Berlin Station

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16th October 2016
60 minutes
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Daniel Miller, just arrived at the CIA foreign station in Berlin, has a clandestine mission: to uncover the source of a leak who has supplied information to a now-famous whistleblower. Guided by veteran Hector DeJean, Daniel learns to contend with the rough-and-tumble world of the field agent – agent-running, deception, the dangers and the moral compromises.

Episode List:

Season 3

Episode Airdate Name  
10 17th Feb 2019 Book of the Fallen
9 10th Feb 2019 End of War
8 27th Jan 2019 The Green Dacha
7 20th Jan 2019 The Eye Fears When It Is Done to See
6 13th Jan 2019 In Cold Hell
5 6th Jan 2019 The Dream of the Four Policemen
4 23rd Dec 2018 If You Swear, You'll Catch No Fish
3 16th Dec 2018 The Old Lie
2 9th Dec 2018 Fire Knows Nothing of Mercy
1 2nd Dec 2018 Aut Concilio Aut Ense
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Season 2

Episode Airdate Name  
10 10th Dec 2017
9 3rd Dec 2017 Winners Right the History Books
8 26th Nov 2017 The Righteous One
7 19th Nov 2017 Right and Wrong
6 12th Nov 2017 The Right Hook
5 5th Nov 2017 Right of Way
4 29th Oct 2017 Do the Right Thing
3 22nd Oct 2017 Right to the Heart
2 15th Oct 2017 Right Here, Right Now
1 15th Oct 2017 Everything's Gonna Be Alt-Right
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Season 1

Episode Airdate Name  
10 18th Dec 2016 Oratorio Berlin
9 11th Dec 2016 Thomas Shaw
8 4th Dec 2016 False Negative
7 27th Nov 2016 Proof of Life
6 20th Nov 2016 Just Decisions
5 13th Nov 2016 Unter Druck
4 6th Nov 2016 By Way of Deception
3 30th Oct 2016 Riverrun Dry
2 23rd Oct 2016 Lights Don't Run on Loyalty
1 16th Oct 2016 Station to Station


Richard Armitage
Daniel Miller
Rhys Ifans
Hector DeJean
Leland Orser
Robert Kirsch
Leland Orser
Robert Kirsch
Michelle Forbes
Valerie Edwards
Richard Jenkins
Steven Frost
Tamlyn Tomita
Sandra Abe
Richard Jenkins
Steven Frost
Roger Ringrose
Jebediah Johnson
Bernhard Schütz
Hans Richter
John Vaughan
CIA Agent
Sabin Tambrea
Julian De Vos / Shirley Pimple / Thin White Duke
Daniela Ziegler
Golda Friedman
Caroline Goodall
Kelly Frost
Mina Tander
Esther Krug
Richard Dillane
Gerald Ellman
Mina Tander
Esther Krug
Caroline Goodall
Kelly Frost
Razane Jammal
Kerem Can
Faisal Al-Fakeeh / Bonneville
Ulas Kilic
Bora Osman
Merab Ninidze
Aleksandre Iosava
Michael Paul Chan
Houjin Lin
Zahra Ahmadi
Clare Itani
April Grace
Jemma Moore
Mark Moses
Jason Wolfe
Victoria Mayer
Ingrid Hollenbeck
William Sadler
Clay Williams
Claudia Michelsen
Patricia Schwarz
Roger Ringrose
Jebediah Johnson
Julika Jenkins
Ruth Iosava