlyweds Differ on Dream of New Home
Mark whole season as watched

Season 113

Episode Airdate Name  
13 27th Jun 2016 First-Timer Wants Charm Near Downtown Seattle
12 4th Apr 2016 Atlanta Couple Debates Georgian Style or Split-Level
11 6th Sep 2016 Tampa Buyer Needs Big Backyard to Grow 3000 Pounds of Produce
10 10th May 2016 Cincinnati Newlyweds Have Low Budget and Long Wish List
9 17th May 2016 Young Couple's First Home in Portland, Maine
8 27th Jul 2016 A Short Walk to the Water in Long Beach, CA
7 11th May 2016 Young Seattle Buyers Debate Condo or Single-Family Home
6 20th Jul 2016 Midcentury Modern or Bust in the Boston Suburbs
5 25th Nov 2016 Midcentury Modern vs. Rustic Ranch in San Diego
4 25th Apr 2016 New Parents Want a Big Backyard in Jersey
3 15th Jun 2015 Couple Looks for a Chicago Two-Flat
2 4th May 2016 Newlyweds Look for New Life in Detroit Rock City
1 26th May 2016 Young Buyer Seeks Character in Downtown Denver
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Season 112

Episode Airdate Name  
13 13th Jun 2016 Couple Moves From Australia to Hoboken, N.J.
12 21st Oct 2016 Minnesota Transplants Seek Pool or Beach Home in San Diego
11 21st Jun 2016 Craftsman Fixer-Upper or Move-In Ready Ranch in South Florida
10 25th Aug 2016 Family of Five Seek Larger Home in Tampa
9 1st Jun 2016 Couple Wants a Historic Brownstone in Brooklyn
8 29th Jun 2016 Parents of Triplets Seek Bigger Home in Bakersfield, CA
7 11th Apr 2016 Couple Seeks Old Home That's Not Haunted in Massachusetts
6 30th May 2016 Pool or Waterfront in Florida
5 18th Apr 2016 L.A. Buyers Want to Trade Suburbs for Urban Core
4 12th Apr 2016 Planning a Wedding and House Hunting in Westchester County, New York
3 9th Jun 2016 Single Mom Looks for Vacation Home in Sunny Florida
2 31st Aug 2016 Austin Real Estate Agent Buys Her First Home
1 3rd May 2016 Newly Engaged Couple Disagree on First Home in Framingham, Mass.
Mark whole season as watched

Season 111

Episode Airdate Name  
13 24th Mar 2016 But Will the Sofa Fit?
12 28th Mar 2016 Globe Trotting Couple Finally Settling Down in Suburban Detroit
11 12th May 2016 New Parents Look for Baby's First Home in Rapid City, SD
10 25th Feb 2016 Brian and Shannon Debate Victorian vs. Contemporary in St. Louis
9 18th May 2016 Family of 10 Seeks Huge House in Texas
8 3rd Feb 2016 Young Couple Debate Old vs. New in Manchester, NH
7 31st Mar 2016 Modern and Turn-Key vs. Vintage Fixer in Chicago
6 24th Feb 2016 Musicians Getting Into the Hot Nashville Market
5 3rd Aug 2016 Engaged Musicians Seek First Home in Nashville
4 29th Feb 2016 Family of Five Look for Their Dream Home in Norwalk, CT
3 22nd Feb 2016 Couple Wants Plantation Style in Tampa
2 22nd Jun 2016 Loleta Seeks Multi Family Victorian in Springfield, MA
1 10th Feb 2016 Couple Moves From California to Bend, Oregon
Mark whole season as watched

Season 110

Episode Airdate Name  
13 7th Apr 2016 Couple Seeks Bigger Home in Clemson, SC
12 12th Jan 2016 Pilot and Wife Look for Vacation Home in Palm Springs
11 28th Apr 2016 Young Family Wants Grand Staircase Home in Sacramento
10 21st Mar 2016 Newlyweds Seek Antique Home With Charm in Boston Suburbs
9 15th Feb 2016 Couple With Kids Can't Agree on Anything in New Haven, CT
8 18th Feb 2016 Making Room for More Babies In Cleveland
7 6th Jan 2016 Musicians Look for Home with Rehearsal Space in D.C. Suburbs
6 17th Feb 2016 Bryan and Megan Debate New vs. Vintage in Detroit Suburbs
5 7th Mar 2016 Twenty-Something Looks for Her First Home in Orlando
4 15th Mar 2016 Million Dollar House Hunt on Southern California Coast
3 8th Feb 2016 Native Cajuns Looking to Live Large in Lafayette, LA
2 22nd Feb 2016 Town vs. Country in Watkinsville, Georgia
1 1st Feb 2016 Looking for a Home With Land in Alabama
Mark whole season as watched

Season 109

Episode Airdate Name  
13 27th Jan 2016 Former Pro Athlete and Family Make Big Move to Oregon
12 18th Jan 2016 Cleveland Doctors Need Home Before Baby Arrives
11 14th Mar 2016 Two Bachelors Hunt for a Bungalow Near Downtown Austin
10 14th Apr 2016 Young Couple Search for Vintage Touches in Historic Sugar Land, TX
9 11th Feb 2016 Putting Down Roots In Phoenix
8 15th Feb 2016 Denver Transplants Look for Beautiful Downtown Views
7 25th Jan 2016 Hip Couple Looks for a Home With Style in Frederick, MD
6 18th Jan 2016 Family of Five Seeks Big Home in Pricey Orange County, CA
5 28th Jan 2016 Surgeon and Wife Move Near Family in Kansas City
4 20th Jan 2016 Military Family Seeks Place to Settle Down in Aurora, CO
3 5th Jan 2016 City vs. Suburbs in Rochester
2 1st Jan 2016 Couple Wants Big Kitchen to Avoid Booty Bumpin'
1 11th Jan 2016 Empty Nesters Seek to Make Florida Vacation Permanent
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Season 108

Episode Airdate Name  
13 2nd Dec 2015 Lots of Land or On the Water in Holly, MI
12 16th Nov 2015 Brett and Travis Seek Historic Home in Lacrosse, WI
11 30th Nov 2015 Family of Four Looks To Spend the Holidays in Bethlehem, PA
10 3rd Dec 2015 Tom and Terri Seek Home in Santa Claus, IN
9 1st Dec 2015 Married Couple Looks for a Christmas Oasis in Florida
8 25th Jan 2016 Family of Five Needs More Bathrooms in Upstate New York
7 13th Jan 2016 Family Dreams of Living by the Water on Merritt Island, Florida
6 4th Dec 2015 NYC Family Moves Upstate to Open an Irish Pub
5 19th May 2016 Family of Five Moves From Pittsburgh to California
4 19th Jan 2016 Family of Seven Looking for Larger House in Wisconsin
3 17th Nov 2015 Couple Disagrees on Whether or Not to Downsize in Atlanta
2 10th Nov 2015 Single Gal Bucks All the Trends in Ashtabula, Ohio
1 25th Nov 2015 Newlyweds Search for a Water View Home in St. Augustine
Mark whole season as watched

Season 107

Episode Airdate Name  
13 20th Nov 2015 New vs. Charm in the Twin Cities
12 5th Nov 2015 Young Couple Looks for a Family Farm in Rockford, Michigan
11 12th Nov 2015 Tough Going in Hot Nashville Market
10 23rd Nov 2015 Selling the Row House and Moving to the Philly Burbs
9 26th Jan 2016 Eight Is Enough in TN
8 14th Jun 2016 Young Professional Has High Expectations in D.C.
7 6th Nov 2015 A Passion for Flipping in Chicago
6 4th Nov 2015 To Pool or Not to Pool in Destin, Florida
5 18th Nov 2015 Newlyweds in New Orleans Debating Shotgun vs. Victorian
4 1st Oct 2015 Couple Looking for the Right Fit in Raleigh, NC
3 26th Oct 2015 Husband / Agent Tries to Find House for Picky Wife in Baltimore
2 16th Oct 2015 Finicky Couple Wants No Southwest Style in Phoenix
1 1st Feb 2016 Young Buyers Look for Character in Arlington, TX
Mark whole season as watched

Season 106

Episode Airdate Name  
13 12th Oct 2015 Beach Bungalow vs. Lake House in New Jersey
12 2nd Nov 2015 Looking for Million-Dollar Views in Tiburon, California
11 29th Feb 2016 First-Time Buyer Expects First Rate Upgrades in California
10 27th Oct 2015 Texas College Professor and Wife Debate Midcentury Modern vs. Victorian
9 17th Oct 2015 Newlyweds Can't Agree on One Story or Two in Lake Worth, Florida
8 8th Feb 2016 Single Mom Dreams of a Bungalow in Portland, Oregon
7 6th Oct 2015 Pregnant Nashville Couple Disagrees on Fixer-Upper vs. Move-In-Ready
6 7th Oct 2015 Artist and Husband Disagree on Historic vs. High-Rise in Atlanta
5 24th Oct 2015 Expanding Austin Family in a Battle of City vs. Suburbs
4 9th Oct 2015 Couple Disagrees on Midcentury vs. Victorian in Gainesville
3 25th Jul 2016 Luke and Stephen Want Completely Different Styles in Fresno
2 28th Dec 2015 Tampa Architect and High School Sweetheart Seek Rare Style of Home
1 30th Jun 2016 Partners Disagree on Where to Buy Loft in Detroit
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Season 105

Episode Airdate Name  
13 30th Dec 2015 Family Dukes It Out Over Style in Dallas
12 4th Jan 2016 Nicholas and Tyler Debate Upgraded vs. Vintage in Chicago
11 9th Nov 2015 Colorado Native Wants a Home With Room for Five Bicycles
10 2nd Sep 2015 Aspiring Singer and Husband Seek House in Nashville
9 15th Oct 2015 Twentysomethings Disagree on Fixer-Upper vs. Turnkey in Connecticut
8 24th Nov 2015 Making Room to Start a Family in Loudon County, Virginia
7 28th Oct 2015 Newlyweds Hope for the Perfect House in Portland, OR
6 27th Nov 2015 Leaving Tech Bustle Behind for Coastal Calm in Half Moon Bay
5 29th Oct 2015 Young Engineer Searches for a Modest Bungalow in Indianapolis
4 11th Nov 2015 Location vs. New Construction in Virginia Beach
3 8th Oct 2015 Character vs. Cookie-Cutter in Columbus, OH
2 18th Sep 2015 Twin Sisters Hunt for a Beach House in Galveston
1 30th Sep 2015 Maine Dentist Wants Land for Trapshooting; Wife Says No
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Season 104

Episode Airdate Name  
13 5th Oct 2015 Philly First-Timer Wants Vintage Charm
12 12th Aug 2015 City Folks Move to Rural Minot, ND
11 3rd Nov 2015 Brian and John Shop for a New Home in Seattle
10 13th Nov 2015 Bigger vs. Closer in Allen, TX
9 26th Nov 2015 New York Natives Seek Antique Charm in Buffalo
8 19th Nov 2015 Disagreeing in New York City
7 17th Sep 2015 Buyer Wants Killer Views in Reno
6 28th Jul 2015 Couple Searches DC for Home With Recording Studio
5 11th Aug 2015 Colorado Couple Seeks Historic Victorian Home
4 2nd Oct 2015 Real Estate Agent Wants Place Near the Beach in Orange County
3 26th Aug 2015 Seeking Swiss Chalet in Lake Tahoe
2 23rd Aug 2015 Tight Budget in Salisbury, NC
1 16th Sep 2015 Young Family Seeks First Home in Oahu
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Season 103

Episode Airdate Name  
13 4th Feb 2016 Looking for Bling on a Budget in Orlando
12 4th Aug 2015 Preservationist Buys a Piece of History in Buffalo
11 1st Jul 2015 Hunting for Her First Home in Hip and Pricey Austin, TX
10 25th Aug 2015 Polish Family Seeks Room for Toddler in Chicago
9 31st Aug 2015 Tampa Judge Seeks Ultra-Modern Downtown Home
8 26th Jul 2015 Planning a Wedding and House Hunting in Indy
7 2nd Sep 2015 Family Searches for Waterfront Home on Padre Island, TX
6 10th Aug 2015 Dreaming of a Vintage Home in Portland, OR
5 23rd Jul 2015 Buying a Vacation Home in Destin, FL
4 13th Jul 2015 He Wants Gadgets and She Wants Mermaids in Baltimore
3 14th Sep 2015 Champagne Taste on a Sparkling Wine Budget in Georgia
2 13th Oct 2015 Bill and Joe Hunt for High Rises in Chicago
1 27th Jul 2015 Moving Back to Atlanta
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Season 102

Episode Airdate Name  
13 6th Aug 2015 Buying a Home for Mom, Dad and Little Brother in Boston
12 15th Jul 2015 Seeking a Vintage Charmer in Portland, OR
11 28th Sep 2015 First Time Buyers Look for an Architectural Gem in Rockford, IL
10 22nd Jul 2015 Auto Engineer Seeks First House in Detroit
9 2nd Mar 2016 Young Buyers Look for Vintage Home in Baltimore
8 16th Aug 2015 Family Tries to Replicate Their Georgia Dream Home in Kansas
7 5th Aug 2015 Buying a Vintage Home in North Carolina
6 3rd Aug 2015 Buying a Home Is No Honeymoon for Newlyweds in Gainesville, FL
5 21st Jul 2015 Clint and Josh Search for Dream Home in Paducah, KY
4 20th Jul 2015 Chicago Attorney Seeks Vintage House With Space for Lavish Parties
3 19th Jul 2015 Recently-Divorced Buyer Looks for Historic Charm in Beaver, PA
2 12th Jul 2015 Rough Start for Newlyweds in North Carolina
1 2nd Jul 2015 Phoenix Newlyweds Battle Over Size
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Season 101

Episode Airdate Name  
13 27th May 2015 Looking for a Log Cabin Vacation Home in Lake Tahoe
12 7th May 2015 Newly Single Mom Needs a Home for Herself and Her Daughters
11 10th Jun 2015 College Sweethearts Seek Family Home in Nashville
10 24th Jun 2015 Hunting for a Historical Country Home in New Jersey
9 29th Jul 2015 Searching in the St. Louis Suburbs
8 1st Jun 2015 Kansas City Couple Debate Charm vs. Contemporary
7 18th Jun 2015 Missouri Couple Giving Up Multi-Generational Victorian
6 17th Jun 2015 Roller Derby Lovers Seek House in Denver
5 3rd Jun 2015 NYC Family Upgrades to Bigger Home in Connecticut
4 6th May 2015 Family of Eight Moves to Minneapolis for Gymnast Daughter's Training
3 5th Jul 2015 Nashville Newlyweds Disagree on Stately or Casual Home
2 16th Jul 2015 Getting a Deal in Denver
1 8th Jun 2015 Young Buyer Fends Off Pushy Mom in Chicago Condo Hunt
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Season 100

Episode Airdate Name  
13 27th Apr 2015 Cookie Cutter vs. Character in Folsom, CA
12 23rd Apr 2015 Looking for a Home Near the Water in Sarasota, Florida
11 11th Jun 2015 Engaged Couple Seek Home in Phoenix
10 28th Jun 2015 High Expectations in Washington, D.C.
9 20th Apr 2015 Victorian or Craftsman in Montgomery, Alabama
8 21st Jun 2015 Jersey Shore Style Smackdown
7 25th Jun 2015 Tight Budget and Big Dreams in Nashville
6 14th Jun 2015 Tallahassee Husband and Wife Want Different Style Homes
5 12th May 2015 Mid-Century Modern vs. Bungalow in Sioux Falls
4 16th Jun 2015 Engineers Search for a Fixer in San Antonio
3 9th Jun 2015 Single Gal Seeks Contemporary D.C. Area Condo
2 29th Sep 2015 Young Buyer Wants Old Home in Dallas
1 16th Apr 2015 New Jersey Couple Wants Southern Charm in Georgia
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Season 99

Episode Airdate Name  
13 30th Apr 2015 Mid-Century Cool vs. Farmhouse Style in Atlanta
12 1st Apr 2015 Utah Family Seeks Home With Room for Soccer Field
11 25th May 2015 Newlyweds Seek Home for Many TV's in Florida
10 13th May 2015 Classic in the City vs. New in the Suburbs of D.C.
9 5th May 2015 Couple Looks for Home to Convert into a B&B on Maui
8 7th Jun 2015 High-School Sweethearts Seek First Home in Scenic Downingtown, PA
7 14th Apr 2015 First-Time Buyers Navigate Boston's High-Priced Real Estate Market
6 15th Apr 2015 Family of Nine Looks for a Big Enough Home in Portland
5 4th Jun 2015 Railroad Worker and His Family Buy a Home in Texas
4 13th Apr 2015 Albanian Family Seeks Multi-Generational Home in Queens
3 22nd Apr 2015 Couple Seeks Colonial and Craftsman Homes in Buffalo
2 14th May 2015 St. Louis Couple Seeks Home for Expanding Pet Collection
1 28th Apr 2015 Twenty-Something Wants Fixer Upper in Illinois
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Season 98

Episode Airdate Name  
22 Never There Is No Place Like Home
21 Never Do It Yourself in Illinois
20 Never Tybee Island GA Vacation Home
19 Never Easter Island, At World's Edge
18 Never Looking for Alabama Lake House
17 Never Stressed Over Vacation Home
16 Never Cape Cod Getaway
15 Never Historic Home in Key West
14 Never Room for Soccer in Utah
13 4th May 2015 First Time Buyer Considers Fancy vs. Fixer In Memphis, TN
12 19th Feb 2015 House Flipper Searches for Home in Cincinnati
11 23rd Mar 2015 Young Buyer Seeks Chicago Condo in Modern High-Rise With All the Amenities
10 16th Feb 2015 Can't Stay Away From Savannah, Georgia
9 11th Feb 2015 Texas Transplants Must Downsize Expectations in Nashville Hunt
8 16th Mar 2015 Musicians Making it Shake in San Antonio
7 24th Feb 2015 Young Couple Looks for Mountain Views in Colorado Springs
6 25th Mar 2015 Buying a Piece of History in Davenport, Iowa
5 4th Mar 2015 Young Providence Buyers Battle Over Loft vs. Single Family Home
4 18th Mar 2015 Suburban Detroit Couple Debates New Construction or Vintage Home
3 2nd Mar 2015 Row House or Colonial Wanted in Baltimore