Designated Survivor: 60 Days (KR)

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30th November -0001
70 minutes
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After the nation's entire leadership is killed in a terrorist attack, the Minister of Environment is tasked with leading the country through the crisis for 60 days.

Episode List:

Season 1

Episode Airdate Name  
16 20th Aug 2019 The Last Choice
15 19th Aug 2019 The Trap
14 13th Aug 2019 The Outcome
13 12th Aug 2019 Presidential Candidate
12 6th Aug 2019 Answer
11 5th Aug 2019 The Acting President, Oh Yeong-seok
10 30th Jul 2019 Accomplice
9 29th Jul 2019 Scandal
8 23rd Jul 2019 Doubt
7 22nd Jul 2019 Governance
6 16th Jul 2019 Command
5 15th Jul 2019 A Good Person
4 9th Jul 2019 Confession
3 8th Jul 2019 Maintaining Status Quo
2 2nd Jul 2019 Commander-In-Chief
1 1st Jul 2019 The Acting President


Ji Jin-Hee
Park Moo-Jin
Gang Han Na
Han Na Gyeong
Heo Jun Ho
Han Ju Seong
Bae Jong Ok
Yoon Chan Gyeong
Lee Jun Hyeok
Oh Yeong Seok
Kim Gyu Ri
Choe Gang Yeon
Nam U Hyeon
Park Si Wan
Ok Hye Rin
Park Si Jin
Son Seok Gu
Cha Yeong Jin
Choe Yun Yeong
Jeong Su Jeong
Lee Mu Saeng
Kim Nam Ok
Kim Gap Su
Yang Jin Man
Kim Ju Heon
Jeong Han Mo
Jeon Seong U
Seo Ji Won
Choe Jae Seong
Lee Gwan Mok
An Nae Sang
Gang Sang Gu
Ji Jin-Hee
Park Moo-Jin
Heo Jun-Ho
Han Joo-Seung
Kang Han-Na
Han Na-Kyung
Lee Joon-Hyuk
Oh Young-Seok
Bae Jong-Ok
Yoon Chan-Kyung
Kim Gyu-Ri
Choi Kang-Yeon
Choi Yoon-Young
Jung Soo-Jung
Oh Hye-Won
Woo Sin-Young
Son Seok-Koo
Cha Young-Jin