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22nd October 2019
30 minutes
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VIP is a mystery drama about the rise of working women who run into troubles at work and in their personal lives. Park Sung Joon is a team leader of VIP department store department. After graduating from a prestigious university, Sung Joon entered the company and now has the ability, the opportunity, and ambition. Park Sung Joon's wife, Na Jung Sun is a strong woman with a bright personality, but most people are unaware of her struggle.

Episode List:

Season 1

Episode Airdate Name  
32 24th Dec 2019 New Beginnings For Jung Sun And Sung Jun
31 24th Dec 2019 Jung Sun Finds Revenge Meaningless
30 23rd Dec 2019 Sung Jun’s Concerns For Jung Sun
29 23rd Dec 2019 Sung Jun’s Inner Conflict
28 17th Dec 2019 Jung Sun Won’t Let Sung Jun Get Away Without a Fight
27 17th Dec 2019 Jung Sun Confronts Yu Ri
26 16th Dec 2019 Jung Sun’s Counterstrategy
25 16th Dec 2019 Yu Ri’s Intention
24 10th Dec 2019 The Written Complaint
23 10th Dec 2019 Public Disclosure
22 9th Dec 2019 Personnel Shuffle
21 9th Dec 2019 Painful Memory of Miscarriage
20 3rd Dec 2019 Jung Sun Confronts Yu Ri
19 3rd Dec 2019 Preferential Treatment
18 2nd Dec 2019 The Secret Gets Out
17 2nd Dec 2019 How It All Started for Sung Jun
16 26th Nov 2019 Sung Jun’s Choice
15 26th Nov 2019 The Tifone Exhibit
14 25th Nov 2019 Preparing for the Tifone Exhibit
13 25th Nov 2019 Jung Sun Confronts Sung Jun
12 19th Nov 2019 Pretending Not to Know
11 19th Nov 2019 The Chairman of Tifone Visits Korea
10 18th Nov 2019 A Helping Hand
9 18th Nov 2019 Hyun A is Caught in the Act
8 5th Nov 2019 Hyun A Threatened by Creditors
7 5th Nov 2019 Who Sent the Text?
6 4th Nov 2019 Second Chance
5 4th Nov 2019 Crack
4 29th Oct 2019 Are You Having an Affair?
3 29th Oct 2019 VIP Management Team on Inspection
2 28th Oct 2019 A New Team Member
1 28th Oct 2019 To Satisfy VIP Client


Episode Airdate Name  
1 22nd Oct 2019 Episode 1


Jang Na-Ra
Na Jung-Sun
Lee Sang-yoon
Park Sung-Joon
Lee Chung-Ah
Lee Hyun-A
Kwak Sun-Young
Song Mi-Na
Pyo Ye-Jin
Em Yoo-Ri
Shin Jae-Ha
Ma Sang-Woo
Lee Jae-Won
Lee Byung-Hoon
Jung Joon-won
Cha Jin-Ho
Park Sung-Geun
Ha Jae-Woong
Jang Hyuk-Jin
Bae Do-Il
Jo Seung-yeon
Ha Yeong-woong
Lee Jin-Hee
Kang Ji-Young
Kim Mi-Kyung
Kye Mi-Ok
Choi Hong-Il
Na Young-Chul
Jung Ae-Ri
Han Sook-Young
Kim Seo-ra
Han Sook-ja
Jang Hyun-sung
Jang Jin-Chul
Jeon Hye-jin
Lee Myung-Eun