Miss Lee

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25th September 2019
60 minutes
Total Variety Network
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Since Lee Sun-Sim began to work at Cheongil Electronics, she has worked hard as a clerk. She does pretty much any small tasks that the company needs, but her co-workers still calls her "Miss Lee" rather than by her full name. She has a bright and positive personality. Suddenly, Lee Sun-Sim becomes the CEO of Cheongil Electronics, which is about to go bankrupt. With the help of Yoo Jin-Wook and guided by her leadership with humility principles, Lee Sun-Sim tries to turn around the company. Yoo Jin-Wook is a department head at Cheongil Electronics. He is focused only on work and doesn't see the employees as people, but watching Lee Sun-Sim causes him to change and he helps her grow as a CEO.

Episode List:

Season 1

Episode Airdate Name  
16 14th Nov 2019 Episode 16
15 13th Nov 2019 Episode 15
14 7th Nov 2019 Episode 14
13 6th Nov 2019 Episode 13
12 31st Oct 2019 Episode 12
11 30th Oct 2019 Episode 11
10 24th Oct 2019 Episode 10
9 23rd Oct 2019 Episode 9
8 17th Oct 2019 Episode 8
7 16th Oct 2019 Episode 7
6 10th Oct 2019 Episode 6
5 9th Oct 2019 Episode 5
4 3rd Oct 2019 Episode 4
3 2nd Oct 2019 Episode 3
2 26th Sep 2019 Episode 2
1 25th Sep 2019 Episode 1


Lee Hye-ri
Lee Seon-sim
Kim Sang-kyung
Director Yoo Jin-wook
Uhm Hyun-Kyung
Goo Ji-na
Cha Seo-won
Park Do-joon
Kim Eung-soo
Oh Man-bok
Kim Hong-pa
Jo Dong-jin
Baek Ji-Won
Choi Young-ja
Kim Hyung-Mook
Moon Hyung-suk
Jung Hee-Tae
Hwang Ji-sang
Lee Hwa-Ryong
Song Young-han
Hyeon Bong-sik
Ha Eun-woo
Kim Doh-yon
Oh Phillip
Kim Ki-nam
Myung In-ho
Park Kyung-hye
Kim Ha-na
Jung Soo-Young
Lee Jin-shim
Heo Jae-Ho
Jo Yong-soo
Park Hye-jin
Grandmother Jung
Lee Cho-ah
No Jae-ran
Song Ji-woo
Jeong Si-yool
Ko Eun-min
Moon Eun-hye