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30th November -0001
15 minutes
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It is a growth drama that talks about the love-hate relationship between a mother and her high school daughter (in her last year) who are living just the two of them. The story is about the mother who constantly attacks her daughter about the fact that she has no sense of the reality and her daughter who dreams to enter a university in Seoul to gain independence from such mother.

Episode List:

Season 1

Episode Airdate Name  
15 16th Sep 2019 마지막회) 엄마, 속옷 좀 사라니까?
14 10th Sep 2019 Mom's surprise visit to Seoul
13 9th Sep 2019 I had a drink and I had a fight with my boyfriend
12 3rd Sep 2019 When you miss mom so much
11 2nd Sep 2019 How mom really feels about being left out alone
10 27th Aug 2019 Horror) Found my boyfriend's hidden sides
9 26th Aug 2019 I drank with my boyfriend at his house
8 20th Aug 2019 I left home after a quarrel with mom
7 19th Aug 2019 I said goodbye to my friends
6 13th Aug 2019 Why senior year students go mad.
5 12th Aug 2019 That's not what matters. Mom...
4 6th Aug 2019 I had a date at my mom's workplace
3 5th Aug 2019 The final option when you can't win through talking
2 30th Jul 2019 The Biggest Crisis of My Life
1 29th Jul 2019 How to Enter a College in Seoul??


Min Do-hee
Kang Da-mi
Jang Young-nam
Song Young-ju
Ryeo Un
Yoon Sung Hyun
Jin Ye-ju
Lee Ha Rim