Mung Bean Chronicles

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30th November -0001
35 minutes
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Jeon Nok Du lives on an island with his father and older brother. One day, his father and older brother are attacked by a group of female assassins. Nok Du chases after one of the assassins to the capital that goes into a widow village. To find out who and why his family was attacked, Nok Du disguises himself as a woman and enters the widow village. There, he meets Dong Dong Ju, an apprentice to become a gisaeng.

Episode List:

Season 1

Episode Airdate Name  
32 25th Nov 2019 Wedding Ceremony
31 25th Nov 2019 Dong Joo's Decision
30 19th Nov 2019 The King is Back
29 19th Nov 2019 Dong Joo & Nok Du Promise Forever
28 18th Nov 2019 Dong Joo Stands Before the King
27 18th Nov 2019 A Revolt in Plan
26 12th Nov 2019 Go, Now!
25 12th Nov 2019 Nok Du is the Boy
24 11th Nov 2019 Find the Merit List
23 11th Nov 2019 Torturing Jung Yun Jeo
22 5th Nov 2019 Your Son Is Alive
21 5th Nov 2019 Dong Joo Enters the Palace
20 4th Nov 2019 The Queen's Jewel
19 4th Nov 2019 Heo Yun Framed
18 29th Oct 2019 Trap for Yul Mu
17 29th Oct 2019 Yul Mu Misleading Widows
16 28th Oct 2019 Reunion Between Father & Son
15 28th Oct 2019 Without Saying Goodbye
14 22nd Oct 2019 Secrets About Nok Du's Birth
13 22nd Oct 2019 I Will Leave Soon
12 21st Oct 2019 Yul Mu's True Color
11 21st Oct 2019 Yul Mu Knows Nok Du's Secret
10 15th Oct 2019 Who Do You Like?
9 15th Oct 2019 I Like Lord Yul Mu
8 8th Oct 2019 Reminiscences of Childhood
7 8th Oct 2019 Second Chance
6 7th Oct 2019 I Want You to Leave
5 7th Oct 2019 Composite Sketch
4 1st Oct 2019 Like an Older Sister
3 1st Oct 2019 The Past of Nokdu's Father
2 30th Sep 2019 Widow Village
1 30th Sep 2019 First Encounter


Jang Dong-yoon
Jeon Nok-du
Kim So-hyun
Dong Dong-joo
Kang Tae-oh
Cha Yul-mu
Jung Joon-ho
King Gwanghae
Jo soo-hyang
Kim Sosook
Jang Dong-Yoon
Jeon Nok-du
Kim So-hyun
Dong Dong-ju
Kang Tae-oh
Cha Yul-mu
Jung Joon-Ho
King Gwanghae
Song Geon-hee
Jeon Hwang-tae
Jo Soo-hyang
Kim Ssook
Kim Tae-woo
Heo Yoon
Yoon Yoo-sun
Cheon Hae-soo
Lee Seung-joon
Jeong Yoon-jeo
Kim Tae-woo
Heo Yoon
Yoon Yoo-sun
Cheon Hae-soo
Lee Seung-joon
Jeong Yoon-jeo
Jo Soo-Hyang
Kim Ssook
Song Geon-hee
Jeon Hwang-tae
Ko Gun-han
Yeon Geun
Lee Moon-shik
General Hwang
Park Da-yeon
Aeng Doo
Yoon Sa-bong
Kang Soon-nyeo
Hwang Mi-young
Park Bok-nyeo
Yoon-geum Seon-ah
Lee Mal-nyeon
Yang So-min
Ahn Jeong-sook
Han Ga-rim
No Yeon-boon
Song Chae-yoon
Min Deul-re
Hwang In-yeop
Park Dan-ho
Lee Joo-bin
Mae Hwa-soo
Oh Kyung-joo