Mother of Mine

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30th November -0001
35 minutes
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This drama is about a story of a mother and three daughters living in modern day Korean society. The drama conveys a message about the low fertility rate, divorce rate, and the problems of the younger generation who are avoiding marriage.

Episode List:

Season 1

Episode Airdate Name  
40 26th May 2019 Episode 40
39 26th May 2019 Episode 39
38 25th May 2019 Episode 38
37 25th May 2019 Episode 37
36 19th May 2019 Episode 36
35 19th May 2019 Episode 35
34 18th May 2019 Episode 34
33 18th May 2019 Episode 33
32 12th May 2019 In Suk Asks Mi Ri to Go Study Abroad
31 12th May 2019 Mi Ri & Tae Ju Go Out on a Date
30 11th May 2019 Sun Ja Injures Her Back
29 11th May 2019 Mi Ri & In Suk's Dinner
28 5th May 2019 In Suk and Mi Ri’s Reconciliation
27 5th May 2019 In Suk Learns Mi Ri Is Her Daughter
26 4th May 2019 Sun Ja And Mi Sun’s Reconciliation
25 4th May 2019 Sun Ja’s Trip
24 28th Apr 2019 Mi Ri's Decision
23 28th Apr 2019 Mi Hye Signing a Writing Contract
22 27th Apr 2019 Mi Ri Introducing Tae Ju to Sun Ja
21 27th Apr 2019 Mi Ok Taking Care of Da Bin
20 21st Apr 2019 Mi Sun Having Hard Time Between Sun Ja & Jin Soo
19 21st Apr 2019 Mi Hye's Decision
18 20th Apr 2019 Jin Soo Having Hard Time with Sun Ja
17 20th Apr 2019 Mi Hye Sympathizing Herself for a Writer’s Block
16 14th Apr 2019 A Conflict between Mi Ri and In Suk
15 14th Apr 2019 Mi Ri Getting Along with Tae Ju
14 13th Apr 2019 Mi Ri and Tae Ju Working Outside
13 13th Apr 2019 Mi Hye Signing the Contract with Woo Jin
12 7th Apr 2019 Mi Ri and In Suk Dining out Together
11 7th Apr 2019 Mi Hye Signing the Contract
10 6th Apr 2019 Mi Ri’s Sudden Flash of Memory
9 6th Apr 2019 Mi Ok’s Losing Game
8 31st Mar 2019 Sun Ja Meets Mi Ok
7 31st Mar 2019 Mi Ri and Tae Ju Run into Each Other
6 30th Mar 2019 Mi Sun Goes to See Sun Ja
5 30th Mar 2019 Mi Hye Goes to the Dol Dam Gil Publishing
4 24th Mar 2019 Feud between Mi Sun and Mi Ok
3 24th Mar 2019 Mi Ri encounters In Suk ad Tae Ju
2 23rd Mar 2019 A Conflict between Mi Sun and Mi Ok
1 23rd Mar 2019 Three Daughters’ Own Lives


Yoo Sun
Kang Mi Sun
Kim So Yeon
Kang Mi Ri
Kim Ha Kyung
Kang Mi Hye
Kim Hae Sook
Park Sun Ja
Hong Jong Hyun
Han Tae Joo
Lee Won Jae
Jung Jin Soo
Ki Tae Young
Kim Woo Jin
Joo Hyun
Jung Dae Cheol
Park Jung Soo
Ha Mi Ok
Nam Tae Boo
Bang Jae Beom
Park Geun Soo
Park Young Dal
Choi Myoung Gil
Jeon In Sook
Han Ki Woong
Peter Park