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5th May 1998
60 minutes
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Laura Gibson is a big-city lawyer who makes a seachange and moves to the small town of Pearl Bay for a new life. Pearl Bay has been almost completely cut off from the outside world since the Port Deakin Bridge was closed 5 years previously but most of the residents like it this way. The town's residents, however, are stranger than the cityfolk and Laura soon learns that the town lives on friendship and gossip.

Episode List:

Season 4

Episode Airdate Name  
8 24th Sep 2019 Paradise Reclaimed: Love Will Find a Way
7 17th Sep 2019 Paradise Reclaimed: It's Kissing Time
6 10th Sep 2019 Paradise Reclaimed: The Art of Fishing
5 3rd Sep 2019 Paradise Reclaimed: Hope and Heartbreak
4 27th Aug 2019 Paradise Reclaimed: A Chair, a Seahorse and an Incompetent Crim
3 20th Aug 2019 Paradise Reclaimed: Mother of all Dilemmas
2 13th Aug 2019 Paradise Reclaimed: Magic in the Moonlight
1 6th Aug 2019 Paradise Reclaimed: Back Where We Belong
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Season 3

Episode Airdate Name  
13 9th Dec 2000 Half-Life
12 2nd Dec 2000 To Thine Own Self Be Relatively True
11 26th Nov 2000 Love in the time of Coleridge
10 19th Nov 2000 Checks and Balances
9 12th Nov 2000 Eminent Persons
8 5th Nov 2000 I Name Thee Bay of Pearls
7 22nd Oct 2000 Blowing in the Wind
6 15th Oct 2000 Adversely Posessed
5 8th Oct 2000 Pipeline
4 17th Sep 2000 Bonfire of the VCRs
3 10th Sep 2000 Hungi Jury
2 3rd Sep 2000 How Much Greener Was My Neighbour's Valley?
1 27th Aug 2000 Best Laid Plans
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Season 2

Episode Airdate Name  
13 19th Sep 1999 Law and Order
12 12th Sep 1999 Other People's Opinions
11 5th Sep 1999 Kitty Litter
10 29th Aug 1999 Not Such Great Expectations
9 22nd Aug 1999 Playing with Fire
8 15th Aug 1999 Manna From Heaven
7 8th Aug 1999 Looking Forward to the Past
6 1st Aug 1999 The House That Jack Built
5 25th Jul 1999 Head For Water
4 18th Jul 1999 Sink or Swim
3 11th Jul 1999 Broken Hearts and Crustaceans
2 7th Jul 1999 Vaya Con Dios to all that
1 28th Jun 1999 If Fish Could Fly
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Season 1

Episode Airdate Name  
13 2nd Aug 1998 Sex, Death and Bridges
12 26th Jul 1998 Perchance to Dream
11 19th Jul 1998 Love Me or Leave Me
10 12th Jul 1998 The Accidental Activist
9 5th Jul 1998 Balls and Friggin Good Luck
8 28th Jun 1998 My Own Sweetheart
7 21st Nov 1998 Stormy Weather
6 14th Nov 1998 One of the Gang
5 7th Nov 1998 The Fellowship of the Suit
4 31st May 1998 The Official Story
3 24th May 1998 A Matter of Taste
2 17th May 1998 Full Fathom Five
1 5th May 1998 Something Rich and Strange


John Howard
Bob Jelly
Kevin Harrington
Kevin Findlay
Cameron Nugent
Craig Jelly
David Wenham
Daniel Della Bosca
Sigrid Thornton
Laura Gibson
Tom Long
Angus Kabiri
Kane McNay
Rupert Gibson
Georgina Naidu
Phrani Gupta
William McInnes
Max Connors
Christopher Lyons
Trevor Findlay
Brett Swain
Bryony Price
Jules Jelly
Alice Garner
Carmen Blake
Kerry Armstrong
Heather Jelly
Cassandra Magrath
Miranda Gibson
Bruce Alexander
Graham Grey
Kate Atkinson
Karen Miller
Jill Forster
Meredith Monahan
Brooke Satchwell
Miranda Gibson
Ella Newton
Stella Gibson
Dan Wyllie
Ben Russo
Darren McMullen
Findlay Knox
Katrina Milosevic
Anna Kazan
Alan Cassell
Harold Fitzwalter