Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life

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28th September 2019
35 minutes
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This drama follows four people as they seek love and happines. Kim Seol-A worked as an announcer in her past. She is ambitious and she is married to Do Jin-Woo. He is the CEO of a company. Moon Tae-Rang is a chef. He is the oldest brother from a family that consists of adoptees. Moon Hae-Rang is Moon Tae-Rang's younger sister. She works as a secretary for Do Jin-Woo.

Episode List:

Season 1

Episode Airdate Name  
80 16th Feb 2020 Hae Rang and Jin U Move Out
79 16th Feb 2020 The Disciplinary Committee
78 15th Feb 2020 Reporters Try to Hound Cheong Ah
77 15th Feb 2020 Jun Hwi and Cheong Ah, Officially Back Together
76 9th Feb 2020 The Suicide Pact
75 9th Feb 2020 Yu Ra Approaches Si Wol
74 8th Feb 2020 Jin U Asks Jun Hwi for Support
73 8th Feb 2020 Si Wol Gets Closer to Finding Yu Ra
72 2nd Feb 2020 Jun Hwi Asks Cheong Ah’s Parents for Forgiveness
71 2nd Feb 2020 Yu Ra Grows Anxious About Si Wol
70 1st Feb 2020 Si Wol Goes to Inter Market in Search of Answers
69 1st Feb 2020 Seol Ah’s New Radio Show
68 26th Jan 2020 Yu Ra Decides to Get Over Jun Gyeom
67 26th Jan 2020 Lunar New Year’s Day
66 25th Jan 2020 Jun Hwi Investigates Deeper into Jun Gyeom's Death
65 25th Jan 2020 Jin U Fails to Impress Seol Ah Once Again
64 19th Jan 2020 Cheong Ah Begins Looking into Si Wol’s Case
63 19th Jan 2020 Jun Hwi Struggles to Let Cheong Ah Go
62 18th Jan 2020 Seol Ah Gets a Surprise Visit from Chairwoman Hong
61 18th Jan 2020 Cheong Ah Realizes Who Jun Hwi Is
60 12th Jan 2020 Cheong Ah Asks Jun Hwi to Meet
59 12th Jan 2020 Young Ae Discovers Jun Hwi’s Identity
58 11th Jan 2020 Cheong Ah and Jun Hwi Talk on the Phone
57 11th Jan 2020 Jun Hwi’s Declaration
56 5th Jan 2020 Jun Hwi Changes His Phone Number
55 5th Jan 2020 Cheong Ah Struggles to Accept the Breakup
54 4th Jan 2020 Jin U Persistently Follows Seol Ah Around
53 4th Jan 2020 Jun Hwi Keeps His Promise with Seol Ah
52 22nd Dec 2019 Tae Rang Asks Seol Ah for Time Apart from Each Other
51 22nd Dec 2019 Cheong Ah and Jun Hwi Get into a Fight
50 21st Dec 2019 Seol Ah Hosting a Show
49 21st Dec 2019 Cheong Ah and Jun Hwi’s Sweet Date
48 15th Dec 2019 Seol Ah Shoots a Video of Herself Eating Food
47 15th Dec 2019 Trying to Say Goodbye
46 14th Dec 2019 Hae Rang's Warning
45 14th Dec 2019 Jun Hwi is Put on the Spot
44 8th Dec 2019 Budding Romance
43 8th Dec 2019 Jin U’s Jealousy Grows
42 7th Dec 2019 Unrequited Love
41 7th Dec 2019 Seol Ah’s Two Suitors
40 1st Dec 2019 Cheong Ah and Jun Hwi’s First Date
39 1st Dec 2019 Trying to Start Over
38 30th Nov 2019 Planning for Bigger Things
37 30th Nov 2019 Training the Jerk
36 24th Nov 2019 Seol Ah Officially Breaks Up with Jin U
35 24th Nov 2019 Trying to Ignore their Feelings
34 23rd Nov 2019 Jun Hwi’s Return
33 23rd Nov 2019 One Year Later
32 17th Nov 2019 The Exam Results
31 17th Nov 2019 The Truth About Jun Gyeom and Cheong Ah’s Relationship
30 16th Nov 2019 Meddlesome Reporters
29 16th Nov 2019 Reaching a Settlement
28 10th Nov 2019 Despicable Chairwoman Hong
27 10th Nov 2019 Seol Ah Comes Home
26 9th Nov 2019 Wife and Mistress Begin their Fight
25 9th Nov 2019 The Other Woman Wakes Up
24 3rd Nov 2019 Cheong Ah Plans to Fight
23 3rd Nov 2019 False Kindness
22 2nd Nov 2019 Taking Sides, Taking Money
21 2nd Nov 2019 Taking the Investigation into their Own Hands
20 27th Oct 2019 A Lie That Makes Another Lie
19 27th Oct 2019 Pretending Not To Know
18 26th Oct 2019 The Search Continues
17 26th Oct 2019 Mother and Daughter Reunite
16 20th Oct 2019 Repayment Contract
15 20th Oct 2019 The Sisters’ Reunion
14 19th Oct 2019 Protecting Assets
13 19th Oct 2019 Clearing Up the Misunderstanding
12 13th Oct 2019 Seol Ah, the Livid Wife
11 13th Oct 2019 Jin U’s Affair
10 12th Oct 2019 Mistaken Identity
9 12th Oct 2019 Nine Years Later
8 6th Oct 2019 The Proposal
7 6th Oct 2019 Jun Gyeom’s Funeral
6 5th Oct 2019 The Press Get Involved
5 5th Oct 2019 Autopsy Request
4 29th Sep 2019 Jin Woo’s Interest in Seol Ah Grows
3 29th Sep 2019 The Investigation Begins
2 28th Sep 2019 Cheong Ah Meets Joon Kyum
1 28th Sep 2019 Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life


Seol In-Ah
Kim Chung-A
Kim Jae-young
Koo Joon-Hwi
Jo Yoon-hee
Kim Seol-A
Yoon Park
Moon Tae-Rang
Oh Min-Suk
Do Jin-Woo
Kim Mi-sook
Seon Woo-yeong
Park Young-gyu
Kim Yeong-woong
Na Young-Hee
Hong Yoo-ra
Park Hae-mi
Hong Hwa-yeong
Jung Won-Joong
Moon Joon-ik
Jo Woo-Ri
Moon Hae-rang
Ryu Ui-hyun
Moon Pa-rang
Jo Yoo-jung
Kim Yeon-ah
Kim Jin-Yeop
Baek Rim
Lee Tae-Sun
Kang Si-wol