When the Devil Calls Your Name

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30th November -0001
65 minutes
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Music producer and composer Ha Rib made a contract with the devil to trade his soul for fame. This devilish transaction brought him all the fame he could ask for, producing many hit songs. As the contract expiration draws near, he bargains with the devil for an extension. For that, he must find another person to sell the soul. Ha Rib finds a perfect candidate, but contemplates because she would have to suffer for 10 years for his selfish fame.

Episode List:

Season 1

Episode Airdate Name  
16 19th Sep 2019 The Last Two Days
15 18th Sep 2019 Goodbye, My Son
14 12th Sep 2019 A Bill from the Deity
13 11th Sep 2019 What Did I Do Wrong?
12 5th Sep 2019 Monster
11 4th Sep 2019 Who Hit I Gyeong’s Father?
10 29th Aug 2019 Opportunity
9 28th Aug 2019 Lucca Faints
8 22nd Aug 2019 Ha Rip’s First Wish
7 21st Aug 2019 Girl from the Past
6 15th Aug 2019 A Bird in a Cage
5 14th Aug 2019 I Gyeong's Stage
4 8th Aug 2019 A Desperate Soul
3 7th Aug 2019 Ha Rip Finding His Replacement
2 1st Aug 2019 A Price to Pay For
1 31st Jul 2019 The Contract with the Devil


Jung Kyung-ho
Ha Rib / Seo Dong-Cheon
Park Sung-woong
Mo Tae-Kang
Lee Seol
Kim Yi-Kyung
Lee El
Ji Seo-Young
Jung Kyung-Ho
Ha Rib / Seo Dong-Cheon
Park Sung-Woong
Mo Tae-Kang
Lee Seol
Kim Yi-Kyung
Lee El
Ji Seo-Young