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21st July 2013
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On "Property Brothers," dynamic twin siblings Jonathan and Drew Scott work as a team to find clients down-and-out fixer uppers and turn them into renovated masterpieces. Brotherly love, however, gets tossed aside in "Brother vs. Brother," a competition series that features the Scotts as mentors to a new generation of home improvement specialists. Jonathan, a licensed contractor, and Drew, a real estate agent, are each assigned a team of five contestants -- a mix of designers, renovators and builders -- who are tasked with renovating various properties with a goal of increasing the values. The teams are given limited timelines and budgets to determine which elements of the properties should change and which ones should remain the same, and after a review process of each property, the competitor who can't cut it each week is eliminated. The last team member standing wins $50,000.

Episode List:

Season 7

Episode Airdate Name  
3 23rd Sep 2020 Super Bonus Spaces
2 16th Sep 2020 A Tale of Two Kitchens
1 9th Sep 2020 Hollywood, Here We Come!
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Season 6

Episode Airdate Name  
6 27th Jun 2018 The Finale
5 20th Jun 2018 Guest Rooms for the Win
4 13th Jun 2018 Slam Dunk Bonus Spaces
3 6th Jun 2018 Battle of the Master Suites
2 30th May 2018 California Kitchens
1 23rd May 2018 San Francisco Bay Showdown
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Season 5

Episode Airdate Name  
6 5th Jul 2017 The Finale
5 28th Jun 2017 Sweet Guest Retreats
4 21st Jun 2017 Party-Ready Decks
3 14th Jun 2017 Seaside Masters
2 7th Jun 2017 Coastal Kitchens
1 31st May 2017 Beachfront Battle
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Season 4

Episode Airdate Name  
6 6th Jul 2016 The Finale
5 29th Jun 2016 Makeover Magic
4 22nd Jun 2016 Family Affair
3 15th Jun 2016 Twin Telepathy
2 8th Jun 2016 If You Can't Take the Heat
1 1st Jun 2016 Nice, Nice Baby
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Season 3

Episode Airdate Name  
4 24th Jun 2015 Las Vegas Flip Finale
3 17th Jun 2015 Bed and Bath Challenge
2 10th Jun 2015 Kitchen Flip in Las Vegas
1 3rd Jun 2015 Living Room Flip in Vegas
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Season 2

Episode Airdate Name  
6 13th Jul 2014 Tract Homes Showdown
5 6th Jul 2014 Battle of the Ranchers
4 29th Jun 2014 Modern Colonials
3 22nd Jun 2014 Craftsman Double Trouble
2 15th Jun 2014 Cottage Shenanigans
1 8th Jun 2014 Season 2 Ranch Rematch
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Season 1

Episode Airdate Name  
6 25th Aug 2013 Double Twin Powers
5 18th Aug 2013 Flu Hits Home
4 11th Aug 2013 The Makeovers, Revealed
3 4th Aug 2013 Double Jeopardy
2 28th Jul 2013 Weekend Warriors
1 21st Jul 2013 Battle of the Bros


Episode Airdate Name  
6 24th Aug 2020 The Best of Season 6: Brother vs. Brother
5 24th Aug 2020 The Best of Season 5: Brother vs. Brother
4 24th Aug 2020 The Best of Season 4: Brother vs. Brother
3 24th Aug 2020 The Best of Season 3: Brother vs. Brother
2 24th Aug 2020 The Best of Season 2: Brother vs. Brother
1 24th Aug 2020 The Best of Season 1: Brother vs. Brother


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Drew Scott
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