Grand (2018)

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9th August 2018
25 minutes
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Ambitious and adventurous fifth-year student of the Altai University of Tourism and Recreation Ksenia Zavgorodnyaya wants to work in the hotel business and open her own hotel. But the obsessive attention of the rector threatens not only Ksusha's plans, but also her further education at the university. The girl finds the brave, at the same time very scandalous way out of the situation, after which she has to flee from her native Barnaul. In Moscow, Ksyusha expects to get a job at the hotel "Grand Lion", where her father works. However, in the capital's hotel the girl encounters confusion: in connection with the arrival of a new eccentric owner everything changes from management to the name. Taking advantage of the turmoil, enterprising Xenia appears to be a certified specialist and tries to get into a hotel for a high position. Cheating is exposed quickly and the girl has only one chance to get a job - to become a washerwoman, starting a career from the very bottom step of the hotel social ladder. Can Ksenia curb the adventurous character, stay away from the new owner and become his own in a well-coordinated team of the hotel?

Episode List:

Season 3

Episode Airdate Name  
21 24th Apr 2020 This is such a noble deed
20 24th Apr 2020 No more barriers
19 17th Apr 2020 We need to talk
18 17th Apr 2020 And what will you answer him?
17 10th Apr 2020 Just know it
16 10th Apr 2020 Aslanbek
15 3rd Apr 2020 Get enough sleep!
14 27th Mar 2020 The dumbest game
13 20th Mar 2020 Okay, cutie, rejoice
12 13th Mar 2020 Unpleasant surprise
11 6th Mar 2020 The third time this does not happen again
10 28th Feb 2020 A fun life awaits you!
9 21st Feb 2020 The wedding is canceled
8 14th Feb 2020 I wrote this letter personally from the heart!
7 7th Feb 2020 If you haven’t noticed, I work!
6 31st Jan 2020 I was wrong...
5 24th Jan 2020 She saved me
4 17th Jan 2020 He must not be nervous
3 8th Jan 2020 She is not to blame for anything!
2 1st Jan 2020 Favourite part 2
1 1st Jan 2020 Favourite part 1
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Season 2

Episode Airdate Name  
22 22nd Apr 2019 Ksenia, are you accidentally not pregnant?
21 20th Apr 2019 This goat is not worthy of me!
20 19th Apr 2019 Why am I always spoiling everything?
19 18th Apr 2019 You have to pay for everything ...
18 14th Apr 2019 Sorry, I'm a little unexpected ...
17 13th Apr 2019 So that I don’t have a donkey
16 12th Apr 2019 I warned you
15 11th Apr 2019 Chikipibarum
14 7th Apr 2019 Hug mom
13 6th Apr 2019 Here is a rat!
12 5th Apr 2019 Nothing happened
11 4th Apr 2019 Plane of high feelings
10 31st Mar 2019 So that I get married again ...
9 30th Mar 2019 We will work together
8 29th Mar 2019 What if I'm a maniac?
7 28th Mar 2019 Blackmail, threats and personal charm
6 24th Mar 2019 You will work with me
5 22nd Mar 2019 You misunderstood
4 22nd Mar 2019 All evil from the women ...
3 15th Mar 2019 Observe subordination!
2 1st Mar 2019 thanks
1 1st Mar 2019 Congratulations on the victory!
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Season 1

Episode Airdate Name  
21 4th Oct 2018 Cupid will not miss
20 4th Oct 2018 This is not only your hotel
19 3rd Oct 2018 It's my fault
18 2nd Oct 2018 I agree!
17 1st Oct 2018 Forward to a brighter future!
16 27th Sep 2018 Welcome back!
15 27th Sep 2018 I made a mistake in you
14 20th Sep 2018 I don't like bitch ...
13 20th Sep 2018 Give me a kiss on the cheek
12 13th Sep 2018 Friends are good
11 13th Sep 2018 And so it all began
10 6th Sep 2018 Stupid my ...
9 6th Sep 2018 Who believes in predictions?
8 30th Aug 2018 Let's forget?
7 30th Aug 2018 Guess who the heir is?
6 23rd Aug 2018 You cannot escape fate
5 23rd Aug 2018 One hundred eighty one day
4 16th Aug 2018 Minor troubles
3 16th Aug 2018 I'm still unemployed
2 9th Aug 2018 I hate mondays
1 9th Aug 2018 Pretty start


Episode Airdate Name  
1 22nd Apr 2019 0.1


Мила Сивацкая
Александр Лыков
Лев Глебович
Милош Бикович
Екатерина Вилкова
Григорий Сиятвинда
Михаил Джекович
Семён Трескунов
Владислав Ветров
Наталья Щукина